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By: Stephan Spencer


Sheila and Marcus Gillette
“According to THEO, we chose to come into this world. In the grand lottery of human existence, we’re blessed to experience life’s wonders.”
Sheila and Marcus Gillette

If you’re a new listener to this show, you may not know that my guests on this episode had a profound influence on my spiritual path. I met Marcus Gillette through Genius Network in a Zoom breakout. I knew immediately when he spoke about his wife, Sheila Gillette, the famous psychic medium, that I had to have her on the show, which I did – episode 277. In preparation for that episode, which was in late 2020, I watched a video of Sheila telling her story about asking God to give her a job to do. Fast forward a few months later to January 22nd, 2021, when I prayed to God for a job and was shown an incredible vision of how this illusion called reality actually works. The rest, as they say, is history!

I’m honored to have not only Sheila back, but also have her partner in work and life, Marcus. For over 25 years, Sheila has been the direct voice medium for a collective of 12 Archangels known as THEO. After a divinely guided meeting in 1997, Sheila and Marcus married and began spreading THEO’s wisdom together, empowering thousands worldwide. The Gillettes recently published their new book, The Art of Relationship: Discover the Magic of Unconditional Love.

In today’s show, Sheila and Marcus share insights on soul contracts, seeing beyond karma to growth opportunities, and embodying unconditional love by releasing limiting beliefs about ourselves. Get ready to be uplifted by the magic that unfolds when two soulmates unite to raise the collective consciousness!

In this Episode

  • [01:08]Stephan introduces Marcus and Sheila Gillette as they delve into soul contracts, unconditional love, and their newly released book, The Art of Relationship.
  • [03:00]Stephan invites Sheila and Marcus to recount the divinely guided sequence of events that led them to cross paths.
  • [13:49]Stephan finds deep resonance in Sheila and Marcus’ profound love journey, prompting him to share his love story with his wife, Orion.
  • [18:59]Exploring the concept of soul contracts, Marcus and Sheila shed light on their interpretation and insights.
  • [23:46]Sheila and Marcus define the essence of a soulmate and their unique perspective on this profound connection.
  • [28:27]Diving into karma, Stephan and Marcus elaborate on their viewpoints.
  • [32:11]Sheila delves into identifying and addressing untrue core beliefs about oneself.
  • [34:13]Sheila expounds on THEO’s enlightening message about the intrinsic uniqueness of our bodies and souls.
  • [40:39]Sheila and Marcus emphasize the dynamic evolution of consciousness and the profound role of spirituality in our lives.
  • [44:56]Sheila imparts wisdom on the transformative power of human connections and the importance of embracing life’s opportunities.
  • [46:37]Sheila and Marcus share some nuggets of wisdom to discover the magic of unconditional love.

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I’m so grateful to have both of you here today. Thanks for joining us, Sheila and Marcus

S: It’s great to be with you, Stephan. It’s nice to see you again. 

M: It’s a pleasure, Stephan. It’s great to be here.

We get to know each other through the Genius Network. I’ve had Joe Polish on my other podcast, Marketing Speak. I’ve met such amazing people through Genius Network, through Joe, and you guys are part of that. You’ve changed my life. I’m very grateful for you guys.

Please share your how-you-met story since this episode is centered around The Art of Relationship, and, as in your subtitle, discover the magic of unconditional love. How did you guys meet? It wasn’t a chance meeting. It was divinely guided. Tell us about the magic.

S: It started with me going to Santa Fe and meeting with a client who had just met Marcus maybe a month earlier. She was in connection to another woman I knew in Santa Fe who had moved to Scottsdale. When I was meeting with this gal, she said, “Oh, Donna’s in Scottsdale, that’s her mutual friend, and she’d love to see if you ever come to Phoenix.” She gave me Donna’s contact information because we had lost contact, because I had moved from Santa Fe back to Colorado, and she had moved obviously to Arizona.

The Art of Relationship by Sheila Gillette and Marcus Gillette

This was in February. In March, I called Donna and said, “I’m going to give a talk in April.” She said, “Oh, I would love to get together. Could we have a glass of wine when you get into town? There are a couple of people I want you to meet.” I said, “Yeah, that’s great.” That happens to me a lot when I go to a city and have people that I know. They introduce me to others just as they do you, Stephan, as you know.

