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By: Stephan Spencer


Laura Stinchfield
“Pet psychics talk to animals using telepathy. First, the animals send messages through their thoughts, images in their minds, and feelings in their bodies, and then pet psychics transfer it into words.”
Laura Stinchfield

Your pets are always communicating with you, whether you’re aware of it or not. What are you communicating back to them? Our guest today provides insight into how to maintain clear and honest communication with your pets and so much more.

Laura Stinchfield is an internationally renowned pet psychic and people medium. For decades she has studied animal behavior and training, animal communication, telepathy, mediumship, death and dying, the afterlife, reincarnation, personal growth, meditation, and consciousness. She’s the author of two books, Voices of the Animals and Stormy’s Words of Wisdom.

In today’s episode, Laura gives practical tips for calming your pet’s fears and making them more comfortable by listening to their needs. We talk about the importance of intuition and how to receive confirmation in this area. Laura also offers advice for disciplining a difficult pet and setting proper boundaries. My favorite part is when Laura leads us in a remote viewing of Curious, a stray cat I rescued in Tel Aviv. This episode will touch your heart and give you more appreciation for the animals in your life and for those waiting for you on the other side.

In this Episode

  • [00:09]Stephan introduces his next guest Laura Stinchfield, an internationally renowned pet psychic and people medium.
  • [01:37]Stephan is interested to know about the difference between animal communication and animal psychic connection.
  • [04:22]Laura shares how to give clear and honest communication while talking to animals and gives examples on how to send calming signals to a pet when going to a vet.
  • [09:29]Laura explains her way of giving medication to the pets and the responses of her pets in sending signals back to her.
  • [13:11]Stephan asks Laura about her opinion of animal trainers with an iron fist and displaying dominance towards the animals.
  • [16:02]Laura shares her experience of a dog trained to bite and the work she did to help that dog get out of that behavior.
  • [18:02]Stephan shares about his experience of opening his Akashic records and asks for guidance leading him in saving the life of a stray cat and knowing the cat’s name, which was Curious.
  • [24:20]Stephan and Laura discuss the power of prayers and purity of thoughts.
  • [27:56]Stephan shares about the concept of remote viewing and his experience in receiving validation and guidance.
  • [33:43]Laura asks about Curious, the cat, and Stephan shows her pictures.
  • [39:17]Stephan and Laura discuss divine timings and communication methods by going internally and deeply into the heart.
  • [44:11]Visit Laura Stinchfield’s website to know more about her and work with her to connect with my pet and check out Laura’s meditation CDs to help learn to communicate with animals.

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Laura, it’s so great to have you on the show. 

It’s so great to be here. Thanks for having me. Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to this. 

I would love for our listeners to understand the difference in regards to animal communication and animal psychic connection. What is the difference if there is one? Because I know there are great animal communicators that just have this way of reading an animal’s body language and so forth, but you actually kind of get inside of there. You connect with their souls, and I think that’s different. I’d love to hear the distinction. 

There are a few different things. Animal communication and pet psychics can be one and the same. Pretty much what we do is we talk to animals using telepathy. What happens is the animals send us messages through their thoughts, their feelings, images in their minds, and feelings in their bodies, and then what happens with me is that my mind then transfers it into words. 

Every animal communicator or pet psychic is different.

Every animal communicator or pet psychic is different. Some people might just see flashes of pictures, some might just have a sense of knowing, some might have just a feeling in their body. It doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. What my mind does is transfer it really quickly into words.

So you’re receiving essentially like vibrations and then you’re able to convert that into words, maybe images as well so that you can get a sense of what’s going on. 

Yeah, images, too. I’ll sometimes have to trust the words more than the images. Because what happens with my mind is if I’ll get a word, sometimes my mind will create an image to my association of it. For instance, if an animal says to me—this is an example that happened long ago— “I want my favorite blanket by the window and I want my favorite blanket back in the window.” I had put blue on it, like a blue blanket, and the woman said to me, “Oh, she doesn’t really have a blue blanket.” Then I went back to the animal and I said, “Well, what blanket is it? What does it look like?” She’s like a red plaid and so I said to her red plaid. 

Then I had to think to myself, “Okay, where did I get blue from?” Then I realized that my cat at the time had a blue blanket that was by the window, and so then I placed blue to it and that was just my association. 

Okay, got it. 

Does that make sense? But some animal communicators, the animal will be sending them that red plaid blanket and that’s what they’ll see right away is the red plaid blanket.

