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By: Stephan Spencer


You’re only as young as your oldest part. This is why it’s vitally important to ensure that all of your body is functioning at  optimum levels instead of focusing on just one organ or system. This extends all the way from the obvious systems, such as the digestive and coronary systems, to the less-obviously important parts of the body, which includes surprising parts like the nose. Thankfully, it’s becoming increasingly possible to reduce and even eliminate the functions of aging.

Dr. Eric Braverman joins me today to talk about achieving net-zero aging through technology, supplementation, and behavioral changes. He’s a physician and researcher as well as the author of many books, most notably The Edge Effect, Younger You, and Younger Brain, Sharper Mind. He’s also the director of the PATH Medical Center and the PATH Foundation. In our conversation, we’ll geek out about collagen repair, cryotherapy, myelination, stem cell therapy, and much more. If you want to stop aging and live your best, longest life, this is the episode for you!

Dr. Eric Braverman
“You are only as young as your oldest parts.”
Dr. Eric Braverman

In this Episode

  • [01:29] – Eric launches into talking about his early jobs working with the brain, and shares the names of some of the notable people he has worked with.
  • [04:22] – How can listeners live long enough to live forever and achieve that longevity escape velocity?
  • [07:47] – Eric relates what he has been saying about only being as young as your oldest part to sports, clarifying what he means.
  • [11:02] – Since there isn’t yet a cascade that will make you 800 years old, Eric talks about what we do in the meantime.
  • [14:19] – It’s difficult to be stable when you’re highly energetic, Eric points out.
  • [17:42] – Eric talks about sneezing and the nose, explaining that the nose is critical. He discusses ways to clear the sinuses.
  • [20:42] – Where do telomeres and their length come into play in everything that Eric has been talking about?
  • [23:01] – Eric explains what he means when he talks about “breaking the aging barrier.”
  • [26:19] – We learn about several different types of stem cells, and Eric shares his thoughts on how far we can go with stem cells.
  • [29:23] – Eric talks about some things he was told at Harvard that have since been demonstrated to be untrue.
  • [33:04] – The thyroid is an example of what Eric has been talking about, he explains, then talks more about a net-zero aging state.
  • [35:44] – Eric lists three important principles from what he has been talking about in this conversation.
  • [39:54] – We hear a metaphor involving an airplane to illustrate the points that Eric has been making.
  • [45:24] – Ultimately, delusions and illusions regarding getting old have to be carefully dissuaded, Eric explains.
  • [48:48] – Now that we’ve covered logistics and tactics, is there a third piece? Strategy, Eric points out, is what we talked about first.
  • [51:53] – Eric digs into why the sinuses are so important to longevity and anti-aging.
  • [53:19] – The average person gains two pounds a month when they don’t sleep enough, Eric explains.
  • [55:27] – Eric shares his thoughts on neti pots.
  • [58:17] – Why is it so important to eat fruits and vegetables that are a wide variety of different colors? Eric answers, then talks about how to counteract muscle loss.
  • [60:52] – Eric talks about bone loss, and mentions that people are more concerned about their bank accounts than their bone density.
  • [63:46] – What one thing would Eric recommend that all listeners do?
  • [64:35] – Eric lists some places where people can find him online.


‏‏I hate to break it to you—your body is aging, your brain, bones, musculature, chromosomes, skeleton—they’re all degrading over time. But there’s good news, it’s becoming increasingly possible to achieve net-zero aging through technology, through supplementation, through behavioral changes. We are gonna geek out on longevity in this episode; myelination, collagen repair, regenerative DNA repair, cryotherapy, stem cell therapy, all these and so much more in this episode number 144. Our guest today is Dr. Eric Braverman. He’s a physician, researcher, and author of many books including Younger You,  The Edge Effect, and Younger Brain, Sharper Mind. He’s the director of the PATH Medical Center and PATH Foundation. He also has his own vitamin line. Eric, it’s great to have you on the show.

‏‏Even though my first jobs were always on the brain, the neuronal state, the atrophy, the change in brain chemistry, the PET amyloid scan, the PET scan. I bought the first beam for $850,000, electrophysiology, and EKG on a laptop. I’ve mastered and worked with all the different hormones; parathyroid, growth hormone, DHEA. I’ve written a patent with Dr. Blum on regeneration. I’ve been to Blum’s conferences where we did the polymorphism of the D2 gene on addiction. I’ve worked with Nora Volkow, I’ve had the honor of speaking and lecturing with Paul Greengard, Nobel Prize winner Roger Guillemin, and other Nobel Prize winners. I’ve been in six years at Weill Cornell. I’ve had multiple appointments from NYU to various medical schools in Florida, six years, University of Florida, and guess what? I’m technology compromised, even though the future brain of humanity depends on cortical intelligence networks of both governments, people, and information.

Despite having gone with Bob Pisani to Singularity and hung with Kurzweil and mastered and hung out with Gladwell on Outliers, and written books, two best-sellers, and 40 more books to try to outdo Teddy Roosevelt and dreamed of a space canal and a regeneration cascade that will give us all 800-year life spans, began as a member of the international–the Stem Cell Surgical Society and worked in U.S. Stem Cell. I have a phrase, “You’re only as young as your oldest parts,” so a guy like you can die at any time or get cancer. There are certain risks that are picked up and you look at the circles in the eyes and sleep and sinuses and bulbing his prostate. You look at a guy like me, triple type A, they blow gaskets and they have small strokes and they get mini-strokes and they get lacunar infarcts and we can do visual prediction, we can do computer physicals. The whole secret and the future of humanity is going to be regenerative DNA repair cascades, with stem cell repair. When the breaking of the aging barrier occurs, it will match the Elon Musk space-time breakthroughs including ultimately a space canal that will allow rapid travel through a vacuum tube called space and humanity will enter into its kingdom of God, new order of things.

The whole secret and the future of humanity is going to be regenerative DNA repair cascades, with stem cell repair.

