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By: Stephan Spencer


Vasundhra Gupta
“The universe is not playing games with you. Instead, it wants you to learn, and it becomes easier and lighter when you learn it. But if you don’t, it becomes very miserable.”
Vasundhra Gupta

I came across today’s guest, Vasundhra Gupta, searching online for information on soul contracts. The article I found on her blog, called My Spiritual Shenanigans, was profound and very helpful to me. I knew immediately I needed to have her on my podcast.

Vasundhra is a spiritual educator, author, and consciousness coach. She’s passionate about simplifying spirituality in a way where everyone can embody a more enlightened way of being. Her website, My Spiritual Shenanigans, is a sacred space dedicated to raising the consciousness of the collective.

In this episode, we speak about soul mates, soul contracts, polarity, free will, awakenings, and so much more. Strap in, because we’re about to go on a wild metaphysical ride!

In this Episode

  • [00:09]Stephan introduces Vasundhra Gupta, a spiritual educator, author, and consciousness coach.
  • [02:24]Stephan asks about the two different ideas of having free will, yet we have a soul where you’re destined and preordained to meet somebody.
  • [06:42]Vasundhra discusses the three kinds of luck. The first is the destined or heaven luck. The second type is created through our free will, called human luck. Then the third kind of luck is our earth luck.
  • [10:26]Vasundhra and Stephan discuss their definition of soulmate and compare it to twin flames
  • [17:00]Stephan shares the importance of seeing the spark of God in every one of us because we’re all equally important and discuss free will.
  • [22:25]Vasundhra talks about the power of choice, having courage, going out and believing that there is a higher calling.
  • [25:40]Vasundra shares her experience of having synchronicities and receiving messages from spirit guides.
  • [29:56]Stephan wants to know the steps in unpacking and understanding the information brought by angel numbers.
  • [37:31]Vasundra thinks that there’s divine intervention in every moment and states that synchronicities are just speculations of the possibility.
  • [44:05]Stephan is curious if Vasundra had any psychic experiences, receiving messages, or seeing specific numbers or certain words given from above.
  • [45:59]Vasundra shares that there are insights available to every one of us at the level that we can perceive them.

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Vasundhra, it’s so great to have you on the show.

Thank you so much for inviting me. This is wonderful.

I’m very grateful that you took me up on the invitation to be on this podcast because I’m sure you hadn’t heard of this show before. I hadn’t heard of you prior to just doing some Google searching. I was looking for information on soul contracts, and there you were, highly ranked with your My Spiritual Shenanigans blog with a fantastic article all about soul contracts. I’m guessing that’s one article that probably gets a lot of visibility on your site because of the high Google rankings and the keen interest by people in that topic.

Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue

It absolutely does. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are waking up to this idea that we’ve been destined to meet each other and that we have lessons for each other. It’s been fascinating to see the number of people that search soul contracts, blueprint, or all of that, and then they want to connect over that conversation and be like, tell me more. It’s been a game-changer for me and my journey, for sure. It’s so amazing to see that it helps other people.

Now let’s talk about how to come to terms with these two different ideas that one, you have free will. It’s a blank slate, the world is your oyster, or whatever expression you want to use that you can just go out there and do whatever you want, just randomly choose to turn right instead of left today when you go to work, whatever.

Yet, how can we have soul contracts where you’re destined, preordained to meet somebody who will become your soulmate in this lifetime, who will become your business partner, or somebody that’s a soul that you have an agreement with that they will become your child, and so they’re not even born yet? Decades later, you have a child and that was somebody that you had an agreement, a soul contract with. That they were going to be your child in this lifetime and you were going to be the parent.

That is such a heavy question and such a great one. I think it’s important to address this because we, as human being, function on autopilot. For most parts, our biology has been designed so that, let’s say, if the first time you learned how to open the handle of the door, you don’t have to remember how to do it consciously every single time. That’s going to be very slowing for our system.

It’s a part of evolution to know how to do these simple tasks. But also part of autopilot is being on autopilot in life. Where you get into the same arguments over and over again, or you tend to attract the same kind of people that are not of service to you. What happens here is, it’s an invitation for us to wake up from the ways that we’re used to being because we finally see, this is outdated. This conditioning isn’t serving me anymore. Sure, it was fine at the moment, but now I need to change. That changes our free will. 0

Now if you have had a relationship, which has just shown up in different people, but it’s the same kind of feeling every single time, there must have been a point where you gave up, and you’re like, you know what, I don’t know what’s happening. I have to question this. That’s the free will. 