Got it. I’ve been reading your book and I love it, Voices of the Animals. This book has been so profound and beautiful for me. It just brought me to tears in multiple places. 

The vet wants to help the animal, and that’s important for the animal to understand.

One thing that was profound for me that I did not realize, and I’d love for you to talk more about this, Laura, is how you can project through imagery to your pet what you’re trying to explain to them. “We are going to go to the vet and it’s only a normal checkup. There’s nothing to be worried about. I know you don’t like the vet or the smells and so forth. I know it freaks you out, and it’s going to be okay because this is just a checkup.” 

Just saying those words is better than nothing, definitely better than nothing. But to project through visuals like imagine the dog or cat that you’re taking to the vet, arriving at the vet calm, opening the carrier out, and carefully placing the pet on the cold steel, but it’s okay. You’re petting it and then the doctor, the vet, comes and it’s all okay. Then back into the carrier, back into the car, home, treats, and all that sort of stuff. 

You just have these visual pictures that you’re broadcasting to your pet while you’re narrating and explaining what’s happening is a whole other level and they pick that up. I did not know that until I read your book. 

I try and think about whenever I’m talking to animals or people, how can you have the clearest communication. Then that does entail those pictures and also embodying those feelings in your body. Like you said, when you’re saying, okay, we’re going to open up the carrier, and everything’s going to be fine, you’re picturing and feeling your body feeling fine as well and that animal’s body feeling fine. It’s very, very important to do.

If you can think when you’re talking to your animal, that knowledge is power. If you can explain as much as you can to your animal, it’s extremely helpful for them, especially when going to the vet. I tell them this thing that goes up your butt tells the temperature in your body, that cold thing that goes up against your chest is listening to your heart rate and your lungs. They’re palpating your abdomen because they’re seeing if you have a tumor. You just go through the whole thing that a vet can do, and that helps them to sort of know what’s happening.

Some people will try and hide what they’re doing with their animal, like don’t tell them we’re going to the vet, but I don’t think that’s helpful because the animal then knows, wait, something’s up. This is not supposed to be okay. So much of the way you feel about the situation affects the animals.

Pet psychics talk to animals using telepathy. First, the animals send messages through their thoughts, images in their minds, and feelings in their bodies, and then pet psychics transfer it into words. Click To Tweet

So many people are so worried about going to the vet, like, oh, this is going to be so traumatic for them, but my animals know that the vet is someone who helps you. That’s somebody who’s going to help you heal if something goes wrong. The vets are there. Their inner being wants to help the animal, and that’s really important for the animal to understand too. That these people are doing this because they care about animals. 

The more you can say, the better and the more you can feel good about it. It’s not a big deal when my guys go to the vet. Even during COVID and you have to drop them off at the vet, I say to them, when you go in there, you just lick, blink your eyes, and yawn. That’s the animal’s calming signals. That’s how they calm themselves.

Then I say to them, you tell all the other animals in there what you already know and you give them a job to do why they’re in the vet. So that if they see another animal that’s really scared and shaking, they can say, oh, wait, I know something that can help you—blink, lick, and you’re here to get better. Then the animals come back and they tell you stories about what the other animals said and the animals that they met in the hospital. It’s kind of neat.

That is so cool. If somebody is not really aware of how this all works, and they try and sneak up on their animal, surprise them with a vet visit without telling them, and then they wonder, where did that cat go? I can’t find her anywhere. She went and hid. How does she know? Of course, she knows because you’ve been broadcasting that telepathically to her and she’s gone and hid. She doesn’t want to go to the vet and she knows what you’re up to. 

Voices of the Animals by Laura Stinchfield

Having that clear and honest communication channel open with your pet is so, so important. I think that’s really beautiful. In line with that, there’s this thing called the Pill Pockets that you can get from Greenies and hide a pill in there, and that feels very wrong now that I’ve read your book. That feels like you’re breaking trust. 

It does, doesn’t it? I know. 

Can you talk more about that?

I want my animals to know when they’re getting medication because medication can make them feel funny. It can hurt their stomach, it can make them feel dizzy, and I want to know if something’s going on with them after they take that meds. What I usually say is, I’m giving them medication and I know something like an antibiotic, maybe it’s going to hurt your stomach. I’ll give them that medication whether it’s in the pill pocket, it’s fine if that helps them eat it, but I’ll say, I’m giving you this medication. It might hurt your stomach, but that’s normal.

