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By: Stephan Spencer


Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer
“Learning reconnective healing is first learning how to receive.”
Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer

For most of my adult life, I believed that healing had to be a hands-on practice rooted in Western medicine. It wasn’t until I was touched by a Oneness monk in India and had a life-transforming awakening, that I understood the spiritual aspect of healing. Now, I want to go one step further. I want to give you insight into a kind of healing that doesn’t even involve touching: reconnective healing. It might sound hard to believe, but all I ask is that you listen with an open mind and an open heart.

This is such a special episode that I have two guests instead of just one! Dr. Eric Pearl is a pioneer in the field of energy healing, and the author of The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself. The book has become an international bestseller and is now available in 40 languages. Jillian Fleer is Dr. Pearl’s co-instructor for their various programs. Together, they’ll explain how reconnective healing works, why it doesn’t require training or rules, and how much it’s backed by science.

In this Episode

  • [02:00]What is reconnective healing all about, and how does it work?
  • [03:58]Eric explains what it looks like when someone is getting healed through reconnective healing.
  • [05:38]Jillian steps in to explain reconnective healing from her perspective, and how the reconnective healing frequencies are distinguishable from what we call “energy” as we know it.”
  • [07:58]We hear in more depth about the differences between reconnective healing and energy that Jillian just mentioned.
  • [11:41]What would Eric tell someone who’s skeptical about this kind of healing and is closed off to the possibility?
  • [13:21]Stephan responds to Eric’s answer about how to reach someone who is skeptical, sharing his own perspective on the topic.
  • [14:10]Jillian explains why they don’t need to worry about “smiley faces or frowny faces,” as Stephan has just put it.
  • [16:37]The divine is not a belief, but an experience, Stephan explains.
  • [18:33]Jillian loves the way Stephan has just explained receiving reconnective healing.
  • [20:12]With reconnective healing, people get very involved in “how do I do it?”, Eric points out. But there are no how-tos, no steps, no procedures, and no techniques.
  • [22:26]Eric compares and contrasts other kinds of healing with reconnective healing, explaining where it fits in the spectrum.
  • [25:16]A lot of it has to do with not directing it, Jillian says, then clarifies what she means by this.
  • [26:44]If there’s no technique, how does one know they’re going to a good practitioner who can actually deliver results?
  • [30:57]Some of us may take on our health challenges for the learning and evolution of those close to us, Eric explains. Jillian then points out that there’s a system of oneness that “just is” in reconnective healing.
  • [34:30]Jillian mentions their course, Reconnective Healing Online Essentials. She and Stephan then take a moment to rave about Thinkific.
  • [35:41]Eric talks about the book Science Confirms Reconnective Healing by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. He then talks about the scientific support for reconnective healing.
  • [37:06]Stephan interrupts for a moment to recommend listening to the episode with Jacob Liberman if you’re interested in light.
  • [38:31]We hear about how Stephan got a better experience of his own theta brain waves.
  • [40:30]Eric shares his take on different types of brain waves, and what they mean for healing.
  • [44:29]Eric lists some of the places and dates where he and Jillian will be teaching throughout this year.
  • [45:17]We hear more about some of the benefits of taking the online program that Eric and Jillian have previously mentioned.
  • [47:44]Stephan shares a story of blessing someone who he hadn’t thought about or been in contact with for years.
  • [49:22]Jillian takes a moment to talk about Eric’s book.
  • [52:26]We’re perfect the way we are, Jillian says. She then shares a story about the tie between reconnective healing and believing that you are enough.
  • [55:05]With reconnective healing, once you learn to facilitate it, you find that your most recent healings are always the most exciting ones.
  • [56:57]Jillian discusses the definition of “healing.” Eric then offers the example of a hypothetical child or adult with cerebral palsy.
  • [62:23]Where can listeners take the next step to learn more or work with Eric and Jillian?

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The Reconnection by Eric Pearl

‏‏In this episode number 135, we’re gonna delve into energy healing. I asked that you have an open mind. I was a skeptic almost my entire adult life, I know what it’s like, but I also know what it’s like to be on the other side. In 2012, I was touched by a Oneness monk in India and I had an awakening experience. It was incredible and I’ve never looked back. I went from agnostic to spiritual. I ask that you have that same opportunity by having an open mind and an open heart. Our two guests today are Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer. Dr. Pearl is a pioneer in the field of energy healing. He’s the author of The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, an international bestseller available on 40 languages that’s been endorsed by Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. He’s been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, in The New York Times and on CNN. He’s presented at United Nations and Madison Square Garden. Also joining us is Jillian Fleer who leads The Reconnection’s internal team and is co-instructor for online and worldwide live programs along with Dr. Pearl. Welcome both of you to the show.

‏‏Thank you.

‏‏Thank you for having us on your program.

‏‏I got to experience your healing at a Conscious Life Expo two years ago. Let’s actually start there. What is this reconnective healing thing all about? How does it work?

‏‏Reconnective healing is a quantum physics described, quantified form of what you would think of as an energy healer. It’s non-touch healing that brings through scientifically shown frequencies of energy, light, and information. The spectrum of energy, light, and information is referred to in science as the reconnective healing spectrum or the reconnective healing frequencies. It brings us back or into a state of wholeness, a state of balance, a state of coherence, a state of harmony that not only brings about healings that are physical. Reconnective healing is the new energy, light, and information of our planet. It’s a highly evolved form of energy interaction that continues to advance our health, balance, and quality of life progress with infinite freedom and expanded consciousness. It promotes our ability to heal ourselves and to impact the lives of others. Recognized by today’s science as the reconnective healing frequencies, reconnective healing is comprised of an all-inclusive new expansive spectrum of energy, light, and information. These vibrational frequencies encompass the energy systems and the benefits of all known energy healing techniques, yet you can access this without any complicated steps, procedures, or rituals. Reconnective healing can be learned by anyone.