As human beings, we function on autopilot.

It’s not that the universe is playing games with you. It’s not that it hates you, but there’s something in it for us to learn. When we learn it, it just becomes easier. You become lighter. You evolve from it. But if you don’t, does anything happen? No, it just becomes very miserable.

That’s where we are destined to meet certain people. They will support us with those lessons. But we get to choose whether or not we take it on as a lesson or we just cry about it, become a victim, and all of that.

If you’re going through life on autopilot, I’m being hypothetical here, I’m not saying you, the listener, or anybody, I’m just saying if somebody is going through life on autopilot, they tend to repeat the same patterns, they end up in similarly this functional relationships, for example. It’s because there’s a lesson that they need to learn, that they haven’t learned yet.

Those could be soul contracts that were preordained to be part of your lifetime until you decide to wake up if you’ve made that decision, if you decide to keep doing the same thing. I love this quote from Mark Twain and it’s something like this. “History doesn’t repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes. So going through these same patterns, the same loops will maybe seem different, but they’re not in many respects. The lesson is still there for you to take if you so choose.” 

So if we’re utilizing our free will to perhaps even jump timelines or to be a higher vibration version of ourselves, then we get a whole new destiny, then all these different lessons that we’re preordained to learn may no longer apply, and we might get a whole new set of opportunities presented to ourselves. Is that right?

The universe is not playing games with you. Instead, it wants you to learn, and it becomes easier and lighter when you learn it. But if you don't, it becomes very miserable. Click To Tweet

Absolutely. I just learned something recently, which I feel called to share. We have three kinds of luck. The first is the destined or you call it, heaven luck. The second type is the one that we create through our free will, through the mindset work, through the stepping out of the autopilot. That’s called human luck. Then the third kind of luck is our earth luck, which is the environment, the country, the people we’re around, the circumstances that arise for us.

When we have all these three parts at play, it becomes easier to see it as, okay, I’m in control, but also, there are some factors that are not in my control, and there’s some stuff that I’ve signed up to deal with. Whenever you speak to the idea that we’re pre-ordained, it’s so conflicting because so many spiritual teachers will give you this idea that it’s all a stage. “We’re just actors, just go with the role, play along, and then there are some people that will just be like, no, the universe is chaotic. There’s no such thing as destiny. There’s no such thing as this was meant to be. It’s too dynamic.“

I don’t want to pick one side or the other because I feel like we’re human beings, we know very little of the actual picture, but it is an invitation to play with both spectrums. There have been moments, I wanted to share a story here at this juncture—where I wanted to get married, but I lived in India and I did not want to move out of India to be with anyone.

So at the time, a person came into my life who lived in Canada. I was very clear, I’m not going to move, so it wasn’t possible for us to get married. However, my life started tumbling down and I experienced something called the dark night of the soul again.

Whenever you speak to the idea that we’re pre-ordained, it’s so conflicting because so many spiritual teachers will give you the idea that it’s all a stage.

So I was already on the spiritual awakening journey, and I was already doing all of the work, and yet something shifted. It felt like the universe had blocked me out. Until I agreed to meet this person and have a coffee with him, things were just weird, depressing, and were really pushing me to meet him. Three years later today we’re married. We’re happily married and life has transformed.


Thank you. Those moments, I do highly believe that the universe not just guides us, but almost pushes us to complete the soul contracts that we have. There’s one aspect where we talk about relationships that aren’t working, you call them dysfunctional. Are you doomed? Are you meant to be with that person forever? Probably not.

A lot of spiritual seekers will notice that the relationships aren’t stable. It’s because they keep evolving from them too fast. You keep learning the lessons so fast that you move on, and sometimes a partner can’t keep up. So there’s nothing to worry about. We’re all here to complement each other’s journeys.

It’s all beautifully designed. We can’t comprehend the level of complexity that’s in the design. However, yes, soul contracts are very much real. They can be evolved from, and you can come into very stable ones, which is key. I think a lot of people that search for soul contracts have two angles.