‏‏Tell our listeners how they can live long enough to live forever, to get that longevity escape velocity, Peter Diamandis likes to talk about that.

‏‏Peter is old and he did the glutathione and I love him. I think the first thing people have to recognize as much as I love the people we’ve talked about, no global war on aging can be anything, but all parts of a human being. Being at the Grant Memorial yesterday, everyone thinks Robert E. Lee is a great guy in terms of military strategy. He was actually a parochial strategist that dealt with the diseases of Virginia of what he viewed the diseases were. Grant had a continental strategy. Today, the United States Military exists because we have a global strategy and a solar strategy. What that means with the war on death is we must accept that the strategy has to be global, meaning your hair, your skin, your sinuses, your airflow in the morning, your sleep pattern. You have to go down your acetylcholine levels. Each one of these details is measurable by computer machinery, amyloid accumulation in the brain, atrophy, and shrinkage of cells is every single person on your audience with a proper neuroquant. You actually have to do a rubik’s cube analysis which is how cyberspace exist—a rubik’s cube’s analysis of the brains changes.

I’m talking about a zero-net aging with an increasing intelligence for humanity. Now, that means frame. The amount of muscle that you and I lose and the amount of bone leaves every Caucasian man and every Caucasian and Asian and African-American to one degree or another, shorter, weaker frame. Weak frame means weak brain. There’s a problem. Right now our brains are connected to the body through the neck. As cerebral blood flow goes down—I’m just laying out the problem then I’m going to tell you the good news—your parathyroid levels go, you can inject Forteo, that’s the good news and stop the shortness. You can take more vitamin D and you can stop the shortness. You can take more growth hormone, you can stop the muscle loss. You can take more testosterone and you can take for a woman who has overuse program to die between 48 and 52. You can do the Susan Somer’s technique of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. You have to do the testosterone if you’re a woman, if you want bioidentical hormones because that’s the treatment of breast cancer and that offsets the estrogen. Men have to block the testosterone excess, otherwise, the DHT makes them bald, the DHT makes them cancerous, and women, they have to block the estrogens otherwise, it triggers cystic breast tissue and particularly in Jewish women, you’ve got one in eight women getting breast cancer, you’ve got the BRCA gene.

There are very big refinements around each hormonal repair. There are 20 core hormones that are dying in you, the thyroid nodules are 70% to 90%, 70% men, 90% women. You have no way to stop that. The only way to see it is ultrasound and PET scan. PET scan has radiation, we use ultrasound. There’s this phrase that God has seven eyes that comes from Israel and the seven eyes are radiological scans at different organ systems. Each organ system requires a repair. It’s called the Bertanlanffy Systems Theory that you’re only as young as your oldest part. It occurs all the time in sports that one bad player ruins a baseball team, one bad player ruins a football team, one bad disease kills a human being, breast cancer. One bad disease kills another human being from breaking a hip, one bad disease can affect you. You’re only as young as your oldest part. Your brain controls your body as the CEO controls the earth, or as the government controls a country.

The CEO is central, a gentlemen like Thiel that have accomplished what he’s done with PayPal, Palantir and even before that some of his funds. All of these leadership capacities are important to companies. The brain is your leadership. We’re going to get to that, but I just want to finish first, head to toe. As you go down the head to toe, your intestines malabsorb. There is something called the gastric emptying disorder of aging, the lectins throw it off, the elevated leptins turn your body into fat. Now you’re dealing with a tremendous inflammatory process, here’s the aging song I created, you burn up, you dry up, you swell up, you turn to stone, you get choked to death by your own blood supply, your rushed from all the toxins, you are then called an old fart or an altakaka is the old yiddish term. Now we’re faced with this disaster of aging, of multi-hormonal losses, shrinkage, sleep-cycle changes, atrophy in the brain, amyloid accumulation in the highways and electrophysiological losses of processing speed, the energy in the brain is E=MC², meaning the massive cells with demyelinization processing speed, squared and the brain is losing cognitive energy massively 250,000 neurons growing per second as a fetus, 250,000 neurons dying from 40 on is a pain in the ass aided by all addictions from sugar to white flour, to junk foods, and marijuana, to Coke, to unfortunately alcohol.

We face now how do we get control of the brain so we can implement a true system of net-zero aging? How do we get control of genetic repair so that we can actually do a nucleus implosion repair? The nucleus explosion repair of Leo Szilard patented in 1930, laughed at that by the Nazis as some psychotic Jew that was imagining things was fortunately perceived by the Anglo American axis from Admirals in England to the United States leadership of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who understood and firmly tested it and then presto, you’re off to the races with a cascade that endangers all humanity. The reverse of that cascade is regenerative cascade that repairs collagen, just like there’s a progeria cascade that makes a person 80 years old when they’re eight. There will be a cascade that will make you 800 years old properly done. Now, we’re not able to do that cascade, so what do we do in the meantime? What we do in the meantime is we follow my Edge Effect book on Amazon which is this, you start out and remember what General Petreaus teaches at the church over dinner and that all military leaders know what the Nazis tried to do with what’s called blitzkrieg, what the United States did in Iraq, what military leadership did of George Washington to save the United States at Princeton and Trenton and it’s called fast blitz energy.

You must either use brain energy supplements, rhodiola, tyrosine, you must use caffeine, you must study the entire dopamine access, but dopamine is the reward system in the brain and the energy can be raised with the cheating energy that is Adderall, adults are now using Provigil. The supplements have to be in there. You deplete the precursors of tyrosine and phenylalanine, you need an MAO inhibitor like an L-deprenyl or rhodiola or some other agent. You can use L-DOPA’s which have been used by the Indian Ayurvedic Systems forever, but the energy of a human being is simply the most important tip-off in the brain. If you get the energy, you now have the capacity to do other repairs and influence people. The next most important capacity is the cholinergic capacity for imagination. That is really, “I’m going to make myself a beautiful choline powder, yogurt, cinnamon complex for breakfast and I’m going to continue to use Resveratrol,” but there’s no doubt that acetylcholine is very growth-hormone dependent, estrogen dependent, testosterone dependent, and a host of other hormones even probably glucagon dependent.