Recognized by today’s science as the reconnective healing frequencies, reconnective healing is comprised of an all-inclusive new expansive spectrum of energy, light, and information.

‏‏From a standpoint of an outsider looking in, what does it look like if somebody is getting that healing? Are they on a table, are they sitting on a chair, they’re not getting touched, some practitioner is kind of sending them energy, what does that look like?

‏‏Well, yes, the person’s usually lying down on a massage table, if that’s comfortable for them. Yes, the practitioner is not physically touching them but they are holding their hands near them. No, they’re not sending them energy although it might look like that because that’s the perspective that we’ve been taught from, that’s the perspective we have learned from our energy healing techniques that we’re sending energy. But really, that’s because energy healing that we’ve had access to up until now such as reiki and other things have had us function as a conduit where the energy frequencies come through us like a milkshake comes through a straw. But what happens with reconnective healing is quite more evolved than that. First of all, the practitioner becomes an actual catalyst. The very presence of the practitioner being willing to be there as a witness and as an observer catalyzes, advances the healing that takes place. It’s part of a three-way interaction. The three-way interaction takes place between the recipient, the practitioner, and what science might call the field or some people might refer to as God, or love, or the universe. This three-way interaction tends to vibrate at a higher unity or resolution as a new vibration of one.

‏‏In a very simple way, we are expressing what I’m gonna call the ‘it’ factor because the energy, light, and information of the reconnective healing frequencies, in some ways isn’t it. You have to remember 20 years ago when this bandwidth of information and light that the researchers told Eric and those scientists, at the time who were studying reconnective healing, that this expanded light and information had characteristics that had not been seen here, and when I say here, within the perception of what would call our relationship with height, depth, and time. This is sort of the way that we exist in the world, in this box, in some ways. In the last 20 years, we’ve learned so much about consciousness. We have, I think, the premise for understanding that time may indeed be a illusion based in the quantum or qualia understanding of our daily life. This is tricky because we go often to our day, everything in the world is organized in a certain perceived pattern that we can get things done. The concept of time is illusionary or not a structure that we basically can figure or organize our daily life in. Even 20 years ago when the reconnective healing frequencies reached through that illusion of height, width, depth, and time, and presented itself, there was quite a bit to consider because it was and had principles of interacting with us that were very different from what we call traditional energy. What are those characteristics that make the reconnective healing frequencies very distinguishable from what we might call energy as we know it? I think it’s worth touching on that a little bit.

‏‏Yeah, I’d love to do it.

Someone who learns reconnective healing is actually learning in the very first instance how to receive.

‏‏As Eric mentioned, we’ve been educated to believe that energy is transferred, I’m going to say, as a conduit. You need a healing, I send you the healing. You’re the receiver, I’m the sender. In reconnective healing, really that composition is not at all the point of engagement. What happens is this bandwidth of frequencies reaches to you or to my client. Let’s speak from the standpoint of the facilitator because you asked what does a reconnective healing exchange look like. Someone who learns reconnective healing is actually learning in the very first instance how to receive. The reconnective healing frequencies reach to you wherever you are, meaning you’re not vibrating up to that. You’re not meditating up to a higher frequency so that you can be in alignment with them. They reach to you wherever you are; sick, well, rich, poor, happy, sad. They’re reaching down if you will, and it becomes the facilitator’s ability to be able to observe, notice, and witness the interaction with that. It’s fortunately quite tangible. It’s not something you have to imagine.

The beauty of reconnective healing, and often the confusion, is the simplicity of it. There’s nothing to do because in the interaction with the energy, light, and information, you actually become the healing itself. You become a catalyst, as the receiver. Interestingly enough, this a lot of the physics behind what the researchers study about reconnective healing in that engagement. When you receive it, you become a catalyst for your client. You become, in essence, the field itself for those same frequencies, to notice that there is indeed another form or matter contained in an energy system that is quite, let’s say, human. It begins to interact with that client simultaneously. It is the conduit. The practitioner or the facilitator of reconnective healing is the catalyst and so is the client, therefore, their session. Is that making sense?

‏‏It does for me as somebody who’s open and receptive to this kind of work, the energy healing. I was just at Donny Epstein’s Transformational Gate with my wife last weekend. It was amazing. I’m sold on this stuff but there are a lot of skeptics out there. If you would’ve caught me 10 years ago with this and said, “Hey, you’re gonna wanna try this healing on you.” I’m gonna be like, “Mmm, no thanks.” I’d be a complete skeptic because it’s who I was 10 years ago. I went through a big transformation. First, it was physical, and mindset, and then it was spiritual, I got awakened in India. What would you tell somebody who was like a previous version of me or somebody who’s just kind of closed-off skeptical about this, they’re like, “Yeah, sounds pretty woo-woo to me.” I’m sure you get a spectrum of different people that you interact with. Some are very receptive to it, open, they have the willing suspension of disbelief, and then there are others that are so closed-off, so skeptical that you can’t reach them. Let’s try for a moment to reach the person who’s skeptical.

‏‏First of all, I’ve gotta tell you that when this first started happening, I wasn’t expecting it. I wasn’t planning it. I wasn’t studying it. I wasn’t really necessarily, along those lines, consciously looking for it, and yet it arrived. I had to look at it and evaluate it, and see whether or not it passed the litmus test for me of being real. In other words, I had to overcome my own skepticism. In the process, what I discovered is that once you overcome your own skepticism, nobody else really seems to matter that much.

Once you overcome your own skepticism, nobody else really seems to matter that much.


‏‏What that does sound, as horrible as it might sound, I just wanted to sound realistic. That once you know your truth, you don’t feel compelled to try to convince the skeptic. I’ve always been a convincer so, take it from me, I know what a compelled to convince means. You lose that once you overcome your skepticism. What you choose to do, I found, was to simply share the truth of your experience, and leave it up to the listener as to whether or not they are able to hear the truth in the truth. It’s very freeing and allows you to stand in your integrity because you no longer feel the need to play suspend more than anything.

