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By: Stephan Spencer


Corin Grillo
“Spirit has always shown me that there are people who need your work, you have to reach your hand out because they already have their hand reached out.”
Corin Grillo

Weird is the new black! This is how my guest on today’s show, Corin Grillo, accounts for the openness she is observing in more and more people who want to explore concepts that have for a long time been considered new-agey and woo. Corin is a #1 best-selling author of the book, The Angel Experiment. She is also a licensed psychotherapist, transformational retreat leader, business mentor, and spiritual instigator. Her message and training deliver powerful anecdotes to help businesses and lives grow through the power of intuition, ritual, and cultivating a deep and palpable relationship with Spirit. 

In today’s episode, we discuss that trend of more and more people, including even high-powered CEOs, reaching out to Corin to work with her, exploring things they find they can’t talk about at work or with their families. We talk about kids and the natural connection they have with the unseen world and how we can cultivate, rather than crush, this ability. Since Corin’s first session with a channeler, she discovered that angels were not wimpy harp-playing creatures but powerful warriors ready and waiting, 24/7, to hear from us. This is a must-listen episode for anyone interested in connecting with the spirit realm, so without any further ado, on with the show!

In this Episode

  • [00:39]Stephan introduces Corin Grillo, the #1 best-selling author of the book, The Angel Experiment. She’s also a licensed psychotherapist, transformational retreat leader, business mentor, and spiritual instigator.
  • [00:39]Stephan introduces Corin Grillo, the #1 best-selling author of the book, The Angel Experiment. She’s also a licensed psychotherapist, transformational retreat leader, business mentor, and spiritual instigator.
  • [05:35]Corin shares the story of how she started believing in angels and how her life started to turn around.
  • [10:08]Stephan shares the spiritual turning point of Brian Weiss, taken from his book, Many Lives, Many Masters.
  • [15:33]Corin shares a period of her life last year when she helped four CEOs ease into their spiritual awakening.
  • [21:49]People will be received positively when they are grounded and speak truthfully.
  • [26:02]Corin shares the vision that convinced her to start marketing herself so people can find her.
  • [31:46]Corin explains why she spends a lot of time teaching people how to develop their gifts and listen to the voice they hear.
  • [37:13]How our body is a vessel that we can expand to be more of a light for others and be a better version of ourselves.
  • [42:20]Stephan and Corin talk about how kids are programmed to conform as they grow up and how they are not allowed to honor their spirituality because it’s weird.
  • [48:10]How you should just call on angels you feel a resonance with but don’t treat it as necessary to create miracles.
  • [53:27]Why having love in your heart allows you to judge less and get rid of the negative programming that cultivates hatred in you.
  • [59:07]Humans have the unique capacity to make meaning out of devastating experiences.
  • [60:27]Visit Corin Grillo’s website and join the 7-day Miracle Challenge to learn how to connect to your angels and receive their messages.

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Corin, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you so much. It’s great to be here. Thanks for inviting me.

I don’t believe in random chance and I believe I was led to you. I’m really excited for us to have this conversation. 

Oh my goodness. Were the angels at work in your life?

They’re at work all of the time. Every single day. I just thought they sat back in their hypothetical lawn chairs, so the moment where I’m about to step in front of a truck and then woosh. That’s about it. They’re very busy in my life every single day. I just got this visibility. The veil has been lifted this year for me.

This year?

Yeah, on January 22nd.

You have the date. Can you share with me what happened? How did that veil lift? I’m a huge fan of veils lifting. 

I prayed for God to give me a job. I was inspired by another podcast guest that I had had on, Sheila Gillette, and her story of how she prayed for God to give her a job when she was on her deathbed. She was miraculously cured and she then was given the gift of psychic abilities. She’s been channeling 12 archangels by the name of THEO for 40 something years I think—a long time—since the ’70s. She’s such an inspiration. She’s really amazing. 

The Angel Experiment by Corin Grillo

What happened is I decided to pray for God to give me a job and I didn’t want to have a near-death experience to go get it. The next morning, I had this new sight, this clairvoyance that has been developing and expanding as times gone on. I’m becoming much more into this spiritual side of things. My listeners are hopefully not getting sick of it that many of my episodes are very spiritual-oriented and fewer of the biohacking ones. It’s because I am so excited.

I totally get it. Wow, that is so awesome, Stephan.

What’s your origin story? How did you start getting messages, communications, and all that?

It was just a really random weird story, random events. For most of my life, I really struggled a lot with depression which is mostly just wanting to be here, just wanting to be on the planet. I was going through another rough patch, which was really indicative of the first 35 years of my life. 

At this stage, I was working full-time for County Mental Health. I had a three-year-old at home, I had just started working full-time for a few months, and it was torture because I was a stay-at-home mom before that. I was trying to help kids, gang bangers, and at-risk youth get stabilized, which is a really hard job to do. I was really burning the candles at both ends. 

I was a psychotherapist doing my thing, but what people didn’t know was that how I was surviving was by drinking about a fifth of tequila every couple of days. I was on antidepressants. I was on Adderall. It was just like this treacherous roller coaster ride. 

For most of my adult life, I think it’s really indicative of really faking it until you make it. On the outside, I really present as a normal functional adult—married, have a house, have a kid, have a career—but on the inside, it was pure torture and it always had been torture probably since my teenage years just to be in this skin. I was just having a rough patch. 