One is that they are searching because they’re stuck with this person and they want some kind of answer. What’s the lesson in this? How do I get rid of this person for my life? Then the second type is that they really believe this person is it for them, like a twin flame or whatever you want to call it. Even for them, these are all just for our guidance, for our spiritual evolution.

You mentioned the term twin flame. I’d love to get your definition of twin flame and to compare that with a soulmate. Those terms can be used interchangeably by some people, but they’re not the same.

The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson

Absolutely. Very few people know this. My journey began exploring twin flames. I believe that that is what I was going through at the time. I don’t speak about that story because it was very confusing to me. But how I see twin flames is just someone that comes to our life that might support us in our awakening and accelerate that for us.

In a way, yes, you feel romantically attracted to them, but there’s something deeper. A lot of people see mirrors with that person. So they’ll notice the universe giving a lot of synchronicities as soon as that person is in their life. Things might become smoother or more beautiful and more romanticized.

I don’t want to downplay the experience because I’ve been very deeply involved in twin flame healing. But at the end of the day, everything comes back to the inner union. The person that you’re so attracted to will also trigger you the most. Twin flame journeys can be deeply painful and deeply scarring for so many people. And yet, it’s such a beautiful opportunity to wake up and just experience your journey from a different angle.

I’m feeling called to share a definition of soulmate that I learned about from Anne Marie Pizarro who was a guest on this podcast last year. She’s an Akashic Records reader, an amazing one. I’m in her training program right now on Akashic Records reading, but this is the definition that she shared in an email a few years ago. This is from Edgar Cayce, who was an incredible clairvoyant, very, very gifted, very prophetic, back 80, 100 years ago.

“A soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level, not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves.”

Stunning. That’s beautiful.

It’s so important. Sometimes, we are connected up with our soulmates because of the soul contract that we together agreed upon before incarnating. That soul contract may be fulfilled and complete before the lifetime ends, and then you move on to another partner or another situation. Yet, you can’t deny the power and the value of that relationship for what it did for you to wake you up, to get you to embody whatever behaviors that you need to embody to become your best self. You switch versions to elevate whatever needs to happen. That brought you there.

My understanding of a twin flame is that essentially, the soul has split in two or even multiple components beyond even two, and that fragment of the soul is in one person, and then that fragment of the soul in another person may meet through synchronicity through heaven luck that was preordained. That brings about a powerful relationship.

There are three kinds of luck. First is the destined or heaven luck. The second one is human luck. And the third luck is our earth luck Click To Tweet

It doesn’t have to be a marriage. It doesn’t have to be an intimate relationship, but it could be business partners, lifelong friends, or whatever. I’m curious to hear if you have any examples of twin flame stories of folks who were probably different fragments, soul fragments of the same soul.

Before we go into the examples, one thing that I really want to almost challenge very lovingly is this idea that we’re a soul split into two souls. There is so much romanticism in that and it sounds wonderful. The whole idea of a soul is that it is one with the universe. So let’s say that there’s just one giant soul and we’re all fragments of it.

Now you can go on splitting those into multiple fragments and calling it whatever you want to. But at the end of the day, we’re all from this giant soul only to realize that for ourselves and go back to it. So if we were to be very, very cheesy, I would say that God is our true twin flame, the universe, the higher power, whatever we want to call it.

Something shifted. It felt like the universe had blocked me out.

I want to challenge this because we tend to put the other person on a pedestal. We will justify the most obnoxious behaviors from this person just because we think they’re our twin flame. We are being called forward to step into our light, into our power. That does not come from putting the other person on a pedestal, whoever they may be for us.

We challenge faith, we challenge God. The word God could be triggering for some people, whatever you want to call it. But how many times do you just blindly believe that God is going to protect you? You don’t. Then why do you believe that this twin flame is going to be the one riding on a horse and come save you from all the problems? It’s beautiful, but it’s not empowering.

There have been beautiful, powerful couples that, like you asked for as an example. I think I’ve never really tried to see another couple as a twin flame or not because the moment I was introduced to the label, it just became very egoistic. Any label that we put is a construct of the ego-mind. I just couldn’t do that for myself.

I just didn’t want to have that experience and think, oh, that’s a great couple, they’re twin flames. Oh, no, those are not good couples because they’re karmic. I wanted to free myself and the people around me from that. So I’m sorry, I don’t have an example and I’m challenging the whole notion, but that’s how I’ve come to it.

