What word can not tell a man in depression

What word can not tell a man in depression

Desire to help close to cope with the hard situation – natural and praise. But when it comes to those who suffer from depression, you need to carefully select expressions. We tell what the word can harm and how to correctly express care and support.

Imagine yourself in the most severe psychological state of all possible. Even just get out of bed so hard that it seems a feat, comparable with the ascent on Everted barefoot. Or suddenly, neither of course the heart begins with someone’s heart and intercepts breathing. Now imagine that a friend who wants to help is trying to give advice and says something like: "Try to just do sports!"Or" just do some deep breaths and calm down!"

The word "simple" seems harmless, but can cause a lot of harm. It implies that the action you advise to make (to play sports or relax) will not require any particular effort. But experts assure that this is rooted incorrectly.

"Many people suffering from anxiety or depression are seriously given by the usual tasks that seem to be simple," says Elizabeth Dunza (Michigan University), Psychiatrist, a disturbing specialist.

"Anxiety and depression are painful inner experiences that are often not noticeable to others. A person with such a disorder is often not able to focus on affairs, because all his attention is captured by strong negative thoughts and emotions that he cannot control, "explains the dunny.

It may seem that we come rapidly to the little things – that terrible in one short word? Words affect others stronger than it seems, especially if we are talking about mentally unhealthy people.

"The choice of expressions always plays a big role. It shows that we think and feel in relation to people or some situations. We will not say a person with a broken leg or restoring after surgery: "Yes, just recovering," says Psychiatrist Viktor Schwartz. This does not mean that the patients cannot be given advice – on the contrary, they desperately need support. How to express care?

"You are very important to me (a)"

First you need to show that you are worried about person. "It is always good to give a person to understand that he is important for you and you are worried about it. Show that do not leave it in a difficult moment and are ready to support, "says Jill Harkavi Friedman, Vice President for Research in the American Suicide Prevention Foundation.

"I understand that it is difficult, but why not try. "

Not necessarily formulate so, but it is necessary to show that you understand what difficulties a person suffers from anxiety or depression.

"Discussing problems and difficulties is important not in rush, gradually, in the pace, which will be comfortable for the interlocutor," says Viktor Schwartz. Do not speak immediately: "Try to do sports". Suggest to start a joint walk. Show that you do not care. "Offer something healthy and positive – together walk, go to the gym, watch a movie," advises Elizabeth Dunv.

"In any case, do not be too annoying with the tips, first ask a loved one, what he would like to, – says Psychiatrist Amy Alexander. – If you want to give advice, it is better to specify first: "I have some ideas, but I don’t know if you want to talk about it now". Some do not need advice, they just want them to be listened to, this is how you can help ".

"How can I help?"

What word can not tell a man in depression

Good way to express support – ask this question. But it is important that it was not just words. There is a huge difference between fleetingly abandoned "I’m near, if you need" and clear "Tell me, what can I do for you right now?".

"I really like your …"

It is important to call something specific. For example, remind the best friend that he has a great sense of humor. Tell your brother that I really appreciate his readiness to always come to the rescue parents.

"Remind the interlocutor that it connects you to him, which attracts in it. Perhaps in the current state it seems to him that he has nothing to love, and he does not understand why you care about him. It is important to be close, to show patience and perseverance, "says Jill Harkavi Friedman.

"There is nothing terrible in treatment."

Repeat again: there is nothing wrong with to seek help to a psychologist or psychiatrist. It is important to get this thought to the most clearly to a close person to help him determine further actions and dispel negative stereotypes.

If the closest is suffering from mental disorder, it is most important to remember how hard he has to. For a person with depression, stand out of bed or make charging can be unthinkable. During the panic attack, it seems that it is absolutely impossible to stop mad heartbeat and calm down. At such moments it seems to you that you will die now, or you don’t feel anything at all. Both of these disorders can knock out a person from the rut that the execution of everyday tasks becomes not just complicated, but in general it is impossible.

What word can not tell a man in depression

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