One of the big breakthroughs that you don’t know about yet is that one-third of the United States right now is pre-diabetic with a hemoglobin A1C of 57-65 and another third is probably diabetic after 40-50 years old. The glucagon derivatives like Victoza, Liraglutide or glucagon, not insulin, reestablish the metabolism. What they do is they aid the dopamine system and they function as those estrogen and testosterone as neurosteroids and all pathways lead to dopamine for reward. Since we’re on that topic, metabolic rate is dependent on all these 20 hormonal systems and the brain. The brain is 25% of it, the thyroid is another 5% or 10%, the cerebral blood flow is another 5% or 10%, and it varies on people. Then there’s the graying of the fat cells which occur and then there’s a parathyroid, the thyroid, growth hormone, DHEA, these natural steroids from the adrenal gland, DHEA and Pregnenolone and a host of steroids which turn on everything. I’m in the business of metabolic rate. If you can’t do anything with energy and you can’t do anything with ideas, life’s not worth living. It’s called in the Gospel as John [10:10], abundant life. We go to the third part of the edge effect concept. You must be stable. It’s difficult to be stable when you’re highly energetic.

Almost all great leaders that are energetic have temper tantrums. I mean that they go over the top, their energy turns to anger. Even George Washington who is considered one of the most controlled people, certainly lost his temper with traitors and had them shot five feet away at point blank and had their heads catch fire. He was certainly more capable of choking his slave almost to death before he went into prayer at Valley Forge and capable of rage attacks, screaming at Charlesly at Morristown. Even a person of that incredible discipline in which he symbolizes in terms of power and not being greedy, he is capable of temper. Now we have to go to the next step, how do we stay on fire but our brains don’t catch fire? We call it inflammation. GABA controls the inflammation that the flame of the brain causes. The human brain is demyelinating because it’s on fire with ideas. A guy like me who’s always been on fire, who’s done 10 times more than everybody else has to continually look at Inositol, gabapentin, pregnenolones, progesterones—agents that stabilize the nervous system and avoid if possible the benzos and the alcohol, but that’s obviously better than being crazy angry or crazy on fire that people can’t interpret. Pot and alcohol are used by the Balkan society because they’re not comfortable with their aggression. The danger of not being comfortable with your aggression is then you vicariously live through Putin and Hitler.

The bottom line is that you’re in danger when you have a nation that doesn’t manage its own day-to-day brain to be a sucker for that type of leadership and half of the United States is getting stoned, I don’t know why, but the smell of pot, it smells like skunk all over New York. That is an unsuccessful way of stabilizing a brain. Finally, we get to serotonin which is mood and then the fifth system of the brain will be called as the spare tire, the enkephalins, endorphin system. You must sleep, I don’t care who the hell you are, I love Gary Null, I love all the people we have been talking about today. I love the idea of the antioxidant system. To put that into perspective, the antioxidant system is there. The N-Acetyl Cysteine to make sure the brain doesn’t burn out and demyelinate and atrophy because it’s on fire. I’m a big fan of NAC. I don’t necessarily share that glutathione could be done as much as Peter says, I’m a big fan of Gary Null, he’s an exercise freak, he says that I can get by with four hours sleep, I don’t believe that anyone can sustain that in the long term. Since you’re in the land of Israel, the brain must Sabbath just like the whole brain and body.

One day off, try not to work, machines off if you can, one seven-hour sleep. Without sleep, the human brain will not reboot. I don’t care how good your computer is, there’s not a computer on the planet that doesn’t get filled with spam, eventually and it doesn’t have to jet us in or has to be replaced by an upgrade. We must sleep because that is when memory consolidation occurs. Memory consolidation is occurring through sleep, balancing the dopamine agent, and getting emotional IQ, and getting love and care and the works. Now, since we’re up on sneezing right now, we might as well talk about the nose. The nose is also critical. Most of us don’t check our nose and we have rhinosinusitis in New York and we get dry and we don’t drink enough water and there are ways of using mucolytics such as guaifenesin and there are ways to clear the sinuses with Flonase. Steam is the key. Freshwater that’s loaded with potassium which I call coconut water, my CES device resets the brain which is a TENS unit for the brain. We have toilet seats tell us if there’s blood in the stool, our beds have to be Holter monitors, oxygen measurements have to occur throughout our house, and our home must be a living medical tomb for this to work. It has to be a continuous repair.

Our heights have to be measured down to the 10th, 20th of an inch. Our muscle masses have to be measured so that we don’t lose it, and then we have to start continually doing regenerative cascades of our DNA with polymerase chain reaction repairs of all types so that we can sustain a net-zero aging. The idea of singularity, inserting brain chips in computer portions is nice, but if we’re a piece of old shit that’s short and decrepit, I don’t think that that is of great value. It will become a value and why do I need it inserted into my body if it turns out that I can command it either through robotics or computerized intelligence? Right now, everyone of us knows that the only thing that matters is working memory because we sit there with access to Britannica, we have access to other sources, but regardless, every human being has—a 100 times, 1,000 times better memory now than I did when I was 20 years old because I’m able at any time to double-check it. I gave you some core principles that the brain had an energy cycle using five neurotransmitter systems.

The human being is dying neuroendocrinely and cellularly, in need of repair. That singularity itself would not solve these problems and that neither would vitamin supplementation alone, despite my love of Kurzweil’s 75 pills or 200 pills he does, that each one of us need a hormonal system ala Bertalanffy that the brain itself need to be analyzed through cubic measurements of neuro quantification, amyloid pathways, PET scans, and metabolic rates, and electrophysiology inside an office, which I created the super office for human repair. I outlined the genetic form of repair and I made an argument despite the 1000 genius or so associated with obesity and 10,000 of genius associate with aging that dopamine is the trigger system in which all pathways go back to as the core language, just like English is the core language of human beings around the world right now.