‏‏You’re not evangelizing something. You’re just being you and sharing your truth and your experience and then, they can take it or leave it. That’s one thing that I learned from Robert Allen, Bob Allen’s got all these amazing bestselling books, many millions of books. He told me that, “If you’re speaking to an audience and there are a bunch of smiley faces and a bunch of frowny faces in the audience or maybe a small number of frowny faces. Some of these speakers are just trying to win over the frowny faces in their presentation. It’s just a waste of everybody’s time. Frowny faces are not there for you, you are not there for them. You are there for the smiley faces and they are there for you. So speak to the smiley faces and just let the frowny faces do whatever they’re gonna do.”

‏‏The best part is though we don’t have to worry about frowny faces or smiley faces. Usually, when people leave an interaction with reconnective healing, they’re in awareness something is going with them. Again, the beautiful part is there really is nothing to explain or do. You sort of started the conversation with, “Tell us what the reconnective healing is, and tell us what  a practitioner does, and tell us how it works.” There are some very basic elements of sharing the mechanics or we’ll take the point of engagement of how it works. But the really beautiful part is that the reconnective healing frequencies are like air. You’re breathing it. You’re exchanging it. It doesn’t require you to believe in it. At the point in which we introduce to you even the simple list, awareness, active awareness of where they are, you’re able to witness that, and you’re able to observe them, and you are able to experience them.

You may not initially have a cognitive awareness and that’s another part because the frequencies of reconnective healing are not engaging with your mind. It’s kind of like mindfulness meditation, it allows you to understand that you are not your thoughts. It’s one of the reasons that we learn meditation. Reconnective healing isn’t engaging at the thought level. It actually is engaging with you at the theta brain wave level and beyond. In many ways, the faces in the room often become like when you were sitting at [CLE [00:14:18], you’re an SEO expert and you have a real understanding of a lot of different things that have to do perhaps with technology. Our range in the room is usually people like you to–medical doctors, school bus drivers, moms, dads, gamers, it’s such a huge range. We don’t actually need to know anything about who you are and what you know. It really is about coming to just have an experience, to be able to introduce you to it, so that you can play in these frequencies, and really know how tangible, accessible and simple they are to interact with.

The divine is not a belief but an experience.

‏‏It’s a really important point that you make about being in experience. I learned this from the Oneness monks in India that the divine is not a belief but an experience.

‏‏Right on.

‏‏I didn’t really get that cognitively. I got it but it’s like that doesn’t do it for me, but then I had received a oneness blessing from one of the monks. I’ve received some in the past from monks and from Tony Robbins, I had a blessing from him at one point. But this one particular deeksha that I got, it changed me. I had this profound experience that was some sort of trip. I saw everything in technicolor, like the brightest greens that I’ve ever seen when I’m outside looking at the grass. It was just magical and I felt so grounded, so connected to the creator and I have been agnostic my whole life.

I was raised by a Jehovah’s Witness and a Catholic and now it’s very confusing. I’m like, “Yeah, it’s all blank.” I don’t believe any of it. I closed myself off to, not just religion, but also spirituality for most of my adult life, and then I was 42 years old and I go to India in this trip with Tony Robbins’ and his Oneness monks and everything and then I have this awakening experience. It was incredible. I learned at that trip was that the divine is an experience not a belief. You can tell people in a way that just convey the experience that you had, like I’m doing right now, or you could try to convince them that they need to go and get themselves. The latter doesn’t work.


‏‏They’ve put up their filters. Their critical faculty is blocking the receipt of that information and that direction to go get that.

‏‏It’s a great way that you’ve put it because you’re talking about – I love your languaging. It’s blocking the receipt of, in reconnective healing, there is only receiver shift. It’s always accessible and available to be received, but in some ways, I used to able to block the cognitive awareness, sure. I can be standing right behind you and Eric can be looking at me and he can say, “Hey, Jillian’s here.” I’m standing behind you and you can basically choose not to see me or maybe you don’t see me. There are so many ways in which our mind plays its role. Even in neuroscience, look how long the body can lead and outrun, producing all these chemicals that will convince you that you are in this stage, or that stage, or the other stage. As it just, in its neuro programming is in charge, and tell you’re able to take your body back. Really understand that your mind, is in form, dictating a particular behavior. All these complexities exist. We just don’t have them in reconnective healing. It’s such a basic, simple, just like your monk explained, that interaction with the divine is simply an experience, it is not a thought.


‏‏I think we ran into the same challenge because that’s what we’re dealing with here.

‏‏With reconnective healing, people get very involved coming from their energy healing techniques with, “How do I do it? How do I do it?” The first thing we have to communicate to them is that there are no how-tos. There are no steps. There are no procedures. There are no techniques. You witness, you observe, and in that you experience, and the other experiences, so you become a part of their experience. This not only facilitates healing and evolution for the other person but for you as a practitioner simultaneously.

‏‏Pretty cool. I learned how to become a deeksha blessing giver in India. It’s such a gift for me to offer that to people.

Deeksha is one of the things that has the least amount of technique when compared to the energy healing techniques that are out there.

‏‏Deeksha is one of the things that has the least amount of technique when compared to the energy healing techniques that are out there. That’s a good step in this direction.

