What you need to have time to 30 years

What you need to have time to 30 years?

Society to modern women fully specific requirements – up to thirty We have to have time to get an education, learn how to cook, get married, give birth to a minimum of two angels, buy a good car, take a mortgage, create a business or build a career. Millions of girls live under the pressure of these "must" and do not feel fully implemented and happy. How to free himself and whether there is something that we really have to – ourselves?

"Chesica is ticking!"," Where are you without a diploma?"," You’re that, old Virgin want to stay?!"- Such warnings and questions are pursued by those who deviated from the adopted standards and lives in their scenario. Pursuing, make the feeling of guilt and their own insolvency.

Maybe the woman, on the contrary, should not anyone? Not certainly in that way. At a minimum, we all important:

1.Realize that we should not do anything but yourself

Certifications – what prevents many lives really standing life. A set of stamps and installations limits the choice of choices, drives into the frame, pressing the sensation of impurities of imposed roles and ultimately leads to neurosis. Women living under the oppression of doubt, often to thirty years (and sometimes before) covers a powerful wave of frustration from the inability to be ideal and comply with all expectations.

So the sooner you understand that anyone, besides you, there is no authority to write a guide to your life, the more happy you give yourself.

2.Separate from parents, keeping good relationship with them

Living in the parent family, we cannot fully take on the functions of an adult. Psychologically we get stuck in a children’s, dependent position, even if we prepare ourselves and earn a living.

If up to 30 years you will never find yourself one on one with adult problems, challenges, duties and decisions, then risk forever to remain "Mamajna daughter".

3.Seal from kindergarten

Unfortunately, few people had an ideal childhood in the post-Soviet space. Many have taken with them in adulthy the luggage of non-negative offensive, negative installations and psychological problems. But live with this further – not the best solution. Hidden children’s injuries may interfere with achieving goals, building healthy relationships, adequately evaluate reality. Therefore, it is important to work out them yourself or, in more severe cases, together with a psychotherapist.

4.Reveal and take their individuality

To be ourselves – an incredibly important skill that many are lost as growing up. We start looking around on the sides, try to please someone, behave unnaturally, lose the uniqueness, forget about talents and strengths. The inner critic wakes up in us, which the ideas marks, ridicules the desire, slows down movement to goals.

It is important to remember that you are the only one of a kind, with a unique set of qualities. Do not try to seem to someone else. Instead, learn your features and feel free to show yourself true. ⠀

5.Find your style

Style helps us to manifest yourself, and to thirty years it would be nice to understand what message you are striving to translate outside, what kind of image you want to create, what sensations intend to call the surrounding. Style is inextricably linked with the skill of self-testing. An adult woman is important to own them perfectly to clearly and choose to declare themselves, even without words.

6.Determine your values

Values ​​- the foundation of our life. Without their understanding, we do not know what to rely on, on what basis to make decisions how to express priorities; We do not know what nourishes us and gives a feeling of completeness of life.

What is really important to you? freedom? A family? Development? Creation? To thirty preferably along and across study the set of their basic values ​​and start building life based on them.

What you need to have time to 30 years

7.Find the purpose and go on your way

Under the destination it is worth understanding not one thing about all life, but its key function. What is happening you have better than others to what you are tightly pulling. Then without which you are not you. For example, you elegantly serve the table, beautifully pack gifts for friends, looking for decor elements for your apartment. What’s in general? Aesthetization, desire to create beauty. This is a key function, your purpose that you can implement completely differently.

eight.Find "your flock"

Over time, many connections that held only on social conventionations disintegrate, and it may seem that you have left alone, without friends and good acquaintances. To this not happen, you need to surround yourself by those with whom you are united by values ​​and interests. Let them be a little, but it will be people with whom it is really comfortable and warm, communication with which fills and inspires.

nine.Begin to take care of the body

It is desirable to understand as early as possible that the body is our home for life. This is not a removable apartment, it is impossible to move out of it if the pipe breaks. Take it carefully, take care of health, follow the weight, visit preventive inspections, engage in sports, put it right, take care of the skin.

ten.Learn to competently dispose of resources

Time, money and strength – the main resources that need to be able to manage, otherwise all the dreams will remain lock on the sand.

Up to 30 years, it is extremely important to move from consumer attitudes to investment – to learn how to invest money with the mind, and not to pass their attention, to direct the forces on the standing projects, and not merge on useless throwing, rationally distribute time, and not spend it on the many hours viewing the series or Hanging in social networks.

Of course, this can be done after thirty. But, if you close these questions as early as possible, you can provide life, complete joy and achievements, pleasure and meaning.

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