If something’s really, really bothering you and you feel it’s really bad, I want to know about it. If you’re dizzy, walk around and look like you’re dizzy, or if your stomach hurts, lick or scratch at your stomach. Make it really obvious that something’s going on with you. 

My guys can come over and say, poke at me and be like, hey, my stomach hurts. Sometimes on busy days when I’m working, I’m focused on something else, I’ll need them to be showing something with their body as well. I feel like if we tell our animals to do that, our animals are going to find many ways to communicate with us. 

It’s interesting what you were saying about how we’re broadcasting all the time. It’s true. The animals are always picking up what we’re thinking and feeling, but it goes the other way too. We’re often picking up what they’re saying too to us, and sometimes we’re thinking it’s our own intuition. 

Our animal might be saying, I have a stomachache, I have a stomachache, and then you’re kind of thinking like, oh. Some people will even think their own self will have a stomachache. They’ll be like, ah, I got a stomach ache, but it’s really not theirs, it’s their animals. That’s why it’s really important if something inside of your body or in your mind changes right away to really take a look at it, to stop, and be like, wait, where did that come from? Is that mine, or is that someone else’s? Is that my husband’s, my partner’s, or is that my animal’s? It could be anybody’s. The animals will try to send it to you. 

Let your animals know when they’re getting medication.

When I’m on the phone with a client, it’s really interesting. Sometimes I’ll be talking to the animal about if they have any pain in their body, and then all of a sudden, my shoulder or something will hurt or my fingers will cramp up. I could easily think, oh, it’s because I’ve been typing all day, or because I’ve been leaning over the desk a certain way. 

Really, what’s happening is that the animal is sending it to me and sometimes they send things so quickly. I’ll get some things in words and then some things in my body, so then I have to step up and I have to say, “Hey, do you have pain in your paw? do you have pain in your shoulder?” And just check in with them. That’s a good thing that people can do.

That is a very important distinction or nuance to this. If you’re getting an intuitive hit or you’re receiving something that you’re not sure about, always check in on it and ask for confirmation. That’s something I just recently learned this year. As you’re gaining more ability to receive this sort of stuff telepathically, whether it’s from people or pets, check-in. Check-in and ask for confirmation. 

Same thing with if you’re starting to get an intuitive hit and you think it’s from your guides or your angels. You’re like, okay, is that what you told me, or am I getting that wrong is really important. It’s a step that you got to train into. 

It is, and it takes a lot of training because you have to train yourself also to know yourself. You have to know what are you thinking at any given moment, and how does your body feel at any given moment? Because otherwise, you might not even notice if something else comes in.

What do you think of these different animal trainers who kind of rule with an iron fist, or they have a whole approach that is about showing the animal who’s boss, displaying dominance, and all this sort of stuff? I’m not going to name who I’m thinking of, but I think you know who I’m talking about. The guy that’s on TV a lot for training dogs. 

I have mixed emotions about animal trainers. Often, they miss the praise, or they’re not praising enough.


I have mixed emotions about trainers like that. A lot of times, they miss the praise, they’re not praising enough. They’re missing that sometimes an animal might be aggressive because of pain in their body, so they’re not always seeing the animal as a whole. Many of them are doing things that I would call abusive to animals and disrespectful. 

On the other side of it, we can learn a lot from them because dogs are dogs. We can’t forget that they also have their own language and their own way of doing things. I would be wrong to say that I’m going to change a German Shepherds, cattle dogs, or some really high drive dogs behavior just by talking to them, which very well can happen, don’t get me wrong. It can totally happen and it has happened, but a lot of times you got to back it up with creating boundaries. 

Sometimes people are too light. I do think that teaching a dog that you mean business and that you’re the alpha is an important thing. How you do that, we might disagree. I don’t think it’s okay to alpha roll a dog, shock collar a dog, or do any of those things, but I do think it’s okay to be stern with dogs.

That makes total sense. 

You have to train yourself to know yourself.

We can learn a lot from them, those trainers. Those trainers have a lot of knowledge, but they do a lot of things I don’t agree with also. A lot of people in my field or people who are attracted to my field, in my opinion, when they have a really naughty dog that’s wreaking havoc in the home, they’re too light on them and they need more discipline, more boundaries.

Yeah, like structure like a kid. A kid needs discipline. Discipline is actually teaching. It’s not scolding, reprimanding, or punishing. It’s giving them boundaries and structure that they can rely on. They have something to push against and know that it’s going to stay strong.