A friend of mine, it was my birthday, she bought me an angel healing. I didn’t really know what that was but in my mind, I converted it into, oh, yeah, a psychic reading. That sounds fun. When I showed up, she was just nailing it. I was like, oh, maybe angels are real. That’s really how it started. 

At the end of that session, I felt a lot better but she said, “Your angels, you have a lot of them. You should talk to them as if they’re real. They want to help.” I said, “All right, I’ll give it a shot.” That’s what I did. Then, huge synchronously started happening right away. 

It changed how I viewed everything.

I witnessed a huge miracle that when I saw it and when it happened, it was so game-changing and mind-blowing. At that moment, it was during the day, I was driving through one of the ghettos of Los Angeles going to a client’s house. It was so out of the blue, but this miracle really changed how I viewed everything including what was possible not just for me but for all of us. 

That led me on a journey to listening to a different voice that was inside of me, that was really guiding me to do life differently, and to maybe take more risks but to start saying more yes instead of so much no. Within a few years, I was led to start including healing and angel work in my psychotherapy practice, which is a very awkward transition. Eventually led me to start teaching around the world and reaching out to more of a global audience. It’s a weird process. 

That’s so cool though. What courage it took to pivot in that way and be willing to take on the ridicule, the disbelief, and the ostracization. That’s courage. 

It took a while. I didn’t really talk about the miracle to people. When something like that happens, you just want to scream it from the rooftop like, we’re all saved, people. All of a sudden, I felt like a Born Again Christian, which is the antithesis of who I am and what I lived by back then and still now. It’s not who I am. But all of a sudden, it was a new upswell of positivity and hope. It’s very awkward, so I did not talk about it. Because I knew as a psychotherapist when you talk about, hey, I watched the bird be healed, divide into three, and fly away, clinically, that’s called magical thinking. It is an indication of psychosis. 

I knew not to say that out loud. It really did take me a while to step out of the “angel closet” (is what I call it). The process of confronting your identity and the roles that you play. For me, it was the role of a psychotherapist. I took a lot of training. I invested a lot of cash. I worked hard for that license and here I am wanting to go, “Hey, there are angels here. Can I just share a message with you?“

But when I decided to really start taking that risk and at least saying it out loud to the people who were in my office who are struggling through depression for years or whatever, there’s an angel here, I’m trying to hold back, and then finally just go, “Hey, do you want to hear something weird?” They always go, “Yeah, of course, I want to hear something weird. What else am I doing?” 

Spirit has always shown me that there are people who need your work, you have to reach your hand out because they already have their hand reached out. Click To Tweet

It was really fascinating how quickly people started getting more light, just feeling lighter, brighter. A lot of people started saying, “Wow, I just stopped crying. I’ve been able to sleep for the first time in months.” I just felt like at a certain point, I had an ethical obligation to name what was actually happening, to share that with more people, face the ridicule, and face my peers essentially that had some pretty interesting things to say in the beginning. I didn’t become a therapist for them. I became a therapist to help.

Amazing. What I’m thinking about while you’re talking is the book, Many Lives, Many Masters. Have you read that book?

No. I’ve heard of it.

It’s by Brian Weiss. I even have it right here. I’m actually reading through it right now. There is a story in here. He was a psychotherapist. He was working with a particular patient or client who had all this anxiety. It wouldn’t get healed from regressing back to earlier times in her life. Then, when he asked, go back to where this particular issue started, she started talking about a past life. 

He was very skeptical and very pragmatic but was open-minded too so he was willing to hear her out. The hypnosis was not just fanciful, imaginative thinking. She would recall different lifetimes and they’ve worked through different issues. Then, a different voice came through that was in between lifetimes. There is this one moment—I’m going to find it here in the book—where she, in this husky voice, shares some things with Brian that she couldn’t have possibly known, stuff that shook him.  

Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss

There’s a part where she knew or whoever was speaking through her knew the Hebrew name—not the name that he went by—of his father. That was the name they used to name their daughter. How would she have known this and then some other personal information? It was spooky. 

That was a big turning point for him. That’s undeniable proof. It’s not something that could’ve been manufactured or made up. Some people who are very skeptical need that in order to be shaken awake. I was very skeptical up until the point where I had my first spiritual awakening in 2012. I would’ve been that guy. I would’ve been a very skeptical, close-minded person in a way. 

I think that it is the skeptics that make the best spiritualists because, in a way, you’re not just buying everything hook, line, and sinker. So many people need a healthy level of not just skepticism. In a higher octave, it would be discernment.

I like that term, “discernment.” Skepticism I see is very close to cynicism. It’s a dangerous line between those two, so I try not to even be a skeptic. The willing suspension of disbelief, that’s what I try to practice throughout my day.

Yes, exactly. For me, I am not a sucker either. I’ve always been open-minded, but I’m not someone who just buys into everything. I really did need my personal experience. I needed that. I needed a big something, a big cosmic smack upside of the head. That’s really what it took for me to be like, okay, I’m listening. What’s going on again? Tell me what’s happening. 

Not everybody needs that and some people are already just opened and dialed in. They just need maybe a little refinement, a little focus, a little more devotion, a little more commitment, or whatever it is that they need to get there, but I needed a serious 180. 

It seems like a lot of the children that are coming into this world now are very spiritually evolved. They don’t need the smack upside of the head figuratively. They’re already masters. I’m feeling like a student in comparison to my little 1 ½-year-old.