Twin flame journeys can be deeply painful and scarring for many people. Yet, it's such a beautiful opportunity to wake up and just experience your journey from a different angle. Click To Tweet

Yeah, I hear you. My understanding, and I’m very early in this process here, in my spiritual awakening, I would think of myself more as a toddler than an adult. But the idea of us being cells of the source. Another spiritual teacher I took an Akashic Records course from in the spring, Christina Cross, explains that we’re all scoops of God, like a big vat of ice cream, your favorite ice cream. We’re each a scoop of God.

It’s really important to see the spark of God and every one of us because we’re all equally important. I know that sounds good and sounds true, but when you actually embody that, when the rubber meets the road, you actually see somebody who’s being rude to you, disrespectful, or even hateful and you see God in them. That’s when you know you’ve really embodied that concept. It’s not just an intellectual exercise or an intellectual concept of, oh, yeah, God is in every one of us.

Maybe let’s go in the direction of examining free will. Free choice is not so much just making the decision to turn right instead of left or whatever, because that could be preordained too. You think you’re doing something spontaneous, but you were actually prompted to do that spontaneous thing and do exactly the thing that would get you that synchronistic meeting or interaction that was meant to happen.

God is our true twin flame.

What I learned in Kabbalah is that free will is in the space between the moments. It’s in your attention. You think of most things as predetermined. Who you’re going to meet, the jobs you’re going to do, and all that, unless, of course, you jump timelines because you do something completely out of character. Even trying to be out of character is in character. They’re both kind of a mind trip.

You think of just those moments where you pay your attention to. For example, I was doing a breathing exercise a few hours ago outside in the backyard. There’s a lake, the enchanted lake that we’re on in the backyard. It’s really beautiful. There’s lots of waterfowl, all these different kinds of ducks, geese, mud hens, and whatever else.

I was just really in a beautiful place. My attention was drawn to a particular little lizard. I felt this connection to that lizard. It was a powerful experience for me. It was about where I put my attention in those moments rather than the fact that, okay, today I’m finally going to do a Wim Hof breathing exercise that I didn’t do for the last five or six days, I’m going to actually do it today. Because that probably was preordained.

I think maybe the experience with the lizard maybe wasn’t good, but who knows? It could all be preordained. This whole thing could be just an elaborate movie, but I do feel like I am the director of that movie. That’s the paradigm shift to take is to feel like this isn’t just me going through the motions, but I am the director of my movie. This is not just life that happens for me, not to me, but that next level that life happens by me and not just for me. So what are your thoughts on all that?

Angel numbers are an invitation for us to pause, know something is aligning, and go ahead in that moment and ask for more guidance.

That is profound. I would almost ask you to repeat that last bit.

I do have to give credit to Neil Cannon who runs these Wim Hof breathing groups. Every day, I’m in a men’s group online called METAL. He’s the one who gave me that distinction of life not just happening for you, but by you. That’s another level.

When I hear stuff, certain things just pop for me. You’ll see an angel number, which maybe we should talk about too. An angel number and the number just pops off the screen, off the page if it’s in a book, on a road sign, somebody mentions it, or it’s on the side of a cab or something. It just pops.

When I hear stuff that pops, I know that that was meant for me. That was something that I’m like, okay, that is a message for me. I’m not going to forget that one. I do credit Neil Cannon. I don’t know where he got that. But the original piece of it, the first part, life happens for you, not to you, I heard that years ago from Tony Robbins. I don’t know if that’s originally from him or from somebody else.

I guess it doesn’t even matter where it’s from. It’s just so beautiful that it’s worth just having a ripple effect in reaching everyone.

Yeah, I agree.

The Diamond Approach by John Davis

That’s beautifully said and that is the power of choice. For instance, we believe that we have to be in that relationship and listen to those arguments or that we have to be in that job. What was transformational for me was understanding there’s a choice to stay here, do the rat race, there’s nothing wrong with it. What if I just muster a little bit of courage, go out there, and be a little bit more believing that calling?

When we all say that we have a higher calling, it automatically gives you that kind of strength to make those choices for yourself. But if you want to be limited to the human experience, then it’s almost as if, okay, you’re doing whatever you want to do. The autopilot doesn’t seem like a big deal. But just discussing conversations like soul contracts, it automatically induced a sense of detachment for me and for so many people because then you’re like, oh, I don’t have to take this relationship so personally. I don’t have to take my life so personally.