I got into town and stayed with some very good friends. They went with me to the Venetian resort to meet Donna and her two friends. The three of us, my friends and myself got to the resort. We went into the lobby and found Donna and her friend, Chip Lewis, who happened to be Marcus’ best friend from college.

I was introduced to Chip. I had no idea that Marcus was the second person and he was the last to arrive at this gathering. Having good intuitive experiences, I was having a wonderful conversation with the group, and I felt this energy come in in the resort.

As I do, when I feel different vibrational energies, I’m curious, “What’s that? Who is it?” I start looking around because it could be a human, or it could be a discarnate being. I’m always curious about who I’m getting the energy from.

I started looking around, didn’t connect with anything, and resumed the conversation. Marcus walked up to the table, and I felt that energy coming toward our table. I looked up, and it took my breath away. It wasn’t just because he was an attractive man. It was so much bigger than that, Stephan. I literally could not breathe.

I knew from Donna’s description that she had given him my book, The Fifth Dimension. I knew he knew more about me than I knew about him. We walked up to the table, and I said, “What’s your story?” Luckily, he’s a good talker. He gave me a chance to take a few deep breaths before I had to say anything else. I’m also sharing that by letting Marcus speak about that moment.

M: It started two years before that, Stephan, when this mutual friend of ours, Donna, gave me Sheila’s first book. I met Donna in the checkout line at Safeway in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was just a brief “Hi” and “Hello.” When I got back in my car, I heard, “Give her your business card.” I resisted it, but I finally gave in. When I gave her my business card, I even said to her word for word, “I don’t know why I’m doing this. I’m being guided somehow just to give you my card.” Stephan, that sounds woo-woo to a lot of people.

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Or a little creepy.

M: It could have been a little creepy. Awful, come online in any event. I gave her my card. She called a week later. My friend, Chip, whom Sheila mentioned, a good friend from college, was in town. The three of us got together for dinner, and we became friends. She gave me Sheila’s first book, and that’s how the fifth dimension channel is a new reality. That’s how I got introduced to THEO.

I hadn’t heard about THEO before that, and that was in 1995. Chip and Donna ended up living together for five years, so all kinds of fun little synchronicities were going on. 

For me, that night when I was standing there and then sat down just to hang out with the group, I didn’t know that I had anything other than a pure fandom going on. I was a real fan of Sheila’s and THEO’s and read and studied The 5th Dimension. I was rabbit-eared. It was a great book. I just was really happy to be there.

We got to be friends. She left town. Before she left, I did a private session with THEO. I became a client. I was delighted to be able to have these experiences with THEO one-on-one. Then, we went to the Havasupai Indian Reservation about a month later. There are some interesting synchronicities that happened around this because my friends and I had become friends with the medicine men of the Havasupai tribe halfway down the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

People with the blue and green waters and just gorgeous Shangri-La place on Earth. It’s just a high-vibration place on Earth. We went down there for five days. We had some extraordinary experiences when we were there. We’ve given you a Reader’s Digest version of the story, but the one thing that happened once we got down there was we had a full-on collapse of time and space that occurred simultaneously as we were sitting outside of sweat lodge with two young Native American children that were with us the whole time, Sheila and I.

We had a full-on past-life experience together, where we were seeing, sensing, and experiencing the precise same thing at that moment. We started sharing what we saw, how we dressed, and the children in the same leather clothing we wore. It was several hundreds of years prior.

As we began sharing this, we became very aware that we’ve been together in this place with these children for another lifetime. Several different things happened in addition to that, but it was just extraordinary that became our new ordinary together.

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We’re enthusiastic about teaching and sharing THEO’s relationship teachings. These experiences are becoming ordinary now, these extraordinary experiences that people have in relationships that go beyond our five senses or our third-dimensional reality. We came out. Sheila, I’ll turn it over to you from that point because you were the instigator of everything that happened following that.

S: I knew that something big was in this energy connection. It was like, “Oh, we’re supposed to do this together. What if he doesn’t get it?” Some of your listeners have had that experience in a relationship, but then our relationship and friendship evolved. We went on the trip.

As Marcus said, we had many multi-dimensional experiences. When we got out, Marcus invited a group of people to his home for a THEO experience. There might have been about 30 people. After they’d left, we went outside on his patio, and we were just looking at this beautiful, serene yard with a waterfall and a little pond. It was just idyllic.