Yeah, but if my dogs do something naughty, I will tell them, no, that’s not okay. I got a pack of five, so there can be some naughtiness going, but all it is like a down, stay or something. 

I remember in your book, you talked about your dog that was essentially trained to bite. She lived above a gas station or something and this ended up becoming your dog. 

Yes, Lala. She was rewarded for biting. 

They thought it was funny, right? 

She got a boloney for biting. 

Here’s a customer who is freaked out, and hey, I just had my butt bitten by this dog. Then it gets baloney for doing it. 

Dogs are dogs. They have their own language and their own way of doing things.

Exactly. We were in our late teens, early 20s, at the time, so all those guys at the gas station, that’s what they did. They thought it was hysterical. I didn’t think it was hysterical. It took some work together to get out of that behavior, but she was so smart. She let it go. She was brilliant.

You ended up essentially just reasoning with her. You didn’t have to be super stern or anything, you just made it clear this is not okay and here’s why. She seems like she had a lot of wisdom.

Yes, she was one of those. She had so much wisdom. She was one of those you just talked to and she’s got it. There are some of those dogs that all you have to do is tell them. There’s this cattle dog once that the mom had a toddler and a little baby. He was biting the toddler’s calf, which cattle dogs are known for biting calves. He was biting kids and the neighbor’s calves, and he was just wreaking havoc. 

I thought oh my gosh, this is going to be like a challenge. I spent less than 15 minutes with him and I just told him, you have a family. You can’t be doing this. You have to be nice, friendly, and let kids pet you. That dog never bit again. I mean, it was amazing. Some dogs you just say it once and they got it. It’s so beautiful.

I want to share a story with you. I would love for your thoughts on it. At the time, this was not very long ago, this was after a big spiritual awakening I had in January this year. It was a couple of months later, I just learned how to open my own Akashic records and ask for guidance. That was huge for me because I’d been getting Akashic records readings from Anne Marie Pizarro for a few years, and that’s always been great. I really rate her highly. She’s been a guest on this podcast

It was a whole other level for me to learn how to open my own records myself because at a moment’s notice, I could just open my records and ask for guidance from the records keeper like what do I do and here’s the specific situation I want to share with you. 

If you think when talking to your animal, that knowledge is power. If you can explain as much as you can to your animal, it's extremely helpful for them, especially when going to the vet. Click To Tweet

There was a stray cat that we would feed. I’d bring a can of wet food to this network chiropractor that we would go to on a weekly basis—me, my wife, and our little one. While my wife was getting her entrainment, I’d take my little toddler outside to visit the stray cat across the street. This was in Tel Aviv and there were a lot of stray cats there.

This one week in April, she was off. There was something wrong with her and I couldn’t understand what it was. She looked not well, but I didn’t know if something was injured, if she had a disease, she was going through cancer, or what. So I opened my records and I asked for guidance. I was told to take her to the vet and I did. I’d never taken any animal other than my own pet to the vet before, so that was a little stretch outside my comfort zone.

So did you have to trap her? 

She willingly got in. I mean, she kind of fought a little bit of not getting inside the carrier, but she let me put my hands around her and kind of pushed her in and stuff. It was important that I did so because she would have died. It turned out she had a pelvic fracture, dislocated foot. She was severely dehydrated because it was so painful to move, she wouldn’t go to the water that was just a few feet away but down several stoops. That saved her life.

I needed my records keepers to guide me on what to do. It sounds like knowing what I know now from reading your book that I could have gotten her to communicate directly to me telepathically. If I knew that, I could have received like, oh, you’ve got something wrong with your pelvis. Okay, broken pelvis. I’ll take care of you here. I’m going to come back in 10 minutes or whatever with a carrier, I’m going to take you to a vet, and we’ll get you fixed up. 

If my dogs do something naughty, I will tell them, “No, that’s not okay.”

I didn’t have that distinction or that knowledge yet, so I just tuned in to my record keepers. I’m curious to hear what your thoughts are on all this. 

I am kind of curious if she knew how much you and your family cared about her. Then when you saw her that day, she was telling you I need help, and then you were picking it up. You’re like, I feel like she needs help. Then in order to get that confirmation, you checked in with your record keepers, but maybe you already knew it because she was telling you. Then maybe that’s why she was easier to pick up and get in the carrier too, is because she knew you were helping her.

Yeah, that was probably very true because she was hardly walking. She was kind of hiding behind this fire hydrant. There was definitely something wrong and I’m sure she was broadcasting that to me. Then I got guidance.