That is so great. I just got chills for that. I agree. I think the schooling system is a little reversed and I think it should be the opposite, the children should be teaching us right now. They are teaching us. My daughter is really special too. She just says and I’m just like, “What came out of your mouth?” She doesn’t need some work. She just needs protection. She just needs an open space to just be who she is. I’m like, okay, tell me what else should I do? The kids, man, are so special. Humans, adults like yourself, we’re waking up at really alarming and awesome rates. 

I feel like our work is integrating who we are—the good, the bad, the ugly. Just pursue your happiness, and that happiness then radiates to others. It lights that flame. That’s what we’re designed for.

It does seem to be happening. A lot of people that I talk to and I never think of as very spiritual or as woo-woo, were like, oh, yeah, last year I saw an angel. I’m like, what?

I know. When you start inching out of the closet, so does everyone else. Everybody has a story. That’s one of the things for me because when I started coming out of the closet maybe about seven years ago, some people did have intense reactions, but more people than not are really open to it. I’ve been tracking this awakening for a while now. It does seem to be happening at more intensive rates.

I went through a period last year where I was getting contacted randomly by different male CEOs. It was a referral from someone. I’m like, where are you guys coming from? It was the same profile of males coming in running companies who have no one to talk to about the spiritual awakening because they were skeptics doing the men power thing, and then all of a sudden, their heart opens and they don’t know what to do with it. 

It was really fascinating. It was this stream of four different CEOs running companies. They were like brothers. They didn’t know each other, but they woke up around the same time and the spirit was like, well, Corin’s open for now. Just go to her. She’ll calm the waters for you, get you oriented. It’s so inspiring in one way what’s happening if you’re dialed in.

This year, in particular, is a real opportunity for a rebirth for all of us, a reinvention. I feel like for you, since you went, “Oh, okay, I got my clairvoyance going in January,” it’s just the beginning of a big transition for you. That’s what I’ve seen over the years in helping people move through that transition. You got to throw everything out the window that you used to think or know about who you are and why you’re here and really start listening deeply. 

You got to throw everything out the window that you used to think or know about who you are and why you’re here, and really start listening deeply. Click To Tweet

What process of that are you in? Do you have a sense that there are going to be bigger transitions for you and things like that?

Yeah, very big.

Is it scary? Are you scared?


Oh, good for you. 

It feels like I’m becoming more of who I am.

Who you’ve always been.

Who I’ve always been, yeah. It feels like I’m coming home. 

It’s wonderful. Again, that is the opportunity. For many of us who have never quite felt at home, who have maybe had the struggles of having to belong in a place that was irrational to belong in. When we find other people or when our heart starts getting activated, there are a couple of things that can happen. One is that you can become terrorized and feel like you’re going crazy, which in fact you are, but you want to be crazy in an already insane world. You want to be on the other spectrum on some level. 

You want to be on the other spectrum on some level.

But usually, what they’ll do is give you just enough that is palatable for you to make those changes. You might not see the full picture because if I see the full picture of my life 10 years ago, where are you today? I’m reaching thousands of people all over the world and I’m doing interviews. I used to consider myself an introvert, very private person. They will give you just enough so that you don’t freak out and run for the hills. I love how you are saying it’s like coming home.

I remember when I was younger. I always have this vision for when I was finally in my 40s—not that I ever thought I would last that long—I was going to start doing good work. Even though I had no sense of purpose, no sense of even wanting to be here, there was something in me that knew that something would happen to me. Then, it did. 

We have it in here. We’re all here. The whole “life purpose thing,” there are a lot of rumors going around about it, but those of us who are listening to shows like yours do have a sense that we’re here for something. Even if we don’t know what it is. How long have you known that for yourself?

I’ve always known that there’s more for me. I just didn’t know what. I had this—I don’t know what to call it. It was not a midlife crisis because I was young, but it felt like it. It happened when I dropped out of my Ph.D. in biochemistry. I thought I’m going to cure cancer or something really important like that. Then I dropped out to start an internet company. That was in 1995. 

I had this imposter syndrome for many years. I did have some imposter syndrome, but I also had something similar, a kind of related disorder called comparative success syndrome because I would compare myself who I was now versus the version I would have been if I had stayed that path. Maybe I could have cured cancer, maybe I could have made some big impact on disease or whatever and saved a lot of people. Now, in retrospect, I see I did exactly what I was supposed to do. 

The path was perfect and it made me who I am. I’m supposed to keep on this path, not regret not taking a different path. When you were talking about the crazy ones or thinking of yourself as crazy but in a more healthy way or more evolved way versus the rest of the insanity, it reminded me of the Steve Jobs quote. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this one. 

There’s a lot of work to be done, and what I learned from the angels is that the key is just to be happy.

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things. They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Wow, that is solid. That’s it. My quote is, “Weird is the new black.” 

I like that one too. It’s easier to remember. 

Exactly. There is a way, it’s interesting. There is a way that if you are a grounded human that you will be received. You’ll be received with the wildest. For me, in my wildest imagination, I never thought that people would ever take it seriously, the stuff that I talked about—angels, miracles, activations, or life purposes. I just never thought that people would take it as seriously as they do. When you’re speaking the truth, people can really receive it. 

If in fact, you’re not officially diagnostically crazy, the likelihood is that you’ll find people that really need your work. They really need the message.

And they just show up.

They show up. 

You don’t even have to do marketing. Suddenly, after this awakening in January, all the leads that came through—my company is an internet consultancy and agency, we do search engine optimization—from that point forward were a vibrational match. It was amazing. The rate of these folks coming in more than doubled. I didn’t do anything differently. The spigot just got turned on for me. It was beautiful.