‏‏Let’s actually compare and contrast some of the healing modalities with reconnective healing. We have NSA, network spinal analysis. That’s Donny Epstein’s work. I’m a big fan of Donny’s. As I said, I was just at his Transformational Gate, I’ve been to his Ultimatum Program. He will be a guest on this show. I had Adam Siddiq on the show talking about network spinal analysis and the energy healing stuff that Donny’s done. It’s a pretty awesome episode.  There’s reiki, there’s Qigong, there are other modalities of healing that’s not quite energy healing but it’s definitely alternative, naturopathic, like stem cell therapy for example. I had Dr. Harry Adelson on the show talking about stem cell therapy which, of course, isn’t covered by insurance but can potentially save someone’s life, and heal all sorts of things that seem to be unhealable by traditional medicine. Where does reconnective healing fit in this spectrum? Is it compatible with all of it? I’m guessing it probably all is.

‏‏That would be the initial thought because everything that you’ve mentioned is compatible with the other. They will add to it. They are all techniques. They are all approaches that say, “Look for the problem, here’s how you fix it, here’s how you handle it.” Donny’s method tells you to press here and then press there, turn it over there, touch this for three seconds, touch that for four seconds. Everything has step procedure technique to it. Reiki, Qigong, etc, etc. What that does when you focus in on a technique or situation is you come to, well, a focal point or focal area. That focal area, our energy healing technique such as you’re discussing, are limited subsets or areas of the overall field of energy. There are different focal points of energy. Reiki focal points and Qigong, etc, etc, etc. what they do is they give you different subsets of the overall energy field, that’s why they’re called energy healing techniques. What happens with reconnective healing by having no techniques is it has no focal point. It allows you to access the overall comprehensive spectrum of energy.

Once you do that, you move beyond that intra aspects of light, and information that the researchers say that they’re seeing here for the first time. In order to stay in energy, light, and information, we must stay without technique. The moment we try to bring a technique in, we reduce it back to our focal point of energy. The main distinction between reconnective healing and energy healing techniques is that there’s no technique. Therefore, there’s no limitation. According to what we’re able to determine through our research and through our critical studies, is that all of the gifts of our energy healing techniques are accessible, and included in the reconnective healing spectrum. The only thing we have to do, the main thing we have to do to be able to access all the gifts of all the techniques whether we’ve studied or learned them or not, is to let go of techniques itself. It’s a little counterintuitive at first because there’s a part of us that you might refer to as the ego that wants to do things. We wanna do the healing and how can I do it better? In reconnective healing, we learn how to transcend the doing of and instead to become the healing, to become the coherence, the harmony, the light itself.

In reconnective healing, we are not focused on any problem or symptom.

‏‏A lot of it has to do with not directing it. When you have a symptom or a condition on physical level or depression, or a difficult relationship, or your finances are not where you want them to be, you’re really looking to solve what I will say is the problem, the symptom. In reconnective healing, we are not focused on any problem or symptom. In opening up the gateway, the portal, to allow what we’ll call this universal intelligence, the it factor, to step in and organize and orchestrate what you or the situation is needing, that’s where we differ greatly from what I would say other energy healing techniques. That is very appealing for some and highly frustrating and uncomfortable for others.

‏‏Yeah. I’m sure there are listeners who are thinking, “Okay. If there’s no technique, how do I know that I’m going to a practitioner who is actually good at this who can get me the result I’m after?” Don’t they need to go to some training to learn how to do this? Don’t they need to learn some skills and get some techniques? But if they don’t, if it could be just anybody, then I can get some random person walking the street to give me reconnective healing.

‏‏Right. What did you to do learn how to give a blessing? I’m just curious. What was the training that you’ve received in order to get…

‏‏Through deeksha. I’ve never gotten that question before. That’s a really great question. First, I had to have received a blessing, so that’s the first step. If you know what it’s like to receive one then that definitely helps. They actually did have that as a prerequisite, you need to receive deeksha first. They just explained where I should put my hands, in the back of the head, in the front of their head, and with both hands, and just the more that I want it for that person, that healing or that awakening, or the grace, whatever you wanna call it, the more divine grace actually passes through me, and the better I am as a conduit for that divine grace.

‏‏Deeksha, of all the techniques, pretty much has the least amount of technique to it and yet there is still technique. You use both hands, not one, place them here, not there. Now, in reconnective healing what happens is we expand you even further by freeing of techniques, it includes freeing of where you need to place your hands because it is done without touching the other person. Reconnective healing is done without the need to touch the other person. Therefore, what needs to go where for that person, how the healing is orchestrated and is structured and function is orchestrated through the intelligence of the universe. You can’t do anything wrong on the scale of saying I used one hand instead of two hands. I placed them in the back of the head instead of the front of the head.

A higher intelligence guides and orchestrates what’s going on. As a matter of fact, what is a little bit opposite of what you just said is the less attached you are to the outcome of the person in reconnective healing, the greater the outcome. Because our attachment of wanting more for them, for example, that attachment becomes a constriction or limitation. Part of what we learn is the skill, as you mentioned, how do they learn the skill without a technique, the skill is to let go of the techniques and part of the skill, if you wanna use that word which I don’t usually, but I’ll do it to address the phrasing of your question. Part of that skill is to learn how not to desire or intend a specific outcome for the person but instead be willing to understand that whatever they receive is most appropriate for them. It may be coming in the form that they’re anticipating and desiring, that you’re anticipating and desiring or it very well maybe coming in a form that neither of you have even dreamt of, one that the universe has designed uniquely for that person receive, and for you in the process.

Part of that skill is to learn how not to desire or intend a specific outcome for the person but instead be willing to understand that whatever they receive is most appropriate for them.

‏‏Some things, if we had a complete care clairvoyance, we would be able to see the bigger picture of why they are going through that challenge or having that particular ailment, or whatever it is. It’s for a higher purpose. It’s a gift with a bow on the bottom as my wonderful wife, Orion, likes to say, yet we don’t see it. We don’t see it as like, “This person has a debilitating illness. Why can’t we just figure out to heal that person while that debilitating illness might actually lead to them becoming a much more spiritually evolved person, and if you believe in reincarnation, when they come back next round, they’re much more evolved spirit, and they’ve worked through a lot of of their karma or whatever in that lifetime. But that would not happen if they didn’t have that debilitating illness. We don’t know.