‏‏Where do telomerases and the length of shortening of these telomerases—

‏‏It turns out that we can get the telomerase process to work for us much better. TA-65 is totally insufficient and what we do with our thinking is very important, but ultimately the regenerative processes must go down the entire DNA system of prime numbered chromosomes 23 and must look more carefully at the Y chromosome which is a genetic transmission processes among the Jewish Ashkenazi men. We see it in Mediterranean groups, we see it in a lot of other groups as well, American founding father groups sharp as a tack at 96, that’s the kind of thing we need, but we can’t have that decrepit frame. The telomerase raises are another trigger, genetic place, that’s what we have to look for. If you read the Wall Street Journal, you’ll see a guy at Pacific Biosciences that works with Venturi, they’re mastering the whole code. The problem is the code is epigenetically altered by the brain and the code is in constant change.

It is unfortunately not Lamarckian evolution, but it is, unfortunately, more complicated and less complicated. It’s more complicated in that even if you have the entire DNA blueprint, you can’t live forever. But it’s less complicated in that the trigger genes of the telomerase are clearly entry points to polymerase repair and repair the entire genome as is the dopamine system, a key entry point to the entire neuronal function of the brain. I’m very excited about the telomerase discovery. It’s been around a long time from the days when Leonard Hayflick and Russell Jaffe were busy working at 50 cycles of fibroblast. I’m excited about telomerase entry, I’m excited about the regeneration process and we’re going to need a hell of a lot more to break that aging barrier.

‏‏What do you mean by the breaking of the aging barrier?

‏‏The aging barrier seems to be human beings make it to 100 and looking good, there will be almost a beauty aging barrier. I would think of it is as maybe 80 or 75 where men still have kind of a good look and women about 60, 62 where they can still look sexy and young, but the bulk of it is, you’ve got a beauty aging barrier of 60 for women, 75 for men and intellectual barrier generally around 90 for men and 80 for women and you’ve got an aging barrier at about 100, but almost everyone looks decrepit. That barrier is big and just like there are barriers, so what do we mean by barriers. There is a barrier to get to the moon. There is a barrier to get to the new world. There is a barrier of breaking the speed of sound. There is some biological barriers. Barrier to having a baby even, women cannot carry a baby at 50, but there certainly where a barrier is broken when we think about male barriers. There are the four-minute mile performance barriers. There are performance barriers to human performance and barrier to go around the world in an airplane at Limburg, barriers to flight. There are barriers technologically, physically, in people.

No one should be breaking the height barrier, in other words, you don’t see people come in and say, “Dr. Braverman, I like to be 12 feet tall.” Or “Dr. Braverman, I want to be three-foot tall.” Even in plastic surgery, there is no that seems to wish to come in and say, “I really I’d like another set of breast on the front of my chest,” and very few women come in wanting a set of silicon breasts on their back. Very few men think of even erections, but no one comes in and says, “I want an erection that is 22 inches like a donkey.” There are wishes to break barriers and then there are barriers. The wish to break the aging barrier, to live to 200 and 300 is not uncommon. Meaning, Singularity wants us to do it with computers. The Bible implies that as we approach the Garden of Eden that 800-year life spans could occur and you can either take it as a metaphor, literal, poor counting, however, you want to see it, but you’ve got Methuselah into the 900s. I’d say that the real quality of life aging barrier at 90 and 100 has got to be broken. It has to be broken with genetic repair and stem cells.

‏‏Let’s talk about the kinds of stem cell repairs that can be done. First of all, let’s distinguish the different types of stem cells. There’s mesenchymal and so forth, let’s start there.

‏‏People have looked at fetal stem cells, embryonic stem cells. The concept is that the embryo to make it easy for everyone, a sperm and an egg is a stem cell that then grows an entire human being. That’s called total potential or totipotent. It can grow a whole person and cloning is clearly possible, how well intellectually the clone will work, whether or not a brain could be put into a clone, that’s a total stem cell replacement of a human body or duplication of the same human to as close as possible genetically. Most stem cells that are in use in the United States and in the new world area are three type‏‏umbilical which are not matched but are thought to be not necessarily—they think that they can still fit into the body, and kind of mold like a new brick to an old brick wall; mesenchymal, which are like fibroblast collagen stem cells, which we have to pay special attention to in genes like Linus Pauling thinks that the lamina structure of collagen is epigenetically more important than DNA to the point where he makes the mistake of thinking that the DNA is triple helix-like collagen and then bone marrow cells which are considered by many to replace the blood supply, cartilage, and other things.

How far can we go? I don’t think there are enough answers in the medical literature of how far. What do I know happens? I know that you definitely can grow cartilage and why is that important? Here are some of the other barriers I have grown up with. We have the barrier where it says as kids, they told us DNA made RNA and RNA made proteins and it could never go the other direction and we have viruses and examples in the body. We were told as kids that you couldn’t grow brain cells. That’s proven to be false and what we call the adult neurogenesis or brain growing cell barrier could not be broken, it’s broken all the time now. Meaning, people are clearly growing brain cells. They may not be growing it like a fetus at 250,000 per second, but they are growing it. Another barrier is that they used to claim that one neuron had one neurotransmitter and now we know that is *** and that there could be 70. When I went to Harvard Medical School interview, the dean told me there was no role of nutrition in healthcare. The pediatrician told us that canned milk is as good as breast milk. I was told when I was at Harvard Research that prenatal vitamin work of Lew Holmes and the kind of derivative work that I did was ***.