I love that. It’s like what I was talking about with the CEOs all of a sudden coming in. I didn’t even promote that I do one-on-one because I don’t really do a lot of one-on-one anymore. I’m mostly teaching, training, and things like that. It’s just like, okay, when you get the job, you get the job, you can do your job, work with these people, we’re doing cool stuff in the world, and move on. 

I love the balance.

I love the balance. I love receiving whatever spirit has to give me and then also marketing. To me, marketing is just an invitation. Spirit had to really walk me through breaking down my previous resistance to marketing and sales. What I know about gifted people is that a lot of them want to hide out and just stay hidden and that’s it. 

That was my path for a while and then they’re like, “No, time to step it up a notch, be more visible,” and things like that. They had to really walk me through how to be more courageous and more—what felt like at that time—pushy. What they showed me was, it’s really about putting up the signal so that your people can find you. If you’re on an international scale, you have to somehow put yourself out there. 

They gave me this really sweet way to work with marketing in a way that feels super loving and aligned. Then I’m essentially just writing invitations to people, to the best parties I can dream up for people. My classes or any environment that I create or retreat to, to me is like, this is the next party we’re having. Here’s my invitation. Spirit has always shown me there are specific people, and shown me for all of us, for the people that I coach, business, and stuff like that that there are specific people that need your work, and they surely can’t find you when you’re hiding. 

You have to reach your hand out because they already have their hand reached out. It’s like this empty hand waiting for the right person. If you don’t read your handout, then you’re really not doing your work. You’re not doing it.

Immediate Happiness by Anil Gupta

A way that my friend, Anil Gupta, who was a guest on this podcast a while back. He’s the author of Immediate Happiness. He told my wife Orion one time that people, because you’re not stepping up, showing up with your marketing, and you’re being on a video and all that, because you’re not doing this, because you’re not out there coaching—it’s a while ago, she is doing this now—people are dying. That really shook her. She took that to heart.

Oh my gosh. That’s so brilliant. I’ll tell you the actual vision, the first vision they gave me that made me go, okay, I’ll do it. It was this whole vision of me walking through this village. The village was composed of children and they were very emaciated. They had their hands outreached. Literally, they’re reaching out. 

As I would touch them, they would become ultra-healthy and radiant. They said that those children are yours. Your job is to put your hand out. Then the implication is if I don’t, they’re going to starve and die, almost like what your friend said. Some people think thatespecially heart-centered people—by hanging back, they’re being humble, they’re doing God’s work, and they’re waiting to receive from God. They’re not going to be too forceful. 

What spirit actually showed me is that that is the most selfish stance that you could take. That’s the most self-involved and egotistical stance you could take because you’re not willing to sacrifice your identity as a shy person, humble person, or introvert. All of those identities, there are roles that you arm up yourself. That’s really all it is. It’s just armor. 

Your trust has to come from a deeper place. I found myself in the beginning, starting to take very awkward steps that I would never have taken before, whether it’s investing in different training, investing in my own business, my website, or business coaching. All of that stuff was so like nothing I would have ever done before. That new voice inside of me was like, well, why don’t you just give it a shot? Okay, let’s give it a shot then. That’s just some little pep talk for some people listening that are still hanging out, waiting for that magic moment. Now’s the time.

Yes, this is the wake-up call. 

Quit being selfish. 

Your trust has to come from a deeper place.

Awesome. There are so many people that we can help that are important to us. If all we did is just show a little bit of courage and share something a little bit out there, a little bit woo woo. We’re given all these intuitive hits that we might not speak out or speak up on. Let’s say it’s an old friend, you haven’t launched and you get this intuitive hit. You don’t recognize it as an intuitive hit, but you get this little idea that pops into your head that you should tell them to read the book, Many Lives, Many Masters or whatever. 

That they don’t seem that woo woo, and that would really make things uncomfortable for the rest of the lunch, potentially. You shy away from it and that person misses out and goes a completely different path, maybe completely off the rails because you didn’t have the courage for 30 seconds to just blurt out something that came to your head that clearly wasn’t from you. In retrospect, it will be clear that it wasn’t from you, and it was meant for you to share.

Oh my God. It’s such a good point. I like how you say in retrospect because a lot of times, when you’re getting guidance, you don’t know it’s guidance. You just feel like it’s an urge, a thought, or a passing, fleeting moment. Over time, by taking that risk over and over, you realize, okay, I have to say something. There have been so many moments along my life, not just as my career, where I’ve done that. 

“Here, read this book or check out this kind of meditation or that.” Over the last 20 years, I still get people emailing me, old friends, or whatever, and they say, “Do you remember when you said X, Y, Z?” I never remember it ever but like, “Oh, I did? Awesome.” They’re so grateful that they learned about Vipassana meditation, Ayahuasca, or whatever. It starts their life path and you never know. Just by sharing the weird stuff, look who it’s going to save, whose lives it’s going to save. Thank you for saying that.

She Talks with Angels by Michelle Whitedove

Sometimes, it might be your life that it saves. I was reading the book, She Talks with Angels by Michelle Whitedove. She was describing this scenario in her earlier years when she was essentially warned to not go on this outing with friends. She was in the passenger seat, the car was full of teenagers, or young people. I forgot her age and everybody’s ages. 

Halfway down on the trip, she gets a strong urge to get out of the passenger seat. She asked if anybody wants to trade seats with her. Somebody did, she’s in the backseat. She was the only one who lived. It was touch and go. She would have certainly died if she stayed in that passenger seat. 

