What women want women for men want

Women want: Lifehaki for men

Many men admit that it is difficult for them to guess women’s desires, especially at the beginning of relations. We asked women that it gives them to feel their significance for a partner, a psychologist commented on their answers.

Call us named

"While we are not so close so that there are special nicknames between us, we would like to hear your name more often. It emphasizes interest. Otherwise, we begin to suspect that you fear to randomly call us the name of another woman. Do not call us standard "baby" or "Beauty".

Why is it important? "Pronouncement of the name becomes a symbol that a man stands out," the family therapist Marina Moloy says. – This is especially important at the beginning of the relationship. If in English-speaking countries such an appeal is considered a cultural norm, then for us, the direct translation of these words sounds fake and insincere.

When relations are developing, in a pair spontaneously arise their affectionate appeals – a peculiar code of lovers, designed to emphasize. In this case, an unexpected refusal to the accepted nickname and the desire to name the partner by the name often has a reverse effect. This lies the demonstration of discontent and desire to symbolically designate the distance ".

Keep the Word

"If you talk about feelings, but do not reinforce it with real actions, then send mixed signals. We react to them painfully, as we want honesty from the very beginning, and you call it drama on scratch ".

Why is it important? "Woman protects important resources for itself: the ability to childbirth and raising offspring, – Expert explains. – To become a mother, she can a limited number of times, unlike the man, the possibilities of which in the paternity plan are almost infinite. This physiological difference largely predetermines the incomprehensibility of emotional reactions. A woman more critically appreciates the candidate, she needs to feel confident and protected. ".

What women want women for men want


"You know that if you need to talk, we are ready to listen to you and understand. We want you to listen to us, even when the story seems to you trivial and not worthy of attention, and remembered what we tell ".

Why is it important? "Most men think more abstractly than women, and try to summarize information to immediately find an optimal decision," says psychologist. – Interviewing often lies in this. Lack of interest in detail Woman treats as inattention and indifference. It often does not wait for practical answers, but is looking for sympathy and sensations of emotional communications.

For a man help – an effective participation and resolution of the situation. Understanding this will help women not demand the impossible, and men are better aware of the emotional request addressed them ".

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