When I worked with Dr. Blum, my research colleague through the National Institute of Health, they told us there’s no way that DNA polymorphisms could have that one genetic structure, could have that much impact on alcoholism and brain and energetic function of the brain, so all of these have been proven wrong and what we know is that the stem cells are growing cartilage, broken that barrier. They are probably growing some brain cells. They are clearly growing some heart cells and they are clearly making patches. It’s clearly an age barrier that can be broken. One of the examples that people cite is progeria. They go to telomerases. They go to the fact that an eight-year-old child with damage collagen, genetic structures and telomerase damage and DNA damage with collagen in particular. If a child can accelerate to age eight and look like 80 or meaning a tenfold acceleration of the genetic DNA processes, it is easy to imagine, not necessarily to do breaking the aging barrier from an 80-year-old to a tenfold deceleration of DNA damage creating an 800-year life span with stem cells, body parts, downloads of information and character to the point where individuals really damage the current aging process.

Furthermore, the ability to put yourself into suspended animation, the ability to make vacuum tube-like canals through space make it possible to imagine a better world and new world and new explorations for humanity. That being said, where are we at now? Where I am at now? There are people coming in and they can spend $500,000 repairing themselves and remember, lots of people have that kind of money and spend it all the time on doing their gutters and their speed boats. You can still not break all the aging barriers for these people. What we’re looking for with them is I’ll give you another phrase would be a net-zero aging. You look 60, you’re 60 and you stay looking 60 and you keep repairing and you keep the same muscle and you keep the same bone, you don’t lose any height, you don’t hunch over, your penis doesn’t shrink or your vagina doesn’t dry, your stomach doesn’t sag, your boobs don’t fall down to your kneecaps, your back doesn’t curve over, your sinuses stay open, you breathe better, you don’t get sick, you don’t throw blood clots, you don’t get tumors, you don’t get barren cells, and you get a net-zero aging.

Even though you’re not breaking aging barrier to 800, you appear to be having a net-zero aging for a decade or two decades. That is occurring in part, in partial organs. You might see it with the thyroid. Ninety percent of all women, when the croak or fill with thyroid nodules, 70% if they all live to 100, they have nodular, partially dead or dead thyroids. With iodine and thyroid, we basically replace it. The ovary dies, if I give enough estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, the three hormones the ovary makes, I can preserve it. Adrenal gland is DHEA, pregnenolone, I preserve it. With the pancreas, it’s glucagon damage, now we all have glucagon-like peptides better than ever before. Some of the trade names are Victoza, Bydureon, Byetta, the new great one is Ozempic, once a week shot and it keeps your pancreas preserved into a net-zero aging state. The idea of a net-zero aging state in different pieces of your brain, energy levels, sleep pattern, creativity pattern, learning capacity is certainly a well-described chase that people are making and succeeding at. They don’t even call it that, so if someone keeps aerobic functioning like a basketball player running up until they are 40-something, he kept a net-zero stamina.

But when we’re looking at 60, 70, 80 net-zero dying. Net-zero aging and aging people, there’s no such thing as graceful aging. What there are is adjusted aging, people who adjust. Now, where are the point, how do we do it? We give growth hormones–testosterone to men to get a net-zero muscle aging, we give growth hormones–estrogen to women to get a no hair loss. Women hate their hair at 60, we use adenosyl cysteine. We do topical hair. We transplant hair. We do a net hair-loss. Women are always looking for a net facial aging rather than a significant internal aging process and we train women to be appearance oriented in our society, much to their detriment physically, they go for a net zero facial aging with fake-looking collagen, lip plumping, and makeup of course. What can we do? Almost all diseases are accelerated aging.

Three important principles. Principle number one today is there are barriers to aging that are genetic stem cell disease-related organ by organ piece by piece repair of human beings. Step by step, system by system, retro pause, cycle pause, emotional pause, intestinal pause, absorption, the ovarian which is female menopause, male menopause, testicular death—every organ has it and then the total system breaking the aging barrier and using stem cells and genetic cascades. Then there is disease, so disease is occurring. People are sitting on toxic dumps, I just showed you a picture of the Hudson River, which doesn’t look much cleaner than a sewer in some areas even though people don’t think of it that way, it doesn’t stink at least, but evils are everywhere, and the Hudson looks pretty grotesque and there, we’re talking about disease like when a person gets pancreatic cancer that their pancreas became age 100 and died. We take 100 as the aging barrier, even I made a few refinements and we say, a 35-year-old woman comes in and her brain is like an 18-year-old, her sex life is like an 18-year-old. She’s fit as could be. She gets breast cancer. Her breast and immune system are 100 years old. She dies of a rapid metastatic process and she dies fast and the whole body ages. That phrase is, “You’re only as young as your oldest part.”

We’ve mastered the brain controls the body has got, it controls the earth, or if you’re a secular, you can say, a CEO directs a company or your brain directs your body. No one is asking their pancreas how to fly to Israel. No one consults their adrenal gland on how to go travel and no one asked their testicles where the local food store is. The brain controls the body. The human body is an inferior structure in some places, to animals in terms of running, strength etcetera, digestion and a host of things. We know that the human body though is necessary for the brain to work, but we know that people die from old parts, they die from the oldest part, so if they get testicular cancer, their testicle aged. They get colon cancer, their colon aged. If a blood vessel strokes out in their neck and sends a clot or in their brain and they stroke out, they died of old circulation. If their brain shrunk which is seen on imaging, 3T MRI, neuroquantification, amyloid—if their brain shrinks and they are getting dementia, they are dying from the atrophy of their brain. The brain cell shrink. Everyone knows that muscles shrink and people lose height and the brain shrinks.