When the crash happened and everybody died, she was bleeding out on the road. She was told, no, your work’s not done here. She really wanted to go to the light. It looked so good. That was so good, but she had work to do. She was sent back and her life was saved. She’s been doing a lot of good work.

That’s amazing. It’s just so mysterious. Learning to develop that voice and learning to listen to it is so key, which is why I spend so much time trying to help people, teach them how to open up their gifts. You can do that. I love how you did it. You’re just like, “Hey, God give me a job,” and it’s like shazam, you’re a miracle, yay. Sometimes it works like that, sometimes it doesn’t. 

I have all the people I’ve trained over the years and I’ve trained people all over the world. A lot of them don’t have officially in their mind any spiritual gifts whatsoever. They don’t have clairvoyance, clairsentience, and it takes our first class for essentially everyone to be like, whoa, because they can either feel something or see something. We are hardwired for this kind of experience. We are (in a sense) hardwired for a mystical experience. 

Once we started putting everything under a microscope and got a little too far off track into just materialismnow I’m a huge fan of microscopes, molecules, and science. Once we started divorcing the mystical experience from the material world is where we got let off a little track. I think we’re in the process of bridging those things together, which is why highly rational humans are getting activated and going, whoa, okay. Maybe there’s something a little bit more to just what’s under the microscope or the telescope. You don’t have to be a religious zealot in order to have that experience.

So true. I remember recently reading about a secret message, not so secret, but “It’s encoded in our DNA.” It’s a beautiful quote.

I’ve heard of this one, yes.

By Gregg Braden

A lot of times, when you're getting guidance, you don't know it's guidance. You feel like it's an urge, a thought, or a passing, fleeting moment. Over time, you realize you have to share the messages being sent. Click To Tweet

Oh my gosh. Give me a break with that guy. He’s so good. What’s that show on Gaia that he does? I haven’t seen all the seasons. Do you know what it is? 

I don’t know about that show. I don’t have much time to watch TV even if it’s on Gaia. 

I know. This one is particularly good. You would like it. 


Missing Links

Missing Links, yes. That’s the show. In fact, he wrote a whole book about this. It’s called The God Code

It is in our DNA, right?

The God Code by Gregg Braden

Yes, it is in our DNA. I forgot how you do the translation or whatever, but it becomes this beautiful sentence. Michelle Whitedove, she has a Patreon. I’m in it. She’ll include stuff in her Patreon for her Patreon community. That’s how I first learned about the DNA code. Of course, I googled it and looked up all the details around it.

It’s so cool. I’m surprised I forgot too. Is it “God eternal within the body”?

That’s it. God eternal in the body. That’s a pretty impressive and amazing message, and humbling too to have that in our DNA and not have it be like something recent that somebody inserted in like not Monsanto or something. 

Finally, Monsanto had nothing to do with this one. What’s so interesting too, Stephan, is that I’ve been getting a lot of messages. This year has been so next level for me as far as just the downloads and the consciousness that is happening. I hate to call it cosmic consciousness, but it’s been really cosmic-y, because cosmic consciousness has the whole new age thing. I’m just saying, it’s been very officially cosmic-y. There’s no other word for it. 

Anyway, the spirit has been showing me a lot about enlightenment (for a lack of a better word). There need to be new words for that because they all have this mental architecture around it that’s still a lie. Enlightenment or essentially all of it (from my perspective) is really not quite there yet. We have spent a lot of time in our spiritual practices in a way transcending form, transcending the body, transcending our passion, transcending emotion, transcending the ego. 

A lot of our meditative practices in the New Age movement, it’s not called enlightenment. It’s more like ascension. “I’m going to ascend to the fifth-dimensional plane. Have you heard all that stuff?” 

It is off-putting for people who are not plugged into that community yet.

It is off-putting. From my perspective, what spirit shows me is that it’s the opposite direction. It’s not about ascension, it’s about descension. It’s about going deeper into the body, going deeper into the DNA, and really inhabiting your body space. It is God eternal within the body. They’re pointing us to stay here, there’s nowhere to go. Stay here.

It’s not about ascension, it’s about descension.

To me, it is like a lotus unfolding. Be in the body, but so many of us are so profoundly traumatized. I think that a lot of times that’s at the core of a lot of our spiritual urges, is our trauma—trauma-informed to leave the planet, to escape this world because it is a little peculiar, this place. 

Again, the messages I’m getting are that it’s about bringing who you are on a cosmic, being cosmic consciousness level into the body, not you escaping to the fifth dimension. It’s bringing the fifth dimension into this physical fifth dimension or whatever. Bringing that beingness, whatever that is, bringing home into the body.

Another way to put it that I have heard quite a lot about in Kabbalah as I’m studying Kabbalah is a vessel. Your body is the vessel. If we expand that vessel and we can take in more light, the light is everywhere. We can be more of a light for others if we can just expand our vessels. Just be a better version of you. You don’t have to levitate or anything like that. 

You can just be more present, more grounded, more available, more loving, more unconditionally loving. Don’t neglect your exercise, your nutritious eating, or anything like that, because you are inhabiting a physical body and you need to take care of that. That’s your temple for this lifetime.

It’s the temple. Again, in order for a spirit or the light to inhabit more of this, it’s not just the physical toxins, it’s the emotional toxins. The trauma that we endure, not just this lifetime but for many lifetimes. I’m now getting to a point of it’s essentially also the trauma of the gods that get activated. The archetypal trauma that we’re repairing and reworking, and all the methos around our cultural stories, narratives, and all of this stuff. It’s pretty solid work. 

