What you do not have to apologize

What you do not have to apologize

"You are sorry, but this is my opinion". The habit of apologizing for each occasion may seem harmless, because inside we still remain with our. Jessica Hagi claims that there are situations in which you need to talk about your mistakes, desires and emotions without reservations.

Jessica Hagy (Jessica Hagy) – Esseist, Illustrator, author of the book "How to Be Interest" ("How to Be Interesting", Workman Publishing Compan, 2013).

If we doubt our right to an opinion (feeling, desire), apologizing for him, we give another reason not to reckon with him. In what cases do it is not worth it.

1. Do not apologize for the fact that you are not aiskive God

You really think that you should not dismiss the employee, because the cat died the day before? You are embarrassed because you got a cigarette in the presence of a colleague who is trying to quit smoking? And how could you smile housemate who steals food from the store?

You have the right to not know what is happening with others. None of us has the gift of telepathy and foresightness. You do not have to guess about what the mind of another.

Do not apologize for what you have needs

You man. You need to eat, sleep, relax. You can get sick and you will need treatment. Perhaps a few days. Perhaps week. You have the right to take care of yourself and tell others that you feel bad or something does not suit you. You have no one borrowed that piece of space that occupy, and the amount of air that inhale.

Do not apologize for what you are successful

What you do not have to apologize

The path to success is not a lottery. If you know that you perfectly perform your work, cook well or you can attract a million subscribers to YouTube, which means you have made efforts to achieve this. You deserve it. If someone next to you did not get his stake or respect, it does not mean that you have taken his place. Perhaps his place is empty, because he could not take him himself.

Do not apologize for the fact that you are "not a trend"

You did not watch the last season of the Games of the Thrones? Even like this: you did not watch it at all, not a single series? If you are not connected to a single information pipe, this does not mean that you do not exist. On the contrary, your existence can be much more real than you think: if you only do what you go on stranger tracks, risk not to leave your.

Do not apologize for the fact that you do not meet anyone expectations

You are afraid to disappoint someone? But perhaps you have already done it, – by what was more successful, more beautiful, with other political views or tastes in music. If you put a relationship with another person dependent on how he appreciates you, you give him the right to dispose of his life choice. If you allow the designer to equip his apartment to his taste, will you comfortably in it, even if she is beautiful?

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