‏‏It may not be that focused only on that person. Some of us may take on our health challenges for the learning and evolution of those close to us in our lives as well.

‏‏There is a system of oneness that we talked about on this very esoteric and spiritual level that in reconnective healing just is. We are witnessing and observing oneness in real-time, tangibly. You will experience the fusing in and in exchange where you’re receiving, your client is receiving, and it is the conduit that is not something you have to imagine. Again, it’s very tangible, extremely visceral. It’s really just our attachment and in our intentions that seem to want to take the higher platform or determine what was right or what wasn’t right. That is a lot of what is dissolved. We’re focused on where your attention is, not your intention. We’re focused on what you’re becoming and the opportunity to be in the receivership versus do anything. Again, that is so interesting, people can say, “Well, what is it? There’s nothing, nothing, nothing.” The beauty of understanding the truth and stepping into this expanded, what we’ll call the new energy, light, and information, of this planet at this moment is to be the observer and the witness. To be the witness and the receiver. To know that that is the highest form that you can embody.

‏‏It’s so all-encompassing. It’s so all-pervasive that through the reconnective healing spectrum we are all touching even when we’re on different parts of the globe. This is a very interesting aspect that has allowed us to do something rather intriguing, which is to begin to teach the first part of this, what we call through the online experience or online essentials. Teach the online essentials online and you begin to feel the frequencies and the vibrations and learn how to interact with that and train with the energy, light, and information or tune with these frequencies more clearly than you might ever dream possible. Even before you step into the second part which is our live training that we do in person.

‏‏I think we need to send you that online essentials course. I think what would be really cool is if you would be willing to move through that, I think you’d be very proud of us. It was designed very intelligently by another SEO expert actually. It’s eight-course hours delivered in seven-minute segments that are non-linear and it moves you through a really beautiful dance of play, and philosophy, and science, and Q&A I think in a very graceful way. I think it would be really interesting to just get your feedback from that experience.

‏‏I would love that. I’m game. What’s the name of the course?‏‏

Science Confirms Reconnective Healing by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Reconnective Healing Online Essentials. It’s done in Thinkific so it’s a really nice classroom environment. We’ll just send you a link.

‏‏Alright. Awesome. I was on their podcast not too long ago teaching some SEO techniques.

‏‏We do all of our teachings through Thinkific. We love the Thinkific classroom. All our courses are there.

‏‏Yup, awesome. You said a little bit ago that there is nothing, nothing, nothing. I thought, “Wow, that’s profound,” because I know it goes against our normal way of thinking but the more you can dissolve your concept of self for example, the more you can see yourself as nothing, the more you can be. Because you collapse all possibilities into one identity when you have these rigid concepts of self.

‏‏Right. You become totally possible. That is reconnective healing.

‏‏Cool. Let’s talk about the clinical studies because I’m sure the skeptics who are still with us are wanting to hear some of that. You guys have done different kinds of research and clinical studies around reconnective healing, tell us a little bit about that.

‏‏Well, first of all, by the way, there is a book by a well-known international researcher, Konstantin Korotkov on and it’s called Science Confirms Reconnective Healing. It has some of the studies in there. The researchers have done studies showing that interaction with the reconnective healing frequencies actually restructures or, as I like to say, reconnects our very DNA. Raising the level of light that we emit not only to a higher level but to a more coherent level, a more harmonic level. As we know, the body heals through what today’s recognized as the light model. Light is how the body communicates its healing, and restructuring, and rebalancing. When we fall away from optimal health, we’re actually falling into an incoherent or a less coherent state, a less harmonic state, and the return to the reconnective healing frequencies is to restore us to a more coherent and harmonic state which allows our blockages or interferences to sort of vibrate our of the system, fall away, as we return to higher levels of light which is our very nature, our very essence. That’s one of the research studies.

‏‏Just to enter for one second. I wanna also mention to listeners that if you’re at all interested in what we’re discussing here about light, there’s a fantastic episode with Jacob Liberman, talking all about light for healing. Fascinating episode.



‏‏Okay. That, to me, is one of the most exciting research studies because I think that that summarizes things in a very clear picture whereas a lot of the average studies have been more clinical on certain types of results or teaching people how to find the frequencies and feel them. We have studies from the University of Arizona, we have studies from the universities in Russia, in universities in England, we have studies from New York, we have studies in Germany, where it shows that it raises our blood oxygen levels, and changes our brain frequencies. We have studies showing that it harmonizes the heart waves and the brain waves. In the recipient’s brain waves, you can see the practitioner’s heart waves show up.

Light is how the body communicates its healing, and restructuring, and rebalancing. Click To Tweet

‏‏Wow. You mentioned brain waves. Earlier on the episode, you guys mentioned theta brain waves in particular. I got to experience a better understanding of my own theta brain waves by going through a program called 40 Years of Zen just a month ago. It was really amazing program. I’ve actually had the CTO of  40 Years of Zen on the show, Chris Keane. That was before I went through the program. That episode pretty much I was already keen to go through it, pardon the pun.

After the episode, I’m like, “I’m in. I’m so gonna go do this.” My wife and I did it last month. We learned how to get into alpha brainwave state and then into theta brainwave state through neurofeedback. We were hooked into EEG and we were hearing the audio, we were having headphones on our ears that we could listen to the synchrony between our two hemispheres of our brain, so that would sound like a gong sound, and then the static, the lower the static, the more we were on alpha brainwave state. After learning how our brains basically kind of unconsciously figure out how to get more into alpha and learn some more ways to further deepen that.