We sat there, and Marcus asked me, “What will we do on our second date?” I said, “I don’t date.” It was true. I didn’t date. I didn’t have time, and I was doing my work. I was traveling to do events. I just was not interested in dating.

When we ever feel ourselves out of vibration, we have the ability to self-correct.

He looked at me and said, “I guess we’ll just have to get married then.” I was like, “Okay. We can do that.” I don’t think he intended to say those words; they just flew out of his mouth. Marcus, you can talk about your experience.

M: Stephan knows what you’re talking about. Stephan channels information. Things pop in, and they pop out through your mouth, and you’re like, “Where did that come from? Who was that speaking through me?”

To be clear, to digress for another minute, we fell madly in love with each other while we were down in this Shangri-La for five days. Stephan, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a first date being a five-day camping trip. That’s probably not a good idea for most couples, but it was exactly what we needed. We had fallen in love with each other. It was just magical.

There wasn’t a single bit of doubt. There’s just such a deep sense of peace when you have no doubt about something despite having no real clue where it came from because I hadn’t intended to say that at all. There was also a vibrational experience that we had. We almost felt like we were going into a different dimension.

The 5th Dimension by Sheila Gillette

At one point, it’s hard to describe. I walked into the kitchen and turned the light on to ensure I was still in my physical body. I didn’t sense my physical body, which was weird.

S: Did you scare yourself so much with those words that you thought you had an out-of-body experience?

M: I don’t know what happened, but it was amazing. Some other things happened that we write about in the book, but some amazing things transpired after that. As it unfolded just as it does, everything just falls into place when it’s perfectly aligned.

We met on April 10th. We got married on April 11th the following year. Twenty-five years later, we celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. It’s been an amazing 25 years, for sure.

Congratulations. I can relate to that soul recognition of knowing very quickly that you have found your soulmate in this lifetime. When Orion and I met, it was five or ten minutes into meeting her that I knew she was my soulmate because I was giving her a blessing.

We were at a Tony Robbins event that had just finished. On the last night, there was this whole oneness meditation, and everybody got a blessing. The blessing givers go around and touch people on the head to give them what’s known as a Deeksha. She didn’t get touched.

We met through a mutual friend who introduced us in the lobby after the event. She had mentioned that she didn’t get touched. I’m like, “I just learned in India two months earlier how to do this. I’d be happy to give you a blessing,” so I did.

As you channel that energy of divine grace through you into the person you’re touching, the more you want it for the person, the more divine grace passes. I was praying for her like she was my soulmate, so I knew.

That’s why I got a ring and prepared to pop the question nine days after we met, and she said no, not yet. Even though she was in a hot air balloon and had nowhere to go, she still said no.

S: She didn’t jump out either.

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I can relate to soul recognition. It’s a beautiful thing.

S: Stephan, how long was it until she said yes?

Nine months later, I re-proposed, and she was getting a little antsy. She’d looked up the statistics of a second proposal happening, and it was pretty slim. I knew it was a matter of time and got a second ring. I was ready to propose to her in the summer, and then she was in a cranky mood and sick, so I was like, “Okay, never mind.”

She didn’t even know until well after that that I was planning on proposing on that trip to Colorado. We were, I think, in Breckenridge during the summer. We took the gondola up. It was super windy, and she was cranky, like, “Why are we going up here?” I thought this was it. I’m going to propose at the top of that mountain.

M: Timing is everything.

Timing is everything.

Yeah. Anyway, thank you for sharing such a beautiful meeting and all the synchronicity, the magic of it. From what you’re saying, it’s clear that you guys are soulmates across lifetimes. Do you have any sense of how many lifetimes you’ve had together? 

S: Gosh, numbers? No. I would say maybe hundreds. Interestingly enough, when I started doing the work with THEO, I always, from the beginning, knew I was to have a male partner. Until I met Marcus, there was no partner to share this work with. I had decided, “Well, I’m wrong.”

I know you have a lot of intuitions. Sometimes, we think it will be an immediate thing that happens. That’s our human side going instant gratification. “Where is it? When it doesn’t come for a long period, I give up.” I just said, “I must have been wrong.”