I mean, the joke is we all need a shrink, but the bottom line is, that’s kind of a swollen head, everyone’s brain shrinks with age. Age may mature humanity and the new order of things of 800-year life spans will result in a different group of humanity. In other words, if people live sufficiently long, we hope they are not as violent. That remains to be seen. In the meantime, you’re only as young as your oldest part, every doctor—cardiologist, pancreatologist, nephrologist, dermatologist fixing your skin—they’re all piecemeal aging guys or we call them mechanics. They are mechanics and what I have invented is a new general medical system of total human repair with computer imaging and mechanics repairing. There’s all sorts of phrases that capture this image, maybe down the brain side, it will capture it this way. A group of doctors flying home on an airplane, the pilot gets sick and they get ebola and the plane is a fabulous jet, it’s a special new airline and it is flying over the Everglades and going straight down. The GI guy says he knows where the control are. They are in the rectum of the airplane, he scopes the ass. The urologist says, “I know where the controls are.” He sticks a scope down the toilet bowl and dives into the cesspool looking for controls. The dermatologist coats the plane with steroids and collagen structures.

The shrink talks to the airplane about its childhood and it was half-constructed by Boeing and half by McDonald Douglas. The chiropractor adjusts the frame of the plane. The podiatrist puts out the landing gear. The cardiologist thumped the plane and paddle it to try to wake it up. The insurance guys who sold them all term-life and sold them major medical for a year in advance, jumps out, feeling, “Now, that’s great. They’re all going to die.” He doesn’t care that they are all going to die because he made his money. Everybody wires their billing to insurance companies and they collect and the plane is going to crash until someone goes to the head of the airplane and take control. Everybody knows the plane’s pilots are in the head. The bottom line is, the brain is the front, the top and that’s the story of humanity. Then we know that planes have a shelf life and they also go through D checks and they have to have the right blueprint. Humanity may have the wrong blueprint or not a repairable blueprint totally. We don’t know how far the blueprint of humanity can be kept alive, but certainly, it can be hundreds of years more than it currently results.

The D check that airplanes go through, I think it’s called a D check, but I could be wrong is section by section taken apart. When I was at a boat one time, the Coast Guard inspected me and I had to take a lifeboat out away and take it out literally piece by piece and rebuild it piece by piece. Piece by piece building is done with machines. Engineers do it. We are going to do it for human beings—stem cell by stem cell repair, hormone by hormone repair, neuron by neuron repair. What do we do now, we make an entire war on death based on a statement to me from one of our top generals, and it’s called logistics, tactics, strategy. Logistics used to have, at all times, all your equipment—your vitamins, your hormones, your seven flosses, your seven sinus things, steam shower if you’re living in cities, detox devices, country—whatever it takes, fibers to remove your bowels, a medication health check. Even a toilet bowl that reads blood in your stool and reads your urine, a bed that reads and monitors your heart, brain check up of memory, attention, and processes and a section by section human measurement, a medical home or a medicalized home for total repair.

You have to have the logistics to do that. Logistics include things like this. If you’re going to be sexually active let’s say, you have all of these guys, well they’ve got to have condoms in their drawer. If they are dry, they have to have coconut oil in their drawer and if you have a bad back, you have to have massage machines and a massage table. You have to have stretchers and chin up bars to pull your spine and it’s called organization by a lot of people, but it’s really logistics, the defeat, the last enemy of mankind to be defeated will be death or aging. Then there’s tactics. Tactics include the things that I use. For you to fix your height and your back and your vitamin D levels and your blood test and how I would use growth hormone and DHEA and pregnenolone and supplements and natural inhibitors of inflammation. Those processes must be attacked on a daily basis. Just like a person has to protect themselves from sun damage with sunscreen and one has to apply it ultimately with a shower that will spray people with 50 SPF in a very fine mist so that they don’t get cancer if they live long enough, but they must proceed with a step by step set of tactics and organization for each organ.

Most people just lie to themselves. They come in, they are worth $40 billion, they spend $25,000. They scan their body and when they see that they’re really becoming old and dying in certain areas, they say, “No, I am too rich to die.” They lie, so that’s a problem. Ultimately, delusions and illusions regarding getting old have to be carefully persuaded. That is very difficult because humanity has a great art for delusion. The British thought they’d keep the American colonies. Napoleon thought he would take Russia. We are all filled with illusions and delusions about our abilities, our longevity, and our importance. These are the enemy of your health and how to avoid them is a life discussion, but we can start by making sure that we have other loved ones around us telling us, “Am I sharp? Is my memory as good? Am I thinking as well? Is my sex great?” whatever it is, so we need others to help pop these illusions. The ultimate lesson of a person choosing the right people is Abraham Lincoln, choosing a pile of Cabinet members that thought he was a dumb, stupid hick from Illinois.

You think, “Why would anyone want to work four or five days a week with people who think you’re an idiot?” It’s because we want other opinions and we want them even if their opinions we don’t like, because we want to consistently examine ourselves. Now, how does that apply to medicine? We measure your thyroid for nodular size and we do it every 3-6 months and see if we’re shrinking it. We measure your memory, energy, output, and voltage on a beam, and we measure the shrinkage of your brain, we measure your sleep cycle with sleep devices, measure your anxiety level with tests of all types. We measure your attention, your attention to omitting things, we measure and measure relentlessly, assess it’s called in the McChrystal cross way doctrine of leading.

The way I see it is, you assess, repair, assess, repair assess, repair and if a disease has knocked on your door, so all of a sudden you’ve got blood in your stool or a lump in your breast, man, you spent your money in the wrong place. You should have had that head to toe ultrasound and not woken up with the one-inch lump in your breast when you could have seen it at 20th of an inch when you used ultrasound. Everyone comes in, they get a height measurement in my office and they say, “Dr. Braverman, I lost an inch.” It’s unbelievable. You’re talking to $1 trillion budget in healthcare and no one measures height in Medicare systems? People are shocked that they have osteoporotic compression. The bottom line is, if a guy pulls a gun and you notice the bullet a hair away from your heart, I think most people agree that that is a little late to dodge and, therefore almost the entire United States medical budget is spent that way rather than on the children. That gets back to values and other things.