After alpha, we went into theta brainwaves and then we had alpha and theta at the same time. One was a bubbling brook and another was ocean waves. The brain is just this amazing thing that just figures it all out. I’m just hearing this thing and they’re watching the EEG and seeing that, “Yup. Stephan is getting into more theta.” It was really cool but now I would love to hear your take on alpha waves and theta waves and what this means in terms of healing.

‏‏I’m far easier person than that. I’m really not attracted towards having to work so hard to gain relatively so little. What I really like about reconnective healing, and again, let me remind you, I didn’t plan this, I didn’t study it. I went home one night thinking I was a doctor as I was already in my 12th year of practice when this began. I came back in on a Monday and I was something else. My parents always told me I was something else but this is probably not what they had in mind. People started having these dramatic healings. No one anticipated it or believed in it or needed to believe in it, or have to study it, or needed to worry about, “Am I going to the right percentage of alpha and the right percentage of theeta and where is my delta, what’s going on with the [inaudible [00:43:26]?” No one have to worry about, “Are we doing it right?” Which translates into the fear-based concept, “I hope I’m not doing it wrong.” You could just let go, have the experience, and know that it was being mediated to perfection by the intelligence of the universe. I have studied and learned and listened, and Jillian and I have been to some of the classes and the experiences of, “Here’s the gamma, here’s the theta, and here’s the alpha, and here’s the beta, and here’s the delta.” Personally, I’d rather know that it was just taken care of at its highest. I might not be the person to go into major detail on these brain levels with. I hearing about the gongs, I hear about the dance, I hear about the [inaudible [00:44:23], I get it.

Pulling the body out of the mind is a whole form of beautiful meditation.

‏‏Pulling the body out of the mind is a whole form of beautiful meditation. Our beautiful colleague, Joe Dispenza, who we love a lot, we think he is just a wonderful tour guide through the neuroscience. Again, the point of engagement of light, energy, and information or what science will call the reconnective healing frequencies is an instantaneous exchange. There is no music to listen to. You do not have to close your eyes. You don’t have to sit in a special place. You are able to become these frequencies in your everyday life.

‏‏There is music but the music comes from within you, and comes from the universe, and comes from what you are able to allow yourself to actually, actively hear, to experience. There is sound that is audible and sound that is inaudible. There are colors that are visible and colors that are non visible and colors that have never been seen before. There is so much of this experience as soon as we get out of trying to control it, to make it more of this or less of that. We find that it takes us to places we’ve never even dreamed of.

‏‏It’s the observing, it’s the noticing, it’s the experience which actually is the name of our overall program. We call it the ONE Experience.

‏‏ONE for observe, notice, and experience.

‏‏And it actually starts with these online essentials which take you through these eight-course hours and then you can decide whether you wanna come and join us with a few hundred like-minded seekers, and move through that understanding, and where that observing, noticing experiencing allows you to go with these frequencies. It’s a very deep and personal relationship. It is your relationship. Every individual’s relationship that they have with this conduit. Again, simplicity maybe not convoluted enough for people.

‏‏ONE for observe, notice, and experience.

‏‏It’s elegant simplicity.

‏‏Yes. We will be in Los Angeles.

‏‏We’re going to be teaching in Los Angeles May 4th through 6th. We’ll be in Orlando August 3rd through the 5th. Denver September 7th through 9th. Chicago November 9th through 11th. After you go through the online essentials program, you can then join us for one of those four US live programs or you can come to Mexico City, we’ll be there in May.

‏‏Or you can come to Prague or Leipzig.

‏‏Prague or Leipzig or Germany or Europe or wherever you want.

‏‏Cool. The online essentials program, you’re experiencing this, you’re not just learning about it as a prerequisite for the live program. You’re actually getting some healing through this online program.

‏‏You are learning how to begin to do this work and you are definitely experiencing your own evolution in the process.

‏‏It’s not a lecture. It’s all been done, shot in 4k, you’re in a very interesting…

‏‏Interactive experience.

‏‏It’s very, very interactive and it’s a very immersion-based experience. But you’re gonna be in a better position to talk about it. We’ve been told there isn’t any other online course like it. You’ll have to decide what you think but many people move through the online essentials just for them and their families. That is a beautiful beginning to self-healing, I would say.

‏‏One thing that I think is important for our listeners to understand is that when you go through an online program, you can get the kinds of transformation that you would normally expect to only happen in a live environment and in-person environment.


‏‏Just to give an example from my own experience. I have known how to give the oneness blessing, the deekshas in India. It was always taught as one where you put your hands on their head. But then I had this kind of divine inspiration or direct download while I was getting entrainment by Donny Epstein at his Ultimatum program back in 2013. I’d just gone to India three months prior, had that spiritual awakening, and then I had another trip to India planned two weeks later to go to Oneness University and do a full nine-day immersion program with the Oneness monks with my wife who is my girlfriend at the time.


‏‏That was quite an incredible time of awakening for me. One thing that really was surprising when I got this direct download that I could give a deeksha, of oneness blessing remotely and I’m blissed out entrainment, laying on the floor, and I’ve realized I could give deekshas remotely without touching the person. I start blessing all these people, including people I didn’t even like, 50 people at least, I think. I don’t know. The concept of time was just gone. I don’t know how long I was out for laying on the floor, blissed out. But one of the people that I blessed, I hadn’t thought of in years, years, and years, 15 years. He was pretty much from my consciousness. He was somebody who had worked for me. I had fired him because he was talking about me behind my back and I didn’t like it.

My ego was bruised. I dismissed him without progressive discipline which I could do legally, and then he filed a lawsuit which then I had to fight, and then I realized I can make him go away for a lot less just by paying him off rather than winning the lawsuit, so I did that. He was gone from my life and just from the face of the earth. We were living in the same city still, I never heard of him again, nothing for 15 years. I blessed him while I’m on the carpet after this entrainment from Donny. Guess who calls me on my cell phone four days later?

‏‏Your nemesis.