We get caught up in that linear time thing. When I gave up and said, “Maybe it’s not going to happen,” I was okay with that. The moment we met, I knew we could not have met any time before then.

I was in Phoenix, often giving talks and working with individuals, and Marcus wasn’t living that far from my best friend, who I always stayed with. We never crossed paths. We never ran into each other at a restaurant like you might do because even though it’s a city, the different communities are smaller, as we all know when we live in certain city sections. We never crossed paths.

When we come in with a blueprint of learning, Theo talks about the purpose of incarnating human form as learning of emotions.

Even with my work, we never crossed paths. It’s clear that we couldn’t have met before. There were other opportunities that those people called synchronicities, where you bump into somebody on the street. It would have to be how it happened, even better than I imagined.

You let go, and you let God.

S: Yeah, I did, and amazing things happened. I met my soulmate.

What is your understanding of soul contracts?

M: THEO says we come in with a blueprint. It’s how they describe it. Not to use our free will, of course, because we’re co-creating this as we go along, but there are agreements. One of the tenets of THEO’s teachings, as you know, Stephan, is that there are no victims. We’re all volunteers.

Everything we perceive as a challenge in life is always for our highest good. What’s in it for us? What’s the gift of the blessing in every experience that we have? The challenges are inevitable, and the struggle is optional. That’s a choice.

When we come in with a blueprint of learning, THEO talks about incarnating human form as learning of emotions. We come in with a soul family, as THEO describes it, and certainly, Sheila and I are part of the same soul family.

There’s a different resonance with the soul family. There’s another vibrational magnetic thing that goes on. If you think about the connection we had with you the first time we met, you don’t have that with many people, but when you do, it’s awesome. There are contracts. There are agreements. We talked about this in the book.

They do get fulfilled. The soul creates the circumstances for the fulfillment of those agreements, but it’s a co-creative recipe, if you will, with the free will of us in these human bodies with our thinking minds to make decisions, and the soul is guiding it perfectly. Wouldn’t you say, Sheila, that there are no mistakes here? There’s nothing random about what occurs in relationships because such divine guidance is always at play.

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S: THEO has groups incarnate together to support each other’s growth. We’re talking about soulmates, and we can have several of them. Sometimes, they can be our most challenging relationships as well, and that’s part of the contract you’re talking about because we grow best in relationships. We have our highest highs and lowest lows in relational experiences. We can track that.

After we have enough life experiences, we can look over our lives and see how that’s played out, how each thing we’ve done, each relationship we’ve had, and where we’ve grown from. That’s the purpose. We continue on. There’s an old saying, “Reason, season, or a lifetime.” The type of soulmate you’re speaking about, Stephan, is that lifetime or lifetime in the sense of a primary relationship. That’s what we’ve all learned in that kind of connection.

Sometimes, we connect with a soulmate in a relationship and the primary relationship that that contract gets completed. It’s okay, but most don’t do it elegantly when breaking the contract.

M: Or when the contract is completed.

There’s nothing random about what occurs in relationships because there’s such divine guidance at play all the time.

S: When the contract is completed, the old way to do it was the blame game of creating angst and anger instead of remembering the love in that relationship. What we talk about in The Art of Relationship is honorable separation. If you remember the love, you don’t have to create the blame game. We’ve all contributed to whatever challenges that we’ve had.

We all contribute. One isn’t the bad guy or the good guy. We’re contributing to that experience together. The paradigm of relationship now that THEO talks about is a preference, not needing, for not coming from a needing place.

The need has been a big draw for centuries of relationships. Part of that is the attraction to someone to fill the void and heal our inward being. We intuitively connect to the drama, trauma, or pain in another, assuming that if we help heal them, they’ll heal us. That doesn’t work anymore because we’re responsible for our evolution, consciousness shift, and healing process. It’s an inside-out job, and that’s what we talk about.

A soulmate could be, as you said, a reason for clearing some karmic debt. For example, it could be for a season. Let’s say somebody loses their spouse early on in their life and marriage, and they need somebody to step in and provide some stability for some time. Still, their lifetime soulmate is not that person but somebody later on. Then there’s that lifetime soulmate, which some people are fortunate enough to meet in, let’s say, high school and be with that person for 50 years, 60 years, or 70 years. 

How would you define a soulmate that would encapsulate all three types? Is it somebody who helps you to complete your mission, grow spiritually, and provide the contrast and the tough love? How do you define it? 