Ultimately, delusions and illusions regarding getting old have to be carefully persuaded. That is very difficult because humanity has a great art for delusion. Click To Tweet

‏‏We covered logistics. We covered tactics. Was there a third piece?

‏‏The strategy is actually what we did first, which is the overall strategy is to preserve the brain with stem cells in a net-zero aging. Get a cascade that genetically repairs people from the nucleus and complete reverse would be a genetic implosion device that set forth a polymerase chain reaction that repairs the human being over and over and over again, so as to get a genetic strategy to get an 800-year life span. What to do with all those people that are living to 552 and 649 is, I came up with a strategy to make vacuum canals and obviously things—this is nothing new, but the whole idea of hibernation of the whole body and the other strategy was an endless set of repair parts, clone parts, computer downloading and I am not certain how many of these will be challenged morally, ethically, and doable, but the overall strategy is the hope that’s to end all war on the United States, ala the great genius from Minnesota, a guy named Kellogg and Briand Act of 1928 end all war and make aging better, repair and genetically repair and environmentally repair all the sewers of the world, including the floating plastic the size of Texas everywhere, and clean the entire planet up like a post-birth wound. Let it close, heal and do, and break the aging barrier for human beings, and restore a spiritual appreciation which will likely be biblical and significant to hold people, and re-transform the strategy of aging. We have doctors to make them realize that every time they see a disease, it is accelerated aging or embryonic maldevelopments, but still accelerated aging, and that they are all anti-aging doctors. The other strategy was that they all had to work as a team the way the Manhattan Project did at Los Alamos when it built Trinity and had the United States save us from Stalin and Hitler, and Hirohito for that matter, and Mussolini for that matter. That’s the strategy, a big one.

‏‏Let’s go to some of these details around things like why are your sinuses so important to longevity and anti-aging?

‏‏They are really the way in which we process oxygen. There have been studies where one person blocks one nostril and loses or a reduction in catecholamines. There may be some reflex trigger there that I don’t know about right off the top of my head, but I know reflux breathing, coordination of swallowing, all you have if a person would hold their nose, nobody feels great. Mouth breathing is not considered, but I don’t know all the details. Mouth breathing and snoring tend to enlarge the neck and you lead to obstructive sleep apnea. During the sleep cycle, my iPhone updates itself with new downloads at night if press the button, so I don’t think the brain basically updates itself with new memory systems and download throughout the night, so sleep disorder is caused—all you have to have is sinus trip and people end up with a lot of asthma. It drips into the lungs, so that’s a problem. When people have bad sinuses, they definitely can’t think. People, all the time, they call me and they say, their memory is no good. Their energy levels drop, so that’s some of the stuff going on.

‏‏People, as they age, they don’t sleep as well, they don’t sleep through the nights. They don’t get enough sleep and that does damage to the brain, that does damage to the immune system?

‏‏Yes. The average person gains two pounds a month when they don’t sleep. I think seven hours is the whole key for people minimum, babies are 14 hours. You have to do what we call a longitudinal look at sleep and what we’ve got is a person that is growing a lot of brain cells, the fetus is really sleeping almost all day, and then it wakes up, and then when it wakes up, it’s birth. When does it sleep? With birth, it starts sleeping 18 hours a day at first when babies wake up, 20 hours a day, and then by five or four, we want kids still sleeping 14 hours or 15. I think, the American Academy of Pediatrics has got four-year-olds up around 16 to 18 hours. Teenagers are still at 10-12 hours. Sleep is the sign of the growing, working brain. You see old people claiming they are not sleeping or during manic phases and hypomanic people they make all sorts of claims, they can get by without sleep. The brain must sleep. For a truly good working brain, you have to sleep seven hours. That means metabolic rate. The metabolic rate of human beings goes and certainly, a stuffed nose does not adequately aerate the brain somehow and I know that my acupuncturist used to do the sphenopalatine block and open people up. They say it is cheating with Sudafed. I mean, it is cheating if you’re using anabolic steroids, but Sudafed is a common agent for athletics to open your airways because people really do get sick when they don’t have open airways.

‏‏What about a Neti pot?

‏‏I am a big Neti pot guy. In fact, I have Neti pots and steam sitting right in my shower at all times, every second. That’s the thing that is about technology. Just because people can go to the moon doesn’t mean you don’t have to clip your nails and keep your nails clean if you’re an astronaut and have good bowel movements that are formed, what we call the Bristol stool stage of three and four. The bottom line is, health requires simple logistical changes. Five fruits a day, five vegetable colors, and spices. Fresh spices of the secret. Salt, ten to one potassium sodium ratios. No processed foods. There are always exceptions to the rule, but canned foods are not great. Fish from Alaska has no pesticides, it gets delivered to me. These are all logistics and they are all simplistic and they are low technology to get fish shipped to you frozen from places that are areas that are known to be non-polluted waters. The green movement contributes nicely to slowly getting there, but the real problem is you need massive experimentation on plastic dissolution to clean the oceans up. You’ve got a whole other problem. You’ve got tens of thousands of nuclear weapons and radiation leak potentials. Your audience should be emailing me at and I have 200 research papers and I don’t know if I sent them to you, I would hope. Two hundred research papers,. nominations to the Council of Foreign Relations, 30 or 40 world-famous doctors and scientists governors and senators, a pile of Nobel laureates, heads of directors of the National Institute of Health that I have either worked work with or consulted with, published with. If people say “Where the hell does this guy’s dreams coming from?” I’m glad to give them the hard work I’ve done, including 40 books that are for sale. Ten that they can buy on Amazon.

‏‏Going back to one point that you made about fruits and vegetables and having different colors. The colors mean that the fruit or the vegetable has antioxidants, that’s why it’s colored that is from the antioxidant. Why is it important to have different colors, different antioxidants that you’re taking in?