Be who you are unapologetically.

For me it’s summing it up, which is being who you are, first of all. Just allowing yourself to be who you are unapologetically, and trying to dismantle the patriarchal version of who we are and the patriarchal version of spirituality, which is very just disciplined, judgy, righteous, and puritanical. That has created more shadow than anything, more dark, just a bag of tricks that we don’t want to look at. 

I feel like our work right now is integrating who we are—the good, the bad, the ugly—allowing ourselves to be all of that, and allowing our hearts to pursue things like happiness as opposed to just things like being good. Just pursue our happiness and that happiness then radiates to others. It lights that flame. That’s what we’re designed for.

That happiness is our birthright.

From my perspective, I’m here to party, to invite people to parties. Like I said, I’m understanding who I am now. If it’s not a party, I’m not coming. My parties can look a lot of different ways. It doesn’t mean it’s just about fun, it’s got to be engaging. It’s got to be yummy on some level. For me, I’m a huge fan of the darkness as much as the light. 

It’s not just about, I’m a lightworker. It’s about, I’m all of this here and really embracing our humanity, all of it. I think that’s a trick, especially what we’re in the face of, which is these pretty intense patriarchal values. We’re right in the middle of dismantling and healing the masculine, healing the patriarchy, bringing it back to love, healing the dejected feminine, and bringing it back to love. Can we all just work together? 

Again, there’s a lot of work to be done. The key is just to be happy. That’s what I learned from the angels. They started guiding me on a path towards joy, not towards responsibility. It’s weird. It’s really hard when you think about it. It’s not how we grew up.

We are never alone. Our angels are there for all of us.

No, it’s not. The way we grew up was programmed. It’s a schooling system and a conformity system. When a little child sees and talks with angels, with Jesus, or with loved ones who have passed and then they get dismissed, ridiculed, or treated poorly by even their most trusted family members, their parents, what are you doing? Who are you talking to? You look like a freak, stop it. There’s nobody there. 

That stuff just shuts the door and their connection with source, with their angels, with their psychic abilities. They feel like a freak that they can’t let themselves be open to the unseen world. It’s really sad, but it’s very, very, very important that they be allowed to cultivate those gifts because our planet, our humanity needs it right now very badly.

Oh my gosh, so much so. Especially, as I started really digging into this energy work, energy healing, spiritual healing, and all of this stuff, it’s like, what on earth are we teaching our children? Why are we spending so much time just focused on materialism? Which is great, but we need the balance just to understand themselves as an energetic being and just boundaries in general. Because if you don’t understand how energy works then you are energy. That’s a big know-thyself situation that you don’t know.

I came into this work so much later. Just think about where our kids would be if they honor their heart and really feel in and dial in their spirituality in a non-oppressive way that’s not about control, not about power but about expansion like doing good authentically. There’s some work to do there. I often fantasize about developing some kids’ programs. Somewhere down the line that will happen.

Because if you don’t understand how energy works then you are energy.

I have a friend who is in a mastermind I’m in who told me that his daughter was talking to Jesus. I told him at one point a few weeks later, I just want you to know that that’s real. She actually is. Probably she is hearing Jesus speak back to her. Don’t disbelieve it. 

I know. Write it all down and listen up, live by it. 

I’m curious, how do you know who your angels are and how to best work with them? I got this (I don’t know if it’s a) message, this intuition, this feeling that one of the angels who is working with me is Archangel Zaphkiel. I had never even heard his name until this year. I didn’t know there was an archangel named Zaphkiel. I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it right. I’m curious to hear how this shows up for you.

The first Archangel that I was in touch with was Archangel Michael where I knew he was helping me. Because I had so much low end inside of my body, so much fear, trauma, worry—all those things that literally prevent us from stepping onto our path. He comes around to help ignite and help light up the path for you, but also lighten your load so that you can get to your gooey center, your essence a little bit more. He was very prominent in the beginning. He’s like a warrior. He’s going to help you cut through the crap. 

I’ve noticed in different phases that I’m in when I started officially stepping onto my path and teaching more, Raziel came around a lot more who’s the magician. Raziel definitely represents, I feel more who I am at a soul level. He helps solve esoteric mysteries. He’s a magician and can help you link to other archangels. For me, depending on the work that I’m producing, I bring in a different field of angels who specialize in that. I feel just like angels. 

There’s a different order as orders of angels. Humans are part of that team. If you feel like he’s your main homesliceI’ll give you an example. If you’re a cosmetologist, you do makeup, you do hair, often you can find your lineage or angelic lineage is like Archangel Jophiel who’s really digging you because you are in the pursuit of bringing beauty into the world. Raziel helps people who bring more consciousness, more mind into the world, that’s a part of what I do. 

Enlightenment, or essentially all of it, is not quite there yet. A lot of our meditative practices in the New Age movement are more like an ascension. The spirit shows me the opposite direction; it's about descension. Click To Tweet

I feel like we’re part of the live stream. We’re not separate from God or these angels, but we have a frequency that vibrates in alignment with some of these duties. Police officers might be under Archangel Michael’s charge because they’re law and order, and the military might also be. It’s a fun way to think about your role here. What are you? Tell me about what you do that you feel like Zaphkiel might be like, oh, okay, that’s why he’s like

I don’t really know. I asked the question, who are the angels? Can you tell yourselves, show yourselves to me so I know who you are? I got Zaphkiel, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, and Raphael.