S: Again, as I spoke about their different contracts, if you would, that we have with our soul family. With Marcus and I, we live in a new paradigm of relationship that is preferential. We want to be together. We enjoy that. We don’t have a lot of drama or trauma.

We do have differences of opinion. It’s not to say that everything’s just ease and grace all the time. It’s ease and grace, but we do have independent ideas in conversation and dialogue, but we don’t have the angst that many do from a soulmate who’s there in the sense of challenging us in ways that may be very uncomfortable.

If you always remember and embrace love, you don’t have to play the blame game.

You wouldn’t be together if you weren’t supposed to be together. Sometimes I make the wrong decision. No, you didn’t. You made the right decision at the time that you made that decision to be together. You’ll make the right decision when it’s complete.

We’re living longer now. Humans used to die at 20 or 30 years old. Many people got into relationships early on, and then they died. They lived out the span of that contract. Now, we can have several contracts in a lifetime when we live to be 120 or 150.

M: I want to dispel the notion of karma, too. THEO is not a big fan of karma. They think karma is an opportunity for growth instead of a debt to be repaid. For me, there’s a lot of wisdom because every time someone gets into what they perceive to be some sort of a karmic situation relationally, there are massive opportunities for growth for both parties or everybody involved.

Why do bad things happen to good people, for instance? That’s a hard question to answer, but we know part of that question is because they’re learning that everybody involved in that situation receives from the experience of it in our ways and whatever ways we need to learn from.

We’re responsible for our evolution, our consciousness shift, and our healing process.

I think there is this notion of carryover from lifetime to lifetime, to lifetime, that there’s debts must be repaid. THEO doesn’t expose that. What they say is that it’s just learning. It’s just growth opportunities. That’s part of the soul contracts that you were asking about earlier.

S: Because we’re friends, can you imagine us, before we got in these human suits, sitting up there wherever and saying, “I’ll go if you go.” I’ll go a few times, and we’ll do this dance together. That’s how I perceive us as souls agreeing to that group incarnation to support each other’s growth.

My youngest daughter had said that to me because I had near death when she was born, and she almost didn’t make it. She said, “Mom, we were up there deciding that we would stay together.” She believes that as I do. We made this agreement, and she works in our company.

Often, we laugh about just what I said, “I’ll go if you go, I’ll stay if you stay,” that kind of agreement. That’s what I think we do. It’s hard to perceive, but I liked that perception in my own life.

What you said, Marcus, about karma, my view on it and my understanding of it is it’s not punishment. It’s a way to grok the consequences of our actions to both positive and negative. If we don’t have time in between, we don’t understand the implications because we haven’t had that space to do so. If we put our hands on a stove, we get instant feedback.

Who we are is a vibration of unconditional love.

A hot stove, our hands burning, we pull it off. There’s no free will, and it’s just instinct. It’s just a reaction. Whereas if you don’t get instant feedback, it takes time for what goes around to come around, both good and bad, then we have that space to contemplate our actions and words. Also, because we have that time, we have the ability to return to God.

In Hebrew, there is Teshuvah. A lot of people translate Teshuvah as repentance. But technically, it’s return, so you’re returning to God. Having that space gives you the time to do so.

I don’t see karma as a horrible thing. There’s a point where you can graduate to being above karma because you’ve learned all the lessons that you needed to, positive and negative, around your actions and the repercussions, the ripple effect. And then you’re in a new reality. That’s my view.

M: I love this conversation, Stephan because how we’re describing it these days with THEO’s teachings on remembrance is that we are at our core. Who we are is a vibration of unconditional love. That’s who we are. We leave here and go into the afterlife. However, you want to describe our next multi-dimensional experience, and we return to a vibration of unconditional love.

What if we can be that vibration of unconditional love walking around in human bodies with no worries for the future, no regrets of the past, no energetic blockages in our physical bodies and our ability to connect and manifest it completely? What THEO refers to is a six-dimensional reality in physical form. That’s exactly what Sheila and I believe because that’s exactly what’s happening right now.

What’s happening is that we forget who we are when we’re unkind, judgmental, or reactive to life. It’s just forgetting. We all do it, but we’re doing it less and less and less.