It might have been just to you because she trusted you. That she didn’t do it to someone else, that she did it to you, that she chose you.

This might sound a little out there for some of our listeners, but in a later Akashic Records reading where I got a reading from Anne and asked about the cat, or maybe it was a medium. I can’t get it straight now because I see so many different folks. The thing I learned was that this cat, her name was Curious, she was a pet of mine in a past life and she incarnated in this life in order to give me this opportunity to grow spiritually and save her life because that was definitely outside of my comfort zone. 

Just a few months earlier, I’m embarrassed to say that I just left a hurt hedgehog without picking it up and taking it to the vet. There was a small crowd of people looking at it, poking at it, then those two guys picked up the hedgehog with some sticks, and then put it into the grass instead of on the bike path. It might have gotten hit by a bike or something and I just prayed for it. 

Communicate with animals by going into your heart, where you can just feel it. You don’t have to necessarily see it.

I was there with my little baby, we’re on a stroller and everything. It was a Sunday evening or something like that where vets wouldn’t normally be open. I had all these justifications for, okay, I’m just going to pray for that little thing and then walk away. Then I told my wife about it when I got home and she said, you didn’t pick him up and take him to the vet? She was really disappointed in me and I’m like ouch. 

That really stung because, at that point, I knew I should have done better than that. When I had this new opportunity with this cat, I wanted to do the right thing. I was already primed from that previous experience a couple of months earlier. I’m like, okay, I got this new skill. I know how to open my records, I’m going to do it, and I’m going to ask for guidance, what do I do?

I think that was spirit giving you that opportunity to heal that hedgehog experience. I was always taught to meet people where they’re at, and at that time, that was a wild animal. Maybe you didn’t feel that comfortable picking up the hedgehog. You don’t know if it was going to bite you. You didn’t know about the hedgehog. 

Although it would have been nice if you picked them up, but praying is really beautiful too. Sometimes when you pray like that, then who knows, maybe the next person comes. Those prayers opened up a door for the next person to come and take that hedgehog to the vet. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You were just acting as the person you are at that time. You were willing to grow and the spirit gave you that opportunity to help the kitty, which is really beautiful. It’s like you’re passing it forward. It’s like a living amends to the hedgehog. Prayers are really powerful. 

There are some dogs that all you have to do is tell them.

One distinction I learned or one really important point I learned this year is that every prayer is heard. That never occurred to me before. I just thought that, okay, some prayers don’t get answered. I didn’t really go any further with it than that. It was just like a download. It wasn’t somebody telling me this, but it was a download from above that every single prayer is heard, including every thought. Every thought is heard too. I cleaned up my thinking. I tell you, once I realize that there are no private thoughts, I’m not going to broadcast anything.

Right, and then your thoughts create your reality. That’s a big one. You’re like, oh, gosh, what am I creating now? It makes you really think.

Well, I learned from my Kabbalah teacher that you create powerful angels by having purity of thought, word, and deed all congruent. I thought, that’s good. I want that. I want to create really powerful positive—

So you create the angels, or are they just drawn to you more?

More powerful than we can possibly imagine. Yeah, we create angels with our thoughts, words, and deeds. You can create mischievous angels—I learned this also from Kabbalah—that lie to us and trick us. If we have a malevolent or less than pure intention and we do something that on the outward appearance looks really nice, generous, and thoughtful, but on the inside, we did it with not the purest of intentions or purest of thoughts. That creates some really mischievous angels. It can trick us to do stuff that you will regret later.

I feel that self-worth can do that too. If you don’t have enough boundaries in your life and low self-worth, that could bring in something a little bit devious to steer you the wrong way. If you have higher self-worth, you’ll look at it or rise above it more. I think people get strayed that way, just by how they feel about themselves.

One thing I want to ask you about is this concept of remote viewing because I’m just learning about it from a course I’m taking taught by Sheila Gillette. She channels 12 Archangels that go by the name of Theo collectively. She was a podcast guest last year—amazing, amazing woman. I’m learning about remote viewing and these other modalities or ways of receiving guidance.

Stormy’s Words of Wisdom by Laura Stinchfield

Remote viewing is particularly of interest to me in relation to pets and animals. Okay, so there’s this cat who through my Akashic records, opening my own records, I heard the word Curious as the answer to what’s her name. I doubted myself, I’ll tell you. Did I just imagine that? Did I just totally make that up? Then I was on a call—

But you know it was different?