‏‏Yeah. Who wasn’t my nemesis. He was somebody who I had just prayed for four days earlier. Who was calling to ask for forgiveness and he had been thinking about doing that for a while, but then he finally felt compelled to do it and called me after 15 years of no contact and not even hearing his name for that 15 years. We are all connected. This stuff can happen from anywhere, from a distance of any amount of miles. Heck, you can achieve some closure or completion with a relationship even if the person’s passed away. I would never have believed in any of that 10 years ago.

‏‏Eric’s nook is now in 40 languages, If you haven’t read it, it’s called The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself. We hear these kinds of stories so often where ultimately, you know you are releasing yourself to nothing and nobody. You become that divine vessel connected to everything and everyone. In that moment of your process on the carpet, look at the beautiful healing. The healing was for yourself and for this person.

‏‏And a whole bunch of others too.

‏‏Right. Could we attribute that to Donny Epstein’s training?




‏‏He was the catalyst for that but it wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t open to it.

‏‏Of course, it had to do with you being open to you because it wasn’t taught to you in Donny’s training and it wasn’t taught to you in deeksha.


‏‏It was and that’s part of what’s going on with our techniques. Our techniques have been limited in the approaches that they’re teaching and the teachers have dealt into teaching how to do it that way because they are afraid that if they are perceived as teaching nothing, that people will confuse teaching nothingness with teaching nothing. That they won’t come and there is a monetary investment process that, you can’t help it by the way, society is that teachers, just like everyone else are thinking about. But there is an evolution to learn how to step from nothing into nothingness. Reconnective healing teaches you how to access nothingness to be in that state whereby everyone is touching and no one is touching, everyone is special and therefore no one is special. Not everyone is willing to be there but the rewards of being there, although they can’t be explained once you touch them, once you taste them, far outweigh wherever we’ve been.

‏‏By the way, when I was in India two weeks after the Ultimatum Program. I asked the monks there, “Is there a remote deeksha or do you have to touch the person?” And, “No, no. Actually, there is an intent deeksha which is remote.” I was just tapping into the universal Google, I guess.

‏‏Right. But after you had already had that experience you asked that question?

‏‏Yes, I was curious. I was curious if they had a form of deeksha that didn’t require touching a person’s head, if t could be remote. They said, “Yes, an intent deeksha.”

‏‏Got it.

‏‏Even if they said, “No, there isn’t.” I knew that there was because I had experienced it.

‏‏Exactly, that’s what I was wondering. Thanks for answering.


‏‏We’re really perfect the way we are. I will tell you recently our staff here at The Reconnection said, “We really wanna convey one theme.” And I said, “What is that?” They said, “You are enough.” I said, “Well, you should put that on every piece of information wherever we connect, you just go for that.” We are very fortunate we have all millenials working for us here at The Reconnection. They are just brilliant thought leaders. They really do understand by their very construction what this becoming one not just empirically or when we leave the body, but what that really means to live that in our everyday life. Maybe we’re headed in that direction. I’ll say, 20 years later we’re still here teaching reconnective healing, that’s inspiring. We’re hoping that in 2018 and moving forward, people are really ready to, I’m gonna quote Marianne Williamson. She says, “Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” I think there is much wisdom to that.

‏‏I love that quote. I love Marianne Williamson. She is awesome. Totally onboard with that. I’m curious, if we have time here, to share a couple of case examples of people who have experienced reconnective healing and what happened for them. I’ve met people here and there during Conscious Life Expo, I’ve gone there a couple of years, and just randomly talking to people. I’ve met some of who have experienced reconnective healing and it changed their lives. Actually, that conversation that I’m thinking of at Conscious Life Expo with this one guy who had incredible healing from reconnective healing, from working with you, Eric. I don’t remember his name anymore but this was before I signed up for the workshop. I went to your workshop in large part because of that conversation that I had with that guy.

‏‏When was this healing?

‏‏I don’t recall. This was at the time, I was really struck by how much his life had changed because of that experience he had. I don’t remember the details. I just remember, “Okay, I need to go to this program and see what it’s all about.” I signed up last minute for your workshop, the day before.

‏‏With reconnective healing, I think that once you learn to facilitate this, that’s your choice to do so, you find that your most exciting healings are always your most recent ones. You tend not to focus on the phenomena any longer. Just as it left you what it is, sometimes it leaves our minds where we were because we’re not here to live in the past holding onto each healing that just took place but to step into the future and flow forward to who can we help next and how can we continue our own evolution. We get confused with reconnective healings thinking about the physical or the mental or the emotional or the spiritual. We don’t always recognize that healing is always one and the same. Say for example, what one comes to mind?

‏‏Are you talking about physical healing?

‏‏Sure. Any healing.

‏‏We had people who, just go to our website, we probably get 550 testimonials a day. You’re talking about a transformation of wholeness. At the end of the day, I guess I would say what is your definition of healing?

‏‏Well, anything that gets you to a place of accessing more, more of your physical capability, more of your emotional capability, more of your mental capability, or spiritual capability or if you have a spiritual disability that’s blocking you from access to have that resolved. That’s my first stab at a definition or way to clarify. You tell me whether that’s the right kind of definition or not.

‏‏I don’t think there’s any wrong definition. I think that we have taken that word and like all words, they lead their etymology, and they become kind of a conversational description. Healing really, at its core, means a return to wholeness. When we talk about reconnective healing being the journey of life progress, we mean that there isn’t anything that interacting with the reconnective healing frequencies doesn’t address. There is no aspect whether it is deceased, whether it is a depression, something specific that is affecting our mental attitude. It is an entire return to what we’ll call a whole system in what we’ll also say is perfect for that person on their life force in that present space, time, moment.