The pain that I’m going through can be elevated. Perhaps some people call it growing pains, which is my favorite term. Pain doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong way to go. It could just be growth, and growth is very uncomfortable.

Right. Let’s go into this idea that some things are synchronistic. You mentioned those three different types of luck. One thing I’ve started doing is I’ve stopped using the term ‘luck.’ I’ve used the term fortune instead. So that was very fortunate or that was good fortune that that happened. Because I don’t believe that anything is random.

What’s been revealed to me is that nothing is random and that blew my mind. It took a while for me to really take that on board, that something like a random number generator isn’t random? Actually, it’s not. This is scientifically proven. I learned this from Dr. Joe Dispenza that there have been studies.

They were able to document this. People were influencing the random number generators, and it was statistically significant. It wasn’t enough to make a huge difference, but it was enough that it was measurable. They were able to repeat this time and time again.

Scientific evidence has to be repeatable, it was repeatable, measurable, and predictable, and that they were able to cause that effect over and over again. It was really amazing. If nothing is random, where then synchronicities come into play is that they’re divine intervention, they’re divine assists helping us to get to the next stage and our path in this life path that we have, this game that we’re in. I’m curious if you have any examples that you’d like to share of that.

The autopilot doesn’t seem like a big deal.

I love talking about synchronicities. My journey first started when I saw [11:11] on the clock. I’m looking at it and I was cheering. I was kind of in this dark night of the soul situation. I looked at that number and almost thinking, oh, the Americans call this like a lucky number. If you make a wish, your wish comes true. I’m like, what are the odds? Let’s just try.

So later in the evening, I don’t even remember what the wish was, probably for some kind of help, healing, or surrendering to the universe. Later in the evening, I’m reading some articles. When I’m done, it was [11:11] on the clock and I freaked out. I’m like, oh my God, what’s going on?

It happened to be a website about twin flames that had been talking about swans. I go outside into my own house. Mind you, this swan couple has been sitting there for like 10 years. I never bothered to really look at it. That night having read about swans, [11:11] on the clock, I go and see this synchronicity, and it blows my mind. Not just animals, but you think of a feather. Sometimes people call that something a message from the spirit guides.

You will hear a stranger walking by. They’re just going to say the right words that you need to hear to tell you what to do. This has happened to me that a book has actually fallen out of my rack and it’s been the book I needed at the moment. I think life is teaching us every second, every moment of our life if we really want to take it on as a learning. These synchronicities are just…

I love that example of a book just falling out of the bookshelf. That reminds me of a friend of mine. Once I started having these paranormal extrasensory experiences, he told me, yeah, I had one. I was with a girlfriend at the time and then we went into a CVS to find one of those flower wreaths that is plastic, fake flowers, but you put it in a gravesite. You just stick it in the ground at a cemetery. 

The universe not just guides you, but it pushes you to complete the soul contracts that you have. Click To Tweet

They didn’t have any. They didn’t have time to stop and look at other places and they were going to go and see this girlfriend’s parent’s grave in the cemetery, but then they were thinking, maybe we’re not going to bother to do that because we can’t find the thing or whatever. Guess what falls off of the top shelf in the aisle at the CVS?

In fact, I think it was a whole bunch that just fell off of those wreaths from the top shelf where they didn’t spot them before. This stuff is just magical. Here’s another fun example that just happened now, like just happened now.

You shared [11:11]. Just out of curiosity, I know a lot about Google and I love googling things. I have a book about Google called Google Power Search, how to find stuff on Google. So I googled twin flames swans. I’m curious about that article that you read. Rank number one is

 There are no coincidences. When you see whether it’s 1111, or 111, or 333, 444, or whatever, it means something. It’s not just to get your attention, there is information packed in there, and then you’re meant to do something. This isn’t just hey, we’re here, good job. It’s an invitation to up your level, maybe receive entire downloads, and things like that.

I love talking about synchronicities.

I have a friend who has been getting 333 for well over a decade and his wife as well. In fact, she gets more 333s than he does, but they’re everywhere all the time. I didn’t even know last year what an angel number was. I didn’t know that was a thing. Like I said, I’m a toddler at this stuff. So I’m just learning.