I think it’s a safe bet that we all have equal access, but there are some that come around a lot. If it’s Zaphkiel, if you are constantly getting intuition that he’s with you, you just keepare you already channel writing? 

Automatic writing? I’ve done it once. 

I would do that more and just ask a little bit more. First of all, it’s fun, but it’s also very mind-blowing the more that you do it and understand that role. A lot of people say, okay, what angel does this and what angel does that? Who am I going to call on for this? Sometimes there are no clear rules about that. I just say, “Just call on the angels that you have a resonance with, that you feel are with you because for one reason or another, that’s your team. If you don’t know who’s with you, it’s not required to create miracles. You don’t need to feel a dang thing. You don’t need to see a dang thing.” 

If you don’t know who’s with you, it’s not required to create miracles.

You can just, “Hey, spirit, hey, archangels.” Call them in a powerful way and see what happens. That’s why I love working with angels because it’s likeagain, I’m not a sucker. I like proof. The more that you work systematically with angels, even if you don’t experience a thing or do anything, the more that it will open you up to the field of miracles and just awesomeness and support. 

I remember when I took this work online and I started really trying to do work that would reach more people, it was always like a crapshoot, I’m crossing my fingers hoping it works. “Hey, guys, hey, angels, you better deliver some goods.” My mind was blown that even with the very first offering, which is called the 7 Day Miracle Challenge, even with that first offering, 1000 people took it quickly within the first month. We were getting so much response from the incredible healing that happened.

I was so mind-blowing because prior to that point, every angel experience that I witnessed for someone else was in my office, or I knew them one on one privately. I wasn’t sure that the angels would translate over oceans, or through a seven day series. I wasn’t sure. We co-produced it, we co-created it. That’s so much what I love about angels is that they work for anyone who puts the effort into it. You don’t have to even fully believe in anything. If you have a slightly open mind, just slightly open, then it’s there for you.

Just ask.

Just ask. There’s no harm. 

I remember asking for a dream to be sent to me and to be woken up from it. This was after attending a webinar from Karen Noe, an amazing medium who teaches how to receive messages from loved ones who have passed and from angels. I had the most incredible, beautiful, comforting, and awe-inspiring dream I’d ever had. I’ll never forget it. I just asked for it, all I did was ask for it. 

Just ask. There’s no harm.

I never had a dream like that. I haven’t had one since. That was a few months ago. I haven’t had a dream like that. Wow, amazing. Just ask. Ask for a without a doubt sign, something that will help bolster your beliefs if you’re unsure, if you need some confirmation or some reassurance and it’ll show up for you.

I think we’re just so used to feeling like we have to do everything the hard way and have to work hard and are alone. I think that was the mind-blowing thing for me is that I realized how not alone I was when that miracle happened and how not alone any of us are. Because if the angels really came through for me at that moment, again, my life was so dark at the time. If they were there for me, they’re literally there for anybody. 

They’re there for all of us.

All of us. You don’t have to be a pious person, you don’t have to go to church, you can do those things. I think so many humans, we X ourselves out of the game of spirituality because we think what we’re doing doesn’t match up to what’s been required to have that spiritual love in our life. We see so many rules and grow up with so many rules around them. It’s really eye-opening for me that spirituality was not as judgy, authentic spirituality. What I consider authentic spirituality is not as judgy as how many of us were raised.

I resonate with that.

Do you? That’s pretty mind-blowing. I remember doing sessions for people who were overtly not doing great things in their life like prostituting and doing all kinds of stuff. Gosh, when I connected with angels and with God, it was never ever mean. It wasn’t repent. You’re dancing with the devil, girl. It was never like that. I was like, wow, I am digging this. 

I’ve seen a lot, Stephan, over the last few years of doing this. I get a lot of hate mail from the Born Again Christians, from the extreme fundamentalists and I always feel so sad for them. It’s like they’re just reading the book and they’re reading a really tiny part of the book, but they’re not having the experience of love. They’re not connecting. It’s so sad to me that people who consider themselves so connected to Jesus or God don’t actually have the love in their heart, they don’t have the thing. That thing is hard to describe.

In order for the light to inhabit more of this, it's not just the physical toxins, it's the emotional toxins. The trauma that we endure, not just this lifetime but for many lifetimes. Click To Tweet

When you get that thing, you have a hard time judging. I know some really amazing Christians who are mystics as well and who have had that love experience that really dissolves so much of the programming. It was the best way I can explain it. I pray for those people. When I get hate mail, the best I could do is pray for them, ask angels to help them just have love in your heart.

Send them light. 

There are so many traumatized people out there, we just need help.

It’s good practice for us too to practice unconditional love.

It really is. I’m not saying I’m a master at it because I find them annoying. I roll my eyes like, okay, here’s another one. There’s a paradox inside of all of us. I have the sassy part of me. I was in the hood for many years. I still got that part of me that seems like I might slash your tires. I might, you never know. On a good day, I’m just going to pray for you instead.

On the one hand, I got the paradox, but I understand why they’re like this. They’ve been traumatized, gaslighted their whole life with some narcissistic abuse that they call their religion.

Even if they hadn’t been, even if there’s no excuse for that behavior, a recent epiphany I had was to see the hand of God and all of it, everything that happens. Even the tragedies, even the atrocities, even the hatred for no reason, to see the hand of God in all of it so that we can look past the surface level of it. What’s the message here? What’s the lesson? What’s the gift that’s been given to me by this person who’s just trolling me out of the blue? 

