What would happen like “

"What would you come up with?"

Collection of memories of school 60-90s Dmitry Bykov made up of the winners of the contest of the AST publishing house "We come from school". Fragments.

"The briefcase bought a light brown with two symmetrical shiny fasteners. In addition to the fasteners on the portfolio there was nothing – no hare from "Well, wait!"Nor a circular word Winnie Puha nor a raccoon -" from a smile gloomy day of light ". Boring was port fav. I was a little upset, but my parents did not say. On White Apron Grandmother of Holded Tolstoy Lace, on my liquid hair-guns tied a huge bow – corrugated, festive, white. There were still two narrow brown bows with a fine edging, but it is "for every day", "on weekdays", which will begin from the second September. For me, a child who has never been to kindergarten, the first of September first class seemed a day of monstrous and terrible. The huge building of the Dnipropetrovsk school number 28, in which I learned from 1976 to 1986, with a steadmate staircase, loud solemn music, someone sobbing a grandmother, a shared toilet with a tile fellow, and people: from small walled first-graders to rigorous adults – teachers and cleaners. I was scary and lonely, I feverishly tried to figure out what would come up with that tomorrow I don’t go to school to never come this everyday to which modest brown bows were postponed.

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"Teacher first my" called Anastasia Tarasovna. She was then probably at sixty. She was a complete loose woman with thick black eyebrows and a small tight cloud of dark with a snap. Anastasia Tarasovna wore strict simple dresses with brooches. Is the dress monochromatic, in the puffy blue colors – necessarily a large brooch on the cut. These brooches hypnotized me like a rabbit. I could follow the movement of another amber spider in space, absolutely not listening that at this time says Anastasia Tarasovna.

At first, Pasha Kozrenko was sitting with me. He was a two-way and hooligan, but I was not afraid of one simple reason: we were almost neighbors and sometimes played together ..

Collection of memories of school 60-90s Dmitry Bykov made up of the winners of the contest of the AST publishing house "We come from school".

What would happen like

"School of Life", AST, 2015.

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A year before I went to school, we moved to Dnepropetrovsk, and Dad bought a tricking house-mazanka with a large plot at the old gypsy. Bought to build a new home on that place – bright, large, in two floors, where children and grandchildren would live and happily live, and parents would be slow and chinno in prosperity and peace. Ta Old Tsygana accounted for Pasha Kozrenko’s native grandmother. She had a son Stepan, a mighty man with eagle eyes and curls to the shoulders, – Pashkin Father. He married our – a small full woman with a skew eye. They had two children: High as a model, Walking Beauty Lenka and Little Double Pasha, My first neighbor part. They lived through three houses from us, and Pashkina Grandma – old and terrible, like Baba Yaga, in multi-tiered colorful skirts, in a black scarf with aluminum roses, from which a shaggy cobweb gray hard hair was knocked out – this colorful grandmother often walked On the way past our windows. Ranked gold earrings in thick rings in her ears, smoked the old tube in the mouth. Tube Tsygana took out only when she wanted to curse his daughter-in-law – aunt in Luda, Pashina Mother. She cursed her loudly – on the whole street, savory and beautiful – almost without mat, but so virtuoso, that in a reverent trembling it would be a lot of gathering folklore. Badkka was afraid, they said that he glazit and damage would help – only loaves. Who knows…"

What would happen like

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