The cool thing is we have the ability to self-correct in a nanosecond. In a moment, we can self-correct. When we ever feel ourselves out of that vibration, what THEO’s teachings on soul integration, as you know, are about is the ability to remember all the time who we are. Every thought, every belief, every action continues to raise our vibrational frequency to become this vibrational state of being. THEO talks about it not as an emotion or a feeling but as a state of being, a waking state of awareness in the physical body.

I love your conversation because it’s really about remembering. Ultimately, it’s beyond words what that state of being feels like, what it is. We can discuss words like ecstasy, bliss, enlightenment, wholeness, or whatever you want. But it’s amazing, and it’s really hard to put into words.

We’re getting more and more and longer and longer glimpses of what the state of being is all about. I love your conversation about going home because that’s what you’re talking about. That’s who we are.

When you talked about that, I got the flash of an image from a scene of the original Lion King movie. Mustafa is up in the clouds, up in the sky. He’s talking as a spirit to Simba. He’s telling Simba, “Remember who you are.”

S: Yes.

That’s the message for all of us.

M: I love this. We hear so many people in our community ask. This is such a great question. THEO will say that if you could see yourself as we see you, there would be no discontent, only joy and love.

Often, we hear people in our mentoring program say, “Tell me again now, how can I see myself and know myself as you see and know me?” THEO holds us, as you know, Stephan, in our absolute highest light of potential. They see us in the most magnificent expression we can be in this lifetime.

The answer is just that, and it’s to remember who you are. Continue to work on whatever beliefs are to the contrary that are untrue about yourself. That’s the other core tenant of this whole process. Beliefs you hold about yourself that are anything other than unloving are simply not true. If that’s true, which it is, then let’s work on identifying the core circumstance of where those beliefs came from, whether it’s this lifetime or any other that we’ve experienced. That is where the awareness comes from.

Theo says, “If you could see yourself as we see you, there will be no discontent, only joy and love.”

These beliefs are insidious. They’re not just about us; they’re about everybody and everything. They’re about supposed truths, facts, and indisputable facts, such as birth, death, disease, aging, crime, suffering, and darkness. They’re all part of the illusion. The only real thing here is unconditional love, and that’s God.

S: What THEO says is that we chose to come here. We’ve won the lottery, and we got a body. There are lots of souls that would like a body so they can have a human experience. We’re all unique. Though there are many similarities, they talk about the tone in our voice that’s unique only to us, more unique than our fingerprint. They call it our soul note.

We are here to be significant individually, whatever that means, in our lives. That imprint is here purposefully to express, and I will use the word passion, which I can correlate to our soul energy expressed. How will we express our creative energies, which come from our souls?

We tend to, through the beliefs of not being good enough or worthy, whatever those beliefs are untrue, block ourselves from fully expressing that. If we can change those beliefs and beliefs can be changed, events that happen in our lives or history are just part of the challenge of growth in our lives. They don’t have to define us. We can look at those through different lenses and perceptions when we look for the gifts and blessings as we change our beliefs.

This is part of the soul-integrative work we do, Stephan. That’s that protocol that THEO brought forward. Spans are multi-dimensional. It’s not just for this lifetime, but for others. As Marcus said, wherever a belief might have been created.

When we realize where that came from, we can rewrite that script and begin to see ourselves as THEO sees us. That magnificent, creative, divine being that’s here purposefully to have this life. Life is the purpose.

The only thing that’s real is unconditional love, and that’s God.

We can share that experience with a soulmate. We can have multiple soulmates in a lifetime if that’s the soul contracts and the script we co-wrote for our movie with God. By the way, I love this definition of a soulmate from Edgar Cayce. He was such an incredible clairvoyant and psychic from a hundred years ago.

His definition is a soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique complement but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves. Another way to paraphrase that would be to become who we really are.

S: You know what, if you’re with the person, and I know you are, Stephan, as I am, that person makes you want to be your best self. That’s a good criterion. If you’re around people, it doesn’t have just to be your partner. It can be friends, but engaging and being around people you feel are a better you.

It may not be how one might think because it’s like, “Wow, this person is challenging to be around. I feel all this animosity, this disconnection, or whatever.” I’m just being hypothetical, of course. In that scenario, one needs to zoom out a bit further and imagine this person incarnated with you to fulfill a soul contract with you to help you to grow and them as well. That’s a beautiful gift.