Why is this happening is a question you could ask. A better question might be, why is God sending this to me through this person? Why is this person being a messenger for something that I don’t really want right now? 

When I get hate mail, the best I could do is pray for them and ask angels to help them have love in their hearts.

That’s interesting and that’s one way to look at it. Sometimes that’s appropriate, sometimes it’s not appropriate. If someone’s raped, I think it’s okay to just be raped and you are victimized by that. You don’t have to see the hand of God in that. You can just go, “That was eff’d up and I need to heal from this.” Sometimes that mindset can be counterproductive. 

When it comes to certain things like trolling or whatever, it always helps us to know our potential to move past things. When you get trolled, where are God’s hands? What have you discovered through that process? 

The way that I’m receiving this is actually let’s say my wife gets mad at me out of the blue or I interpreted as being out of the blue, it’s somebody who’s close to me. I’m not getting people trolling me yet. Not often, very rarely. I know it’s common. The stuff that comes from your close family, from your intimate partner, those seeming injustices, and so forth are actually to build you up and to prepare you. 

It’s so much safer to receive that from your intimate partner, your soulmate than to receive it from some person randomly from a crowd. You can cope with that better, get more acclimated to receiving criticism, judgment, or whatever it is. Of course, we’re always trying to be our best selves in a relationship with the other person.

The Garden of Emuna by Rabbi Shalom Arush

I was reading a book by Rabbi Arush. It’s not The Garden of Emuna, it’s this other book, specifically for men. I forgot the name of it. There’s stuff in that book that was meant for me to read. I knew it was meant for me to read. I would randomly open it up to a certain page because I didn’t want to read the whole book. I rarely read the entire book, I still have problems with that.

I’ll open it up to some random spot and it’s not random, it is exactly the thing I need to get at that moment. I love that. That just seems to happen all the time now for me. There’s this one section talking about this is the stuff that you’re going to receive from your wife. She’s never at fault. This is for you from the Creator. You’re blessed to receive it from her rather than from your client, your customer, your boss. That’s a lot harder to heal from or cope with or whatever. That’s been helpful for me.

Interesting. We can choose to have some level of agency to make meaning. Humans have that unique capacity to make meaning out of just really devastating experiences. If you can get really good at it, it helps build resilience, which is one of the goals while we’re here. I have official trolls. It all started with the family. Those are my first trolls.

Then you learn really quickly who to talk to and who not to talk to. Not everybody has to know your business. You just have to share with safe people what you’re up to, and then they can figure it out once you’ve made the international acclaim for what you’re up to, which is what happened for half of my family? Then they’re like, what are you doing?

That might have been awkward.

That was so funny. “What, you have a book?” They all thought I was just a therapist. Dealing with the family is really a rite of passage. It does prepare you on some level with discernment, boundaries, and those kinds of things, which you really need.

And calibration. 

Exactly. You know all those things if you’re going to make a little splash on your side of the pond. 

Not everybody has to know your business.

All right. I know we’re out of time here. If our listener wants to learn more from you, learn how to connect further with their angels, receive messages, and to become more of who they were meant to be, how do they work with you? How do they follow you? How do they join your Inner Sanctum community and all that? Corin, I think you also have that 7 day challenge as well that they can participate in.

Yeah, I think I mentioned it even. The 7 Day Miracle Challenge is the first co-creation for me and the angels. It’s really sweet, daily practice of opening up your lives and healing, detoxing so that you can come in closer contact with angels or at least have a fuller experience of coming into contact with angels. That’s a free gift. You can find that at

You can go to my website, There are other things hanging out there. The Inner Sanctum, which is our year-round membership community where every Sunday, we have a new activation, a new angel healing, and meditation. There are also some intuitive healing courses that I have produced along the way that people can now do and download anywhere from a three-hour channeling class to seven-week class. Depending on what people are interested in, but I definitely recommend the 7 Day Miracle Challenge to get everyone started.

That’s awesome. Thank you, Corin. I am very excited for our listener who’s gone through the whole episode to this part. They’re ready for a breakthrough. Something miraculous is going to happen to this person who’s listening right now. Yes, that’s you, listeners. 

Take some profound and powerful action. Say a prayer asking for your angels to speak to you, give you a message, somehow communicate with you, and I think you’re going to be surprised with what you get. 

It’s really, really fun. Don’t stop, ask all day every day. 

That’s great. Well, thank you, Corin. Thank you, listeners. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Communicate with my angels. I have a lot of them on my side and they will help change how I view everything.

?Have the courage to put myself out there and be visible. I should not be afraid of sending signals so people can find me and I can help them.

?Share my blessings to empower others. I can help people and I should not hold back, even when I think I’m not being humble.

?Embrace the gift that was given and trust the process. I might find myself out of my comfort zone but I should not waver. This is how I can grow and gain faith from a deeper place.

?Be more present and loving. Sometimes, being a better version of myself only means that I am more available and more grounded for others.

?Have a healthy diet and take care of my body. I keep in mind why exercise is important and take care of my living body because it’s my temple for this lifetime.

?Call and ask my angels to work miracles with me. The more I operate with my angels, the more I open myself up to support and signs.

?Practice unconditional love and avoid judging others. It’s also good for me to pray for people instead. There are already too many hurt souls out there.

?Keep away from trolls and people who say bad things about me. Instead, I should spend more time building resilience and making meaning out of life.

?Visit Corin Grillo’s website and join Corin in The 7-day Miracle Challenge. Practice opening up my life and healing daily so that I can come closer in contact with angels and have a fuller experience.

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