I’m curious, where do you go to unpack the information in those angel numbers? Do you go to a particular angel number book? Do you just google it? How do you know that 1111 means, for example, that your loved ones are there watching over you and assisting you?

I want to just acknowledge how much you’ve probably learned in the past one year or so before I even talk about it because it’s just profound to hear you saying some really deep things and quoting all these wonderful people. It feels like you’ve embodied and internalized a lot of the truths that we set out to seek for ourselves in the beginning. I don’t think you’re a toddler, I think you’re very much immersed in the path.

I’ve had this funny love-hate relationship with angel numbers. At the time, I got crazy to the point where I would just keep reading car plates, billboards, and just tracking every single number. I would go home, write it on my phone. I would send myself emails every day with 30, 40 numbers, and interpretations. It was excessive.

I have had some conclusions and I’ve written an article about this as well about angel numbers. However, I don’t believe that we really need to go too extensive and look for a number and its meaning. You can if you want to. However, I believe that every person has a very personal relationship with their angel numbers.

Google Power Search by Stephan Spencer

So for some people, 666 can trigger them because it’s like, oh, it’s the devil’s number. However, it could actually mean something very different to another person who was, let’s say, born on the sixth of June. It could, for him or her, be a reminder of their birthday.

To the same effect, when you see the number 32, this is a very common example I love giving, 32 to me just reminds me of teeth. I look at it and I see a smile. Now if someone wants to go deeper into that, they might interpret three separately, two separately. This is what it means when they’re combined together. You’re welcome to play around with it. However, we’re not computers. We’re not here to decode the codes that are given to us.

After one point, I do believe that they are an invitation for us to pause, know something is aligning, and go ahead in that moment and ask for more guidance. What does this number mean to me? What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to do anything? Have an open-ended conversation with the universe versus driving ourselves nuts.

I have to share this. My synchronicity currently, which I haven’t decoded, is I keep seeing the word ‘diamond’ everywhere. I have a book called The Diamond Book by A. H. Almaas and I have someone teaching me Feng Shui, her last name is Diamond. I’m like, okay, I’m already doing all the diamond stuff. What is it, universe? What do you want me to do? But you can’t drive yourself crazy. You have to keep moving forward and asking questions.

One of my favorite books is The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer. It is a novel, which I don’t normally read. That book, I learned about because one of the most successful people in Silicon Valley shared that that was his favorite book. It was Steve Jurvetson. Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, the famed VC firm. He’s a very, very rich, billionaire, very cool guy. He shared that book and I loved it. Maybe that is something to look into.

I will look into it.

I can relate to going down these rabbit holes and like, oh my goodness, everything’s a message. Then I relax into it and I realize that the ones that are meant for me are going to pop. They’re going to jump off the page, the screen, or out of the conversation. It’ll be just as memorable or most impactful. Then I don’t get bogged down with a lot of noise or too much information. I don’t want to get information overload or overwhelm.

Pain doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong way to go. It could just be growth, and growth is very uncomfortable.

So I just relax into it and know that if I miss one, it’s going to be presented to me again because it’s important that I get it. That tends to work. I also recognized something else that when I was searching on Google for these meanings like I’d search 333 angel number, 333 angel number meaning, 333 meaning, or something like that, I would just see what popped as far as on those search results.

Sometimes it would be an image in the one box that I want to click on, it would be the first regular search result, it would be the third one. I’d feel like I’m being guided, or somehow the angels know where I’m going to go to decode the answer or to decode the meaning. Because we’re on this timeline. We think that time is real, but it’s actually an illusion.

The angels, the ascended beings, masters, and our loved ones who have passed, they’re all in the middle of this track. The track goes around them and that track is called time. There’s the past, present, and future. We think that it’s linear, but it’s not. So they can see the probable future or futures ahead of us because they can look ahead on the track before we get there. They can see the present moment, where we’re at now, and they could see in the past, what was on the track before.

Life teaches us every second, every moment of our life if we want to take it on as learning.

So if we can just relax into this and know that they’re seeing where we’re heading, that we’re going to spontaneously turn right today. Okay, that’s good because you’re supposed to. You’re going to pull out that Angel Numbers 101 book by Doreen Virtue because that’s been the book you’ve been leaning on to get the meanings lately, instead of going online and searching Google.

