What you need to know mom about nine-year-old daughter

What you need to know mom about nine-year-old daughter?

She still believes that you can do everything – and sometimes says that you do not understand anything. She secretly tries to go to school with painted eyes and asks to take home each kitten and puppy. She may have a voice like you, but. She is not you. Do not try to make yourself.

1. She wants you to hug her and pressed to themselves as a little girl, which she was quite recently.

2. . In addition to those moments when she does not want. Do not even think to touch her if she does not want!

3. You are the most popular for her and the famous man on all white light. Seriously.

4. . While in five minutes she will not tell you what you need to a plastic surgeon.

5. To dinner you are better than the best friends.

6. She is smart and peeled. Even too, so that it does not get it from time to time.

7. She is really funny.

eight. You are not funny. Never.

nine. She is capable of jamming, closing the doors, with a tornado force.

ten. But she again did not close as the door of the refrigerator.

eleven. She will hate everything you bought for her clothes. It doesn’t matter what she liked this blue skirt. If you bought exactly the same, but green, she will never wear it.

12. She uses all your lotion. And all shampoo. And scUSD And your precious bottle with oats and hoods from shiitake mushrooms.

13. She is secret from you (or not so in secret) trying to go to school with painted eyes.

fourteen. Don’t let her do it.

15. She may eat fruit fitness bars Seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Offering an alternative useless.

16. She believes that you can all. This is true.

17. She believes that she can all. This is also true.

What you need to know mom about nine-year-old daughter

eighteen. . But the next day she will seriously doubt his ability to do at least something. Your task is to remind her about the truth.

19. Pink is for little girls. She wants the walls in her room turquoise, and Lyme color curtains.

twenty. If you tell her that she can’t wear her winter boots on the thick sole and sweater, because in the yard July, – you do not understand anything.

21. This week she wants to go to draw. On the next it is passionate as karate. Do not worry, it’s fine, she is trying to determine who she is.

22. She needs a personal space. If you do not know this, she will write a pencil on his door: "Do not enter".

23. For her the worst thing – if she has something not like other girls.

24. She recently discovered sarcasm.

25. . But it is not as cool, as you can assume, listening to her sharpness and tights.

26. Be softer and not respond to it the same. She can flaw something like that, but still can not defend.

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