If that person is forging us in the crucible, it’s not easy. It’s not painless. They might push our buttons quite a lot until we work on ourselves enough that we don’t have any more buttons. Our buttons have been worked on, and they don’t exist anymore.

M: Yeah. The Dalai Lama calls them our sacred friends. That’s how he refers to the Chinese government as our sacred friend. To your point, I want to say one thing quickly, Sheila—the lack of reactivity to anything happening externally.

Nothing else matters when we find the soul-centered space within ourselves, where we become that vibration of unconditional love.

It doesn’t matter what’s happening in the outer world. It doesn’t matter the chaos or uncertainty. It doesn’t matter the chaos or uncertainty in our intimate relationships. But when we find that soul-centered space that Sheila was talking about, that place within ourselves, where we become that vibration of unconditional love, none of that matters. We’re there to support, we’re there to love or learn to love or there to love, but it’s not something that affects our center at all.

S: I love what Stephan said about zooming out because THEO talked about broadening your aperture. You do that when you zoom out and see a bigger picture. To your point about the challenge, that’s where we grow best. Those relationships, if we’re growing, change. But most importantly, we change.

In my experience, it’s as clear as the lightbulb being off her arm when you recognize that the contract is complete. It’s just a solid state of no doubt. This is it. Until you have that moment back and forth and questioning, that’s all part of the growth, isn’t it? It’s all part of that, am I done yet? No, because you haven’t had that solid state of no doubt. But when it comes, you know it.

The word that comes to my mind that resonates for me, rather than completed, is fulfilled. The soul contract has been fulfilled.

S: I agree. That’s a much better word. It’s nice to be complete.

M: It’s nice to be fulfilled.

S: And fulfilled.

I love having a positive view of every experience, knowing it was for my highest and best good, even when I couldn’t see it because I didn’t have my aperture widened yet.

S: All part of why we’re here is to give back. It’s interesting how, as we move into that knowing about ourselves, there’s a greater ease and grace that happens in life. I know in my life, I’ve had those times where it was really hard, and I didn’t get that I was creating the hard from wherever my mindset was.

Looking back, I can see, “Oh, my gosh, the law of attraction was working perfectly from where I was, what I was thinking about, and how I thought about myself.” All of that played into those challenges. It’s interesting. In hindsight, you can see what led you to those lessons. That’s why we see people waking up after they’re a little bit older.

The greater experience of our existence is to give back to others.

That’s not a blanket statement. But I’ve usually noticed waves of people awakening over the years of doing this work. Usually, it used to be 40, but now 30 or 35. People have enough life experience to begin questioning. This isn’t going so well, and I want to change it. What can I do?

We start asking different questions of ourselves. Of course, many younger people are awake in the sense of their spirituality. But for the most part, in a consensus, that’s true. This evolution of consciousness is quite exciting, but it’s more than that.

It’s conformational to what THEO has talked to me about over the decades I’ve worked with him. But it’s great for our planet what’s happening, even with the chaos. We have to have chaos to make the changes that need change. I’m optimistic about us. Let me put it that way.

M: Yeah, we are. We’re very optimistic, but there are a couple of huge benefits to the experiences we’re discussing right now. One is it makes us better teachers through telling our stories because people can relate to the stories and relate to the, “Oh, you experienced that too?”

We have to have chaos to make the changes that need to be made.

We develop a much-heightened level of compassion, empathy, and love even through our personal experiences, and then we can legitimately sit in and share. I know how you feel. I’ve experienced that before.

There’s just a humanity that develops through the experiences that many people feel very victimized by without, you said, the zooming out or widening the aperture to see, “Oh, my God, there was something in that for me that I can grow from, be a better person, be more spiritually connected, and also be able to share more empathy and compassion.”

If somebody keeps hearing you say, “Oh, I’m in this mastermind like Genius Network, I’m on this private jet,” they can’t relate. But if you’re talking about, “Well, I used to get physically abused quite a lot in my childhood, beaten with a belt, kicked in the shins with steel-toed shoes,” then you’re like, “Wow, that’s real. This person is real and relatable.”

“I had a horrible childhood experience, too. How did this person pull themselves out of the gutter to become so successful? It’s all about building rapport of relatedness and then sharing the teaching lessons rather than teaching from on high. “Let me tell you about this great tip or technique I learned in my latest mastermind.”

