What would this make. Good

What would this make. Good?

Suppose we were convinced that kindness and responsiveness will make it better our society will delight others and will be useful to us by ourselves. What are our opportunities to practice good deeds? Of course, everyone has its own proven ways: make a gift, arrange a pleasant surprise, call, write, help. Other recipes, perhaps you have not tried, although about them it is known: your life will result in better.

Spontaneous good deeds

If every week to make some kind of good deeds, and certainly diverse (send a postcard to old friends, visit a lonely neighbor, give a virtual flower, borrow a stranger’s phone, list one hundred rubles to sick children) *, it contributes to our feeling of happiness, and sometimes it is just treating! Psychologist Sonya Lyubomirsky (Sonja Lyubomirsky) From California University (USA) so summarized the benefit of good deeds: we become more favorable to others, we feel better compared to others, we are exempt from the feeling of guilt for someone else’s misfortune, we feel generous and able to help, become more attractive for others, we feel that we appreciate **.

* Other ideas can be found on the WWW website.ACTSOFKINDNESS.Org


"The more we focus on sending loving and good thoughts, the more positive we are influenced by the world around us, says about the meditation of the loving kindness of Bhanta Vimalamci, the head of the Meditation Center in Missouri (USA). – At the same time, the mind as a result is done more joyful and happy. It’s fine. You like people. Your face becomes shining and beautiful, and your mind is clear much faster than with other types of meditation ". Practicing meditation of loving kindness are more inclined to make themselves and positive relations with others. It enhances positive emotions (love, joy, gratitude, hope, pride), restores long-term human resources and increases its satisfaction with life *.

* B. Fredrickson et al. "Open Hearts Build Lives:

Volunteering and charity

What would this make. Good

Volunteering makes us no less happy than increasing income halved or getting a higher education diploma *. By giving your time or means, we feel significant, free from any hierarchy and at the same time care about the well-being of society, they say those who are actively working in such organizations **. "For many, good deeds make a deficit of meaning and values, – Psychotherapist Svetlana Krivtsova believes. – They are attracted to overcome the alienation between people and experience strong positive feelings. ".

* A. LUKS "The Healing Power Of Doing Good". IUNIVERSE, 2001.

Expression of thanks

There is no more reliable means for the immediate increase in subjective well-being, confident by the founder of positive psychology, Professor of the University of Martin Seligman (Matrin Seligman) *. The expression of gratitude in the form of a phone call or (better) a detailed letter to a person who meant a lot in our life allows you to thank you feel happier. Especially if you come to the addressee personally and read a letter of thanks loud.

* M. Seligman et al. "POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY PROGRESS, EMPIRICAL VALIDATION OF INTERVENTONS". American Psychologist, 2005, Vol. 60, № 5.

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