What worries women’s opinion of the psychologist

What is worried about women: the opinion of the psychologist

Many unsure women experience that partners are unhappy with their appearance, weight, tidy. Here are the questions that they specify most often, while men do not even suspect about the torment of their girlfriends.

1. I like me?

Remember: If he spends time with you, then he likes you – and the point. Men will not endlessly consider your clothes, hairstyle, makeup. Usually they are not only interested in appearance, they evaluate everything in the complex and decide or call you on a date, or leave alone.

And when it comes to the first dating, much more important than your sense of humor, intellect and character. Of course, a man can mark your outfit or hairstyle, but in general they turn to such details much less attention than you think.

2. Doesn’t he consider me fat?

I repeat if he invited you on a date, you come to him. Constantly releasing comments about your weight and not enough flat abdomen, you only emphasize your insecurity, and just she pushes most men.

And, on the contrary, self-confidence is incredibly attractive, so stop asking: "And I don’t look thick?"If a man pays a lot of attention to your weight or often lets comments on your figure, it’s time to think about whether it comes.

3. Why he does not respond to my messages?

As a rule, men rewrite in another pace, rather than women. Perhaps now he is in the gym, or meets with friends, or works, or plays computer games. In any case, he does not sit, tensely peering into the phone screen, waiting for messages from you.

And even if it was sitting and waited – do you really need a man who has nothing else to do? And, we will be honest: Do you always answer messages immediately? Waiting seems long, only if you constantly think about him.

Do not give in to alarm and attack his phone stream of more and more angry messages.

4. Why only I plan what we will do?

Most men are ready to spend time as you want. They do not build plans because they do not know what you want, and afraid to guess. In principle, they would simply sit at home with friends, drinking beer and playing video games.

Such an option is suitable for you? If not, stop complaining and come up with something really interesting. When he is with you, then, most likely, wants to spend time differently than with friends.

5. Will he like my girlfriends?

If he impressed you, you probably enjoy your girlfriends. If you are too bothering their opinion, then either you yourself are tormented by doubts about relationships, or you have too strict and picky girlfriends. Most men do not even think about how they look in the eyes of your friends.

6. Is it pure enough in my apartment?

Believe me all the same. Surely you have an apartment cleaner and more careful than he.

What worries women's opinion of the psychologist

And in general, if the relationship has already reached the stage, when you invite him to himself, most likely, the purity of your apartment is the last thing that will be interested.

7. And what if he likes the other?

Alas, the more you think about this, the greater the chance that these suspicions will come true. The more you worry, whether your men are looking at other women, the more insecure it seems. You start constantly suspecting it, openly jealous to other girls, try to install absurd rules.

In such a situation, a man can start doubting whether his such relationship is arranged, and really start glance at other women.

Healthy relations are based on mutual trust, and men who are confident in themselves are usually not worried about what you have male friends.

Therefore, if he constantly suspects you and is trying to control your behavior, this is a reason to think – such relationships can not be called reliable and trustful.

eight. Does he think about me when I’m not near?

Studies show that women know how to make several things at the same time and at the same time think about different things, as well as spend less resources for it. Therefore, it is easier for you to think about the partner, in parallel with everyday affairs. However, many women because of this complain of scattered and increased fatigue.

Men are better to focus on what they are doing at the moment. Therefore, at work, your partner thinks about work, and when you together – about you. It does not mean that he loves you less than you.

Unrealistic expectations will only lead to insults and disappointments, and those, in turn, will create an excess tension and give a reason for conflicts. Better remember as much as possible about his positive qualities and how much you love.

What worries women's opinion of the psychologist

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