‏‏Let’s say, for example, a child or an adult has a problem, we’ll call it cerebral palsy as an example. Let’s say they’ve got cerebral palsy, they’ve got difficulty walking, they’ve got difficulty holding on to a glass or holding on to a pen, they’ve got difficulty speaking. They experience reconnective healing and suddenly they can walk freely. Their feet are touching the ground in perfect balance. They don’t need their leg braces any longer. They can write with a pen. They can speak very clearly. People would say, “Oh, they had physical healing.” But, did they? Because what happens is they start to feel better about themselves. It becomes emotional healing. Other people start to respond to them differently. People in their lives have changed as a reflection of who they are. They start to do better at their work. They’ve got now, not just a physical, but a mental, but also emotional healing that goes on.

Relationships around them change. We see the physical as if its the problem and we diagnose according to the physical problems and we’re trained to go into the doctor when something physical comes up, and they diagnose us. But what they’re usually looking at is the 10% of the iceberg that floats above the water. For that 10% of the iceberg to get above the water, there’s got to be 90% of it underneath propelling it upward. Healings can’t just work on the symptoms or the diagnosis. That is treatment, that is therapy. True healing brings you back into a sphere of balance. No matter how you spin that sphere, whatever 10% is above the water, the rest of it is come along with it as part of the healing process. People find that their life has evolved, that their prosperity and their career has taken off. People who are always throwing out roadblocks to them on work are suddenly supportive and friendly. That their relationships changed and evolved around they find the right mate. All of these things are part of what reconnective healing is about. It’s not just about regaining the use of an arm, or a leg, or your vision, or your hearing, bu it is about your whole path forward on this life course.

True healing brings you back into a sphere of balance. No matter how you spin that sphere, whatever 10% is above the water, the rest of it is come along with it as part of the healing process.

‏‏Sometimes, in space time, even takes people time space to notice that their wife is entirely different. Listen, I’m gonna even say you attended a workshop two years ago, correct?


‏‏You’ve done many, many things. But if you had to encapsulate the moment that you played, just that little interaction, and maybe you understood and maybe you didn’t, but you witnessed something or you had an experience in the room or you had no experience, would you look at your life in the last 24 months, how would you say your life is different or changed since you’ve played with us?

‏‏Oh, it’s like night and day difference. It’s incredible what I’ve experienced and how I’ve evolved in the last 24 months. I can’t point to any particular thing nor am I feeling the compulsion to do so.


‏‏Right. What’s interesting is you didn’t even fully immerse yourself and learning the work yet. You just came to a little taste of it.

‏‏Yeah. It was compelling enough to me that I felt resonance enough that you recall us meeting afterward. I gave you my book. I offered to help and so on and so forth. I don’t do that with everybody. I felt a connection there, for sure.

‏‏And you may feel a connection after this interview, we certainly are very happy to be reconnecting with you.

‏‏Yeah, likewise. Likewise. I know we are unfortunately out of time and you guys have to go to your next meeting. Let’s leave everybody here with an action to take. Where should they go online to take the next step with you, maybe sign-up for the Online Essentials Program or at least read some case studies, or some testimonials, or do something. What website address should we leave them with?

‏‏I think the best thing for them to go to is or You’ll find our schedule there where we’re teaching all around the United States, LA, Orlando, Denver, and Chicago. Where we’re teaching around the world, you’ll find things to go there that will share testimonials with people’s stories of what’s going on, you’ll find… what else is on our website?

‏‏There’s a lot to test the waters with. I think what would be great again is we’ll send you, Stephan, the Online Essentials. When you get the time to move through it maybe you can just share your experience with your audience at some point.

‏‏I would love to.

‏‏We can send that off to you today. In the meantime, or, there’s some information there.

‏‏Awesome. Thank you so much, Eric and Jillian. This is a real honor to reconnect with you, and do this interview, and to get this important wisdom out into the world. Now, listeners, it’s time to take action on this. I’m sure this was interesting but interesting doesn’t cut it. You need to manifest this stuff into your life by taking some action. Take some action. Thank you again, Eric and Jillian. We’ll catch you on the next episode of Get Yourself Optimized.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Be open to other forms of healing that involve spiritual medication rather than traditional medicine.

?Become familiar with reconnective healing, a form of non-touch healing that brings through frequencies of energy, light, and information.

?Open myself up to other ideologies and modalities of healing. Take time to learn and discover things that expand beyond the norm.

?Make it a priority to keep myself in a balanced state. My goal should be to feel whole, coherent and in harmony with my mind and body.

?Trust in the healing experience. Just like religion, God is more of an experience rather than a belief.

?Aside from experiencing a new form of healing, learn how to share and spread the practice to others. It’s always better to give than to receive.

?Avoid the feeling of attachment and learn how to let go of the things the produce negativity in my life. These are culprits of disproportionate energy.

?Take Dr. Eric Pearl’s and Jillian Fleer’s online course, Reconnective Healing Online Essentials, to start my reconnective healing journey.

?Grab a copy of Dr. Eric Pearl’s bestselling book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself.

About Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer

Dr. Eric Pearl ran a chiropractic practice in Los Angeles before discovering Reconnective Healing. One day, his patients began to report healings when he simply held his hands near them, without him physically touching them. So, he went in search of the universal wisdom behind what was happening. Unlike today’s known forms of Energy Healing, this work can be practiced without complex technique or elaborate ritual. Through Dr. Pearl’s journey of research and discovery, it became clear that the appropriate name for this work is “Reconnective Healing.”

Jillian Fleer is the Head of Insight and Development. In collaboration with Dr. Eric Pearl, she oversees the direction and vision for The Reconnection and The Reconnective Healing global community. Jillian leads The Reconnection’s internal team and is co-instructor for online and worldwide live programs. Together with Teaching Team Director Pat Atanas – and over one hundred Mentors internationally – they have established Reconnective Healing as a professional practice industry leader in Energy Healthcare. In addition, Jillian oversees global partnerships, training programs, content development, program execution and business strategy.

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