So they’re going to give me an angel number that has a meaning that correlates to what they’re trying to convey from that book. A book falls out of the bookshelf, or a book that you feel like, I should pick that up and then just randomly open it and it’s not random. It takes you exactly to the spot that you need to be and then you read exactly the thing that you need to hear.

This stuff is easier on me knowing that they see the future. They can see that, oh, he’s going to go to that particular book to get the meaning, or he’s going to pick that book up that fell off the bookshelf, and that’s exactly what he’s supposed to do. That’s going to lead him to the next thing. It’s like a treasure hunt.

It is and it’s so fascinating the way they just catch your attention. I’ve had this happen so many times where I’m searching for something in the grocery store and I’ll just suddenly look back. My eyes land exactly on that product that I’ve been searching for 10 minutes to find. So I think there’s divine intervention every moment very subtly. Like you said, it’s not even the moments, it’s just through and through on the track every single moment.

One important thing I wanted to share is that we believe sometimes when we see these synchronicities, something is going to happen and it doesn’t. These are just speculations of the possibility like you shared. They can look into the future and tell us what’s coming up for us. You might think, oh, money is coming, health is coming, the partner is coming, and it doesn’t. Is there anything wrong? Was the universe lying? No.

I’ve had this funny love-hate relationship with angel numbers.

This is one thing I had to really overcome because it’s a very dynamic universe. Our choices, people involved, their choices, the events, the three kinds of luck or the fortune that we were talking about earlier, there’s so much factoring in. Whatever information is being available to us may or may not happen. How do we want to work with it is to not get frustrated, but to just understand that there’s some significance. There is some alignment there.

Whether we get to receive it or not, it’s just such a blessing to have angel numbers and to have this dialogue with the universe to begin with. The second piece that I feel called to share is, sometimes you will feel like you’re alone on the path, like no one is there to guide you. You’re feeling very low vibration, as some people call it. It’s difficult for someone to communicate with us when we’re so self-isolating.

For instance, if you shut off your phone, you lock your doors, you close your windows, would it be easy for someone to come and talk to you? No. Then in the same capacity, if you’re crying, you’re wailing, you’re venting, you’re becoming a victim in your mind, do you think it’s going to be easy for the angels to communicate with you? No. We are required to kind of come to this neutral space, to this elevated space where we can receive guidance.

It’s not that the rich get richer, spiritually speaking. It’s not that you have to be very happy in order to get happier. But it is true that you need to have some elevation, some belief, some surrender in that moment before guidance can come to you. Because it presses on this idea that it’s divine intervention and not divine interference. The universe isn’t going to interfere in your life. It’s going to come up for you when you ask it to come, when you’re open to receiving.

A lot of people that search for soul contracts have two angles. One is that they are searching because they’re stuck with this person, and they want an answer. The second type is that they believe this person is for them, like a twin flame or whatever you want to call it.

Right. It’s all in the asking. If you don’t ask because you’ve cut yourself off and you believe that nothing is sacred, nothing is divinely inspired, that we don’t even live in a friendly universe, that it’s a chaotic and dark universe, you create that reality for yourself, one, because of the power of co-creation. It’s one of our big gifts right up there with free will is the power to co-create with the Creator.

Also, it’s because we’ve shut ourselves off to the listening, to the reception, like tuning in to that channel that is the angelic channel, and so we can receive the intuitive hits. We can receive the telepathy, the remote viewing of the paranormal stuff, which isn’t paranormal, it’s normal. It’s part of our right to have this kind of psychic ability that, for many, cost them their lives in past lifetimes because of witch hunts, superstition, and all that.

Now, people are seeing that they’re getting these kinds of synchronicities, they’re getting these kinds of messages, and a way to boost that signal is, as you said, to raise your vibration, to be more in a receptive place for it, and also to—I learned this distinction from Kabbalah just six months ago in a synchronistic event that happened. I was switching SIM cards in my iPhone and it just flew out of my hand, the SIM card, under the floor.

We’re not computers. We’re not here to decode the codes that are given to us.

As I was bending over and going to pick it up, I looked up to the phone. It’s at that exact moment that a particular message came through because I had just swapped in my US SIM card that was abroad. That was one out of probably 30 messages that came in. That one caught my eye because of me looking up at that moment with the SIM card in my hand.

