What women repel men

What women repel men?

There are several effective ways to scare a man that is absolutely awakened. Avoid these common mistakes!

First – Do not ship it with your problems. Nothing scares the man as an instant shift on him responsibility for the fate of a woman.

The phrase "finally I met you, help me" The man reads how an attempt to grasp him on the neck, not offering anything in return, he feels not a living person, but it is not clear why this problem must not clearly decide.

Second option push a man – Immediately designate your material claims. "My phone hangs all the time, such an old already, but there is no money for a new money.".

"You know, I have a birthday soon, and I always dreamed to celebrate it in Paris, sorry, I can not afford".

It is only very limited women seems to be veiled hinted a man for the desired. In fact, they pronounced him a message "I need only money".

The third way to spoil everything At the very beginning of the relationship – to say that only men are interested in serious intentions. And the concrete man’s intention could later be and quite serious, but in the second-third-fifth date he still does not have and can not be.

He only looks short to you, and you actually report anything to the registry office, or in different directions. In 99% of cases, he will choose those very different sides, because no one wants to feel a ram on the rope.

Fourth type of behavior often demonstrate women who survived in the recent past parting or divorce. Having encountered a new potential partner, they tell him about their past life, as the silent nightmare, and the role of the central villain, the sacchadge of hell is given, of course, former.

Even if your ex was, to put it mildly, not the most decent person, do not water it with mud before a new man. The same principle use employers when interviewing a new employee: no one approves if the applicant for the vacancy believes the previous employer, it is a bad tone.

The man, in front of which you blame the former, perfectly understands that if there is a serious conflict between you, the same fear you will pour on it.

Fifth – Stick about the existing child. I heard about such a mistake, they say, there is nothing serious between us yet, why should he know, then tell.

What women repel men

Stand up to the position of a man: a person for 5 or more dates you frankly eliminated about one of the most important parts of life. And suddenly: and by the way, I have a child.

It really repulses, because a normal mother can not not mention his child just during the conversation. She went somewhere with him, or he was bothering, and she could not come, or he won the first place at the Olympics, or learned to read.

The child is a natural part of the daily life of the mother, so when silenting the man will think: whether you yourself are not interested in this child and it is not interesting (which scares), or you consider it a person who will scare away the presence of your child (which repels and offends).

Now many probably will be reproached: it is impossible about money, it is impossible about serious intentions, it is impossible about the former, it is impossible about the problems … And about what can be? Answer. At the initial stage of relationships you both are important to know each other to understand, really you are a couple, or you are different people.

Speak about your hobbies that you please or upset you, about your childhood, about friends and friends, but do not try to be too good to expose yourself in the best light. All life on tiptoe do not dare, and it is always more difficult to disappoint than initially show yourself a real.

This is the secret of successful happy relationships: mutual sincerity of partners, honesty, openness. Be yourself and a man either love you true, either not love, but you need a person to whom you are beautiful, natural, unique – do not like?

Let him go home and is looking for his happiness, and you will definitely find your.

What women repel men

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