Yeah. Well, it was the early stages of this. I was pretty unsure of myself. As I progress through my training, the workshops, the reading, and the stuff that I’m doing, I’m becoming more sure of myself. But at that time, it was still early days and I was doubting myself. I don’t know if that was actually her name. That sounds really weird, Curious the cat.

On one of Sheila Gillette’s training on Zoom, I don’t even ask the question on chat. I don’t raise my hand on Zoom. I’m just thinking about the thing—I would love to know if this is really her name. Is it really Curious? Then the funniest thing happened. Theo was being channeled through Sheila at that time. They were answering questions. The next sentence, the very next sentence just after I think this thought, the word curious is in the sentence.

Oh, wow. It’s really cool.

That’s my confirmation. That was my answer. I didn’t need to ask it or type it into the chat. I just need to think. It’s so cool.

Right. The spirit gave you the validation that that’s what it is. Yeah. That is so neat. I don’t think that is remote viewing though, do you?

Right. Let me get to the point around remote viewing. I would love to be able to look in on Curious. I’m not going to say not—

Oh, right.

Some people will hide what they're doing with their animal, but that's not because the animal knows that something is up. Click To Tweet

Since that’s her name, I’m going to remote view into her world right now because she’s half a world away in Israel. I’m in Miami.

Oh, wow.

This was right before we left Israel in late April that we had this whole situation with her. I didn’t have the ability to bring her with us to the US. That was not in the cards. She needed a month of cage rest. My wife was very, very, very helpful in finding someone to take her and rehabilitate her. We had to pay for it, of course.

Yeah, right.

That was great. Now, she’s half a world away. I’m really hoping everything is going well for her, but I can’t go and drive for 20 minutes and check on her. I would have been able to if we were still in Tel Aviv.

Yeah, and so is she with a person, or is she back where you found her? Where is she?

I think she’s still with that person. After four months or so, we were only going to do this for a month. Six hundred dollars a month is a lot of money to pay for somebody who already has seven or eight cats in the house to take one more in.

Surprised she’s not doing it for free.

Every single prayer is heard, including every thought.

Yeah. So anyway, $600 a month. Four months later, and we’re okay, we can’t do this anymore. This just isn’t workable. We were trying to find a permanent home for her and nothing came through. We posted multiple times on Facebook and so forth. We’re telling the lady that had taken the cat in for $600 a month that my sister-in-law is going to come and pick up the cat. We’re going to stop paying you and she’s going to go back to her home on the street, the same place that she’d been living. 

I checked with my guides on this. It was okay. She was getting crazy staying in that house with the lady and she wanted to go back. I really wanted to have a forever home, but it didn’t end up.

Is somebody feeding her?

Here’s where the remote viewing comes in because I don’t know what’s happening now. When we told her that my sister-in-law is coming to pick her up to take her, she got really upset and she started giving us massive guilt trips. She says she’s going to die on the street and all this sort of stuff. But I was told by my guidance that this is a cash cat. For her, this is a cash cat. Not Curious the cat but a cash cat. This is why she was really putting up a fuss about it. She wanted that $600 a month to continue.

Or she might have just felt like who was going to feed her, right? I mean, she probably wanted the $600 a month too but she might have just…

She was well fed and there was water. Every time I stopped to feed her the wet food, she always had a big box of dry food and a thing of water there.

I got you. She was taken care of. What does she look like? Do you want us to get her?

Yeah, I would love that.

If you don't have enough boundaries in your life and low self-worth, that could bring in something a little bit devious to steer you the wrong way. People get strayed because of how they feel about themselves. Click To Tweet

So what does she look like?

She’s black and brownish. You know what, if you give me a moment, I’ll grab my phone. I have a picture of her.

I kind of already have her but I still want to see her picture.

Here she is.

So while you’re doing that, I can kind of see her. I can’t see her little face. Can you blow up her little face? Oh yeah, now I can. Oh my God, she’s little huh? She’s a little girl.

There’s a picture of her before she got hurt. That’s my little one.

Oh, now she looks ginormous. Oh, that’s your little boy, that’s why. Little boy or girl. Oh yeah, she’s way bigger than I thought she was. Yeah, she’s cute. Oh my God. You should ship her to you.

I wanted to.

Are you going to stay where you are?

No, from my wife.

You should. Look at how good she is with your child.


It’s a no from your wife. Oh my God, that surprises me.

Yeah, there are reasons. She’s allergic to cats, for one.