It was a one-minute verbal message of Kabbalah, one minute of wisdom about the power of receiving messages being boosted by maintaining purity of thought. I used to think that thoughts are private. That is so far from the truth. Every thought is on display, not just for the angelic realm, but people who have telepathic abilities. People can read your minds. People can read our minds. It’s pretty wild. 

Once I recognized that, I started being more careful with my thinking and maintaining that purity. But to hear that message, I got super disciplined about maintaining purity of thought, because not only in Kabbalah that they say that maintaining purity of thought, word, and deed all simultaneously creates powerful positive angels, it actually creates angels.

In this way, it can help guide you. But also, it massively boosts the signal. So you’re able to receive a lot more psychically by maintaining that purity of thought. It’s really, really cool and it works. It absolutely works.

It’s fascinating.

I’m curious, have you had any kind of psychic phenomenon? Have you received any messages, kind of without a doubt messages from above more than just seeing certain numbers or certain words?

We are required to come to this neutral and elevated space where we can receive guidance.

I started tapping into my own life and I knew certain events to be true to be unfolding. However, what happened is my timelines got messed up when I started using my psychic senses on myself. I started getting very angry and very frustrated because things are not unfolding the way I was told they would. I think psychic senses are powerful and they’re not the only way that we get to access the higher realms.

They’re available to all of us, yet we have to be very careful in how we use them and what their intention is. I’m even curious if you’ve had an event where you’ve used a psychic sense for yourself and you’ve like been, no, that should not have been done, I should have been more careful.

There are definitely times where I had my energy drained because I got involved doing a healing that I didn’t protect myself enough. I didn’t put myself behind the crystal wall the whole time. When you’re doing work to get rid of negative entities and stuff, you have to be very, very vigilant and careful. I was a little too observant. I just want to get in there in the action and watch the archangels do their work through my third eye.

The internal visor where you imagine stuff is the same place where the visions are given. Anyway, yeah, that was a little lesson for me to be more cautious, but it’s not dissuading me from helping others to assisting others in their healing if they’ve got some sort of entity that’s feeding off of them or whatever. This might sound like nonsense to some people, but I’m guessing the people who are listening to this entire episode are more open to this kind of possibility.

I’m learning from one of the best medical intuitives on the planet, Tina Zion. It’s a safe space. She’s guiding me through this process. I’m learning how to call in divine and sacred beings, how to do these healings where I’m not the one getting my hands in there doing stuff, but I’m just asking for the assistance. Whoever shows up, the specialist because I asked for divine and sacred beings who specialize in a particular person and their malady or disease that they are experiencing. It might be Raphael who shows up, it depends. It depends on what the situation is, but it’s really cool. It’s really, really cool.

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It’s so cool.

I know we’re out of time here. I’m wondering if you had one nugget of wisdom to share that you haven’t already shared in a minute or less, what would it be?

I’m closing my eyes to really tune into if there’s any insight that the universe has for everyone. There are insights available to every single one of us at the level that we can perceive them. All we have to do is open our mind’s eye to the message. I think that’s what came forward. It was a pleasure to be here and to have these meaningful conversations with you.

Likewise. Thank you so much. Thank you, listeners, for being open-minded and receptive to these kinds of messages. There is incredible abundance and many blessings awaiting you. Just open your heart and let the magic happen. We’ll catch you in the next episode. I’m your host, Stephan Spencer, signing off.

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Checklist of Actionable Takeaways

?Find someone who can support me with my life lessons. My support system will guide me on the days when I don’t have the strength to pull through.

?Don’t get stuck on autopilot. Feeling stuck happens to everyone. The best way to get over that feeling is to focus on myself and determine what I need to learn from my situation. Small adjustments can change my overall perspective.

?Listen to my intuition. Trusting my intuition is the ultimate act of trusting myself. My intuition will help me avoid unhealthy relationships and situations.

?Always acknowledge my growth. Happiness is not rooted in my future plans. It’s rooted in where I’ve come from and the progress I’ve made. Pain might accompany the progress, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong way to go. It could just be growth, and growth is very uncomfortable.

?Know that nothing is random. Randomness is a human limitation.

?Every person has a very personal relationship with their angel numbers.

?Acknowledge angel