S: Exactly. It’s the human connection. We all have experienced, I know I have, about being around someone who’s come into that state of being. It doesn’t equate if they have a lot of money. They’ve created a multi-million dollar business or anything. It’s about being in their presence; it makes you feel better. They don’t have to say anything or do anything, but they have that solid state of unconditional love. They’re just at peace on the inner.

They got it. They’ve got that thing. It’s not about all those external things, like you said, the mastermind and the private jet. Those are things that people may want for their experience in life, but it doesn’t make that sense of being. But when you’re around it, you just want to be velcroed to that person because they make you feel peaceful. That’s the best part of all of this for me.

Vulnerability is contagious. Speaking authentically from your heart, you’re permitting a person to be who they are, be vulnerable, and open their hearts.

M: They permit you to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is contagious. Speaking authentically from your heart, you’re just telling that person you’re talking to about connection. You’re permitting that person to be who they are, be vulnerable, and open their hearts. It’s just this beautiful exchange that very few people have the sense of self to allow themselves to be that vulnerable in interpersonal communication. In our world, it happens really quickly.

And you get your toughest love from your soul mate because they’ll challenge you. You’ll be vulnerable. You’ll share something that you don’t share and talk about. You don’t have the public face on with that person, and they’re going to call you on your, you know what. We’re out of time, but having you both here was a gift. Any last parting bit of wisdom, tip, or action item for our listener or viewer to take now?

S: Just embrace the opportunities you get, all of them, because there are many gifts and blessings in everything you draw into your life, so look for those. Look for what you’re going to receive from anything that’s happening to you and through you.

M: Find humor in everything, and find the humor in yourself. I asked THEO once what they found funny about us, Stephan, and they said everything. Particularly how seriously you take yourselves.

We’re inviting everybody to just tap into that childlike awe, that wonder, and lead with that in your day. Lead with that in your conversations, explorations, and what you’re curious about. Stay curious. That’s another good one.

And buy The Art of Relationship, and read it.

M: And buy The Art of Relationship: Discover the Magic of Unconditional Love. 

S: For sure. It’s chock full of good stuff.

Where do people find you guys online?

M: It would be where everything is. If you want to go to, we have a gift for you. You can purchase the book right there and get a cool experience with THEO, an audio experience with THEO, and a guided experience.

Amazing. Thank you so much, both of you. Thank you, listener. Make it an amazing week. Spread some light, be the light, and we’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Trust in divine timing for my relationships. Be open to unexpected encounters that may hold deeper significance.

?Pay attention to the feeling of soul recognition when meeting someone. Listen to my heart and intuition to recognize a potential soulmate connection.

?Let go of expectations and attachment to outcomes in relationships. When I surrender to the flow, extraordinary things can happen.

?Recognize and appreciate synchronicities in life, as they often indicate the alignment of higher forces guiding me toward meaningful connections.

?Aim for honorable separation if I end a relationship contract. Focus on the love and growth shared rather than resorting to blame and anger.

?Consider the concept of a soul family—people I have deep soul connections with across lifetimes. These connections may not always be romantic, but they contribute to growth.

?Understand that relationships involve co-creation with divine guidance and free will. I contribute to shaping my relationships through my choices and intentions.

?Embrace the magic of unconditional love in relationships. Cultivate a deep sense of acceptance, understanding, and compassion toward my partner and myself.

?Shift my perspective to focus on the gift or lesson gained when facing challenges. This mindset transforms struggles into opportunities for growth.

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Before meeting, both Sheila and Marcus were on their own spiritual paths. Sheila had already been channeling THEO for over 25 years. Marcus was happily immersed in his spiritual journey, inspired partly by THEO’s teachings after reading Sheila’s first book: “The 5th Dimension: Channels to a New Reality.” But after a divinely guided meeting and an instant connection in 1997, their impact on the world grew, along with their love.

The Gillette published their first book together, “The Soul Truth – A Guide to Inner Peace,” and just released their new book, “The Art of Relationship – Discover the Magic of Unconditional Love.” The Gillette also host the popular interactive web TV series: “AskTHEO Live.” Their mission has always been clear: to spread THEO’s life-changing messages of hope and possibility as humanity awakens to a higher vibration of unconditional love.

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