‏‏I have a booklet on this and it’s I think in my, Younger Thinner You book. There are a zillion chemicals that you can eat, but there are certain colored pigments that are antioxidants in tangerine that are different than a kiwi. I’m really convinced that that rainbow is of great value and I’m stunned by the list I created. I don’t know if I have it in front of me, but some of the things people have heard of—lutein and isocyanate—cyanides that are healthy, the ones that we digest, certain chemicals that are in nuts, certain chemicals that are in tarragon, basil that are not common. You can get a list from me of four or five things that will shock you that are in a radish that are not necessarily in a green beans and other things. I don’t think that anybody can completely outdo the nature of this incredible world that we live in and all of its beautiful things.

‏‏Muscle loss, what he recommends to counteract that as we age?

‏‏That’s a disaster. For men, it’s clearly testosterone, DHEA; the women, it’s estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA; and of course for both, growth hormone.

‏‏You’re referring to taking and bioidentical hormone or some sort of supplement?

‏‏All bioidentical hormones only. To be safe, there are seven classic examples of non-bioidentical failures. They are methylated testosterone, taken off the market for liver damage; cadaver growth hormone, taken off the market for killing people with viruses; diethylstilbestrol, fertility estrogen taken off the market for vaginal cancer; Premarin, pretty much taken off the market; horse estrogen or mare estrogen, actually that’s what’s called Premarin, taken off the market for blood clots, reduced to completely off the market just about; medroxyprogesterones, synthetic progesterones that work that cause blood sugar, taken off the market for causing obesity, depression, and cancer. There has got to be more. In my Younger You book, I have the list. These books are easy. They are all over Amazon and they can get them.

‏‏How about bone loss because that’s also a big problem.

‏‏Caucasians are really—the joke is white short guys, but it’s also true of Asian Americans and to a degree African-Americans, not quite as much, but that doesn’t matter. It’s affecting when they become short. You can lose six and eight inches by 90 years old or you see another guy that are just Milton Friedman in their 90’s, they didn’t understand then that that’s a parathyroid hormone deficit abnormality. Usually what it results in is a continual secretion of parathyroid hormone leading to very high blood levels of parathyroid, resulting in people getting more and more stressed with back pain. Once you inject the parathyroid hormone, it lower parathyroid levels, it pulsates into your body, it builds new ligaments, it stops your disks from compressing, and it’s complicated and that it has to be refrigerated.

The growth hormone doesn’t have to be refrigerated. It takes 10 seconds. It’s not controlled, neither one of these are controlled drugs. They are both natural. I think they are still in scheduled actually, believe it or not, they are on the scheduled agents. That is the story of really stopping height. I think you can add strontium to that equation and you could have 50,000 of D to protect the hips and balance, so you don’t break them. You check to inject the stem cells into the knees, so the knees don’t hurt so you can stay athletic. You can inject the hormones into the hips and shoulders so they are preserved and a whole host of treatments are available today where you can stop height loss and joint damage. The growth hormone combination builds the ligaments. They are the ligament structure of the spine and that’s how I see things.

‏‏It’s really important to not break a hip as you age because it seems like that sets off this whole cascade where it’s basically lethal for many elderly.

‏‏Everyone is checking their bank account every day than their bone density every day, so I guess, money is more loved than life. People will run out of time long before they run out of money, but it is what it is.

‏‏We’re out of time here. Let’s leave our listeners with one next action that they can do. What would be one thing that you would recommend everybody do regardless of their level of understanding of the technology of medicine?

‏‏Develop sleep IQ. Every aspect of sleep, master it better than you masterwork in an iPhone, master the curtains, master the aromatherapy, master bathtub, master the sexuality around sleep, master the sinuses stuff around sleep, master the mouth guards, master placing the water, placing the floss, master the role of Inositol, L-tryptophan. Let drugs work for you—gabapentin, Klonopin, trazodone. Master the natural side, which is the gabapentin. Master the GABA stuff. Master the serotonin. Master sleep. Become a sleep master. Learn to sleep on an airplane whether it’s giving into the ambience, learn how to move your bowels, so you wake up not bloated. Master sleep.

Master sleep. Become a sleep master. Learn to sleep on an airplane whether it’s giving into the ambience, learn how to move your bowels, so you wake up not bloated. Master sleep.

‏‏Where can folks find you online? What is your website? How would they reach you?

‏‏Instagram @ericbravermanmd is my handle, Path Medical NYC is my handle.www.pathmed is still up there and I’ve got for all my supplements. I’ve got a ton of books on Amazon, but I’ve got another 40 that are sold through Path Product or pieces of 40. I have my for New Jersey, but I think your best bet is just email me at

‏‏Thank you so much, Dr. Braverman for sharing your wisdom and experience with our listeners. Listeners now, I hope you’ll take some action to master your sleep, to take care of the body, take the supplements that you need, address the aging, and as Dr. Braverman says, remember that you’re only as young as your oldest parts. Thanks very much. We’ll catch you on the next episode.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Stay active and exercise my brain to sharpen my cognitive skills and function at a high level for a longer period of time.

?Consider my bone structure because my body frame can affect my central nervous system. A weak body frame means a weak brain.

?Check my hormone levels and make sure that they are in a normal state. Too much or too little estrogen or testosterone can lead to cancer of the cells.

?Research stem cell therapy and what it can do to prolong my life and regenerate my cells.

?Observe my sinus and its reaction to different environments. Having a regular case of rhinosinusitis can have serious effects on my health.

?Don’t forget to take vitamin D by getting a good amount of sunlight. It’s taken for granted but vitamin D is very important for bone structure.

?Make sure to get the right amount of sleep. This is the best time for cell regeneration.

?Develop a healthy, balanced life pattern composed of routines that involve eating healthy, sleeping right, staying active and taking care of my mental health.

?Check my serotonin level. Low serotonin may cause a prolonged change in mood as well as anxiety and depression.

?Grab a copy of Dr. Braverman’s books, The Edge Effect, Younger You, and Younger Brain, Sharper Mind.

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