Your thoughts create your reality.

Yeah, I got you. It’s personal. Okay, let me get her. Curious, right? Oh, she says that every day she checks in with her heart and she feels you all. She says she wants to say thank you to you guys. She said she’s pretty spry now.

I think she knows this but tell her I love her very much.

First, she said that her hip sort of clicks a little bit. The left rear kind of clicks out. Maybe your chiropractor can go adjust her because she’s outside of the chiropractic office, right?

The cat sitter/rehab person didn’t like that. Yeah, so she kind of goes to that after we said we’re going to pick her up and put her back on the street. Now, she doesn’t answer text messages. Is she still there in that house?

She says yes. She says she has a patio she can go out on. She gets to roll around in the dirt. She said that when you looked her in the eyes, she felt like she knew you from long ago. She also said that you were very clear with talking to her. She said that you would like to stare at her and talk to her and she knew exactly what you were saying. She gives me this feeling that you guys sort of gaze at each other. Did you do that with her? In her eyes?

She’s giving me the way you would look at her and she would look back at you. It’s like a really touching moment. Yeah, that’s when she felt the same about you. She says and she likes it where she is. She has the pillow she really likes. Yeah. Oh. She said that your baby had magic hands and when they would go over her hips, it would tingle. How old is your kid now? Do you think he’s a healer? Does he see it? Does he look like a little healer?

Oh my gosh. You have to see because she said his hands you have to see if he placed his hands on like booboos or something. It’s so cute. She wants to know if I can tell you something else. Yeah. She says sometimes she misses the old days of seeing you because you were like clockwork. 

Yeah. We’d always come at the same time to our appointment. 

If you don't have enough boundaries in your life and low self-worth, that could bring in something a little bit devious to steer you the wrong way. People get strayed because of how they feel about themselves. Click To Tweet

I think still at that time she thinks of you. That is so cute.

Here’s another picture of my little one

Oh my gosh. That is actually really special because not all cats are good with little toddlers. Special.

This cat is a stray cat.

She said that she’s had nice people in her life. A lot of people that cared about me. She says about your family that you were the happiest, the joyous of hearts. That’s cute. She gives me the impression that your hearts are peaceful. That’s nice. I think that’s a great compliment coming from an animal. They think your heart is peaceful because people by nature are so worried.

There are no coincidences. Timings and everything and everything is all divine. I just got a reading from Katie Beecher, who’s phenomenal. I’m going to have her on this podcast. She’s a medical intuitive and she paints as well as writes up a report and then does reading to go over it.

Oh, wow.

That is special because not all cats are good with little toddlers.

She drew a heart in the center, the heart center, the energy center. She drew a huge picture of a heart there. She was just an hour ago explaining what a huge heart I have, so that’s really cool. 

Oh my God, no way. So then you hear it twice. That’s so neat. I love that. How sweet. That’s neat, and so when you think about Curious or any other animal, you can think of it as remote viewing. But you can also think about it as going internally to her, go into your heart. Then from there, just thinking about her. 

I think of remote viewing as you’re projecting your spirit to that location and then actually seeing her physical body and what she’s doing. That’s very beneficial. You can also—especially since you’re so heart-centered—go into your heart, then from there, receive from her or send your heart to her. It’s a little bit different. I don’t think you need much heart to remote view.

So just go into your heart and think of a little doorway there or the place where you can connect with her. Just think of her and imagine being with her, then just talk to her, be open to receiving. and see if you get anything back. I think of remote viewing as more projecting ourselves somewhere and seeing the physical surroundings. In communication, you can just feel it. You don’t have to necessarily see it. Does that make sense, like with telepathy?

Right. I could have a communication with her just by getting into my heart center, then bringing up let’s say, an image or a memory of her. I can just listen to what my heart says, the kind of vibrations, the things I’m feeling, and the words that I hear in my own inner voice.


That’s Curious speaking to me.

Exactly. Yeah. 

This is so cool. I really appreciate you connecting with Curious, sharing this, and doing this on the podcast. It’s really meaningful for me. I’m sure that my listeners are getting so much out of this too. This is really special.

Remote viewing is about projecting yourself somewhere and seeing the physical surroundings.

Oh, my pleasure. It’s very special what you do too. I’ve really enjoyed listening to the way you feel and the way you navigate the world and your spiritual growth. It’s one to grow on, for other people for sure.

Oh, thank you so much. I’m honored that you took the time out to listen to some episodes.

Of course, are you kidding me? They’re great. I’m going to be listening to every one. They’re awesome.

Oh, thank you. I know we’re running out of time.

Oh, I’m just about to shoot some more praises in your direction. I think what’s really neat is that you connect with people in a really heartful place. I can tell that the people who you talk to, they drop their ego. I just have noticed that, or maybe they don’t even have ego, the people you talk to. I’ve just sort of been really astounded with those communications. They’re just really real. They’re wonderful to tune into and spend part of my day doing so I thank you for that.

Thank you. Thank you so much. I used to malign my ego or not really, I don’t know. I’d want to minimize it, get rid of it, or whatever. Then I realized that no, this is actually something that we are gifted with. We need the contrast, something to push against, and not to see it as something negative but as a blessing and something to work towards putting it in a place that is only used for growth and not for anything malevolent or not helpful.

The animals are always picking up what we're thinking and feeling, but it goes the other way too. We often pick up what they're saying to us, and sometimes we believe it's our own intuition. Click To Tweet

Yeah. Beautiful.

How do our listeners or viewers work with you and get connected to their pet that maybe they’ve lost them and have you connect them up with that pet and share some of that pets’ wisdom with them. If they’re dealing with a pet that’s currently living with them and they’re not able to control it or behaving in a naughty way, how do you work and how do they get in touch and all that?

They can go to my website, which is There they can look at my schedule, book a session, and pay. Once they book their time, they get an email with a little homework they have to do. They have to fill out a form and upload a picture of their animal or their deceased loved one. Then I just call them at their appointment time and we do a phone consultation. 

You can also buy my meditation CD for death and dying on there, buy my books there, or be redirected to Amazon to buy my books. The books are great too because they can help you learn how to talk to the animals as well. 

I’m so enjoying the Voices of the Animals. I’ve already said this once, but I got to plug it again. I’m almost done with it. I’m on pages 166–167. Only maybe 25% left to go. I’ll be finishing that pretty soon. I loved it. I can’t thank you enough for joining me today and sharing your gift, your brilliance, and your light with my listeners. Thank you.

My pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Thank you, listeners. I think this is such an amazing opportunity to deepen our relationships with our animals, whether they’re here in this plane, or they’re in the spirit plane. Do something more than just listen with an open heart. Take some positive, powerful action. Do something with this information. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off. 

Important Links

Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Learn how to communicate with my pet. Having that clear and honest communication channel open with him is so important. To be his best friend, I have to connect with him at the heart, mind and spirit.

?Be careful in choosing the right trainer for my pet. Find a trainer who uses positive reinforcement, force-free, or humane training methods.

?Always praise my pet. The positive acknowledgment I give to him will transform our relationship. It will also encourage him to continue to try to do the right thing.

?Train and discipline my pet. However, punishment should never be used to train. Instead, I should teach him the boundaries and structure that he can rely on to understand what’s allowed and what’s not. It is illogical to wait until he misbehaves and then administer something unpleasant.

?Make time for engaging playtime with my pet. Playtime is an essential part of building and strengthening the bond between me and my pet. It allows me to establish a fun and positive relationship with him while also providing him with a productive outlet for his energy.

?Understand my pet’s body language. His behavior may be a sign that something is wrong.

?Check-in on any intuitive hit I’m receiving and ask for confirmation. This will guide me to make more confident and accurate decisions on situations and circumstances that come my way.

?Have pure thoughts. A malevolent or less than pure intention or thought can trick me into doing stuff I will regret later.

?Check out Laura’s meditation CD, Pet Communication, Loss, and the Afterlife, and books, Voices of the Animals and Stormy’s Words of Wisdom, to help me learn how to talk to animals.

?Visit Laura Stinchfield’s website to know more about her and work with her to connect with my pet.

About Laura Stinchfield

Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic® is an internationally renowned pet psychic and people medium. For decades she has studied animal behavior and training, animal communication, telepathy, mediumship, death and dying, the afterlife, reincarnation, personal growth, meditation, and consciousness. Laura is the voice for anyone who cannot speak for themselves. Her work is a source of knowledge and comfort to people and animals around the world. She is the author of two books and a meditation CD. Her books are Voices of the Animals: A collection of insightful articles and stories that will change the way you view and treat animals and Stormy’s Words of Wisdom: An enlightened dog’s profound insights on life. The meditation CD is called Pet Communication, Loss, and the Afterlife: Meditations for connecting and communicating with your animal before and after their death. You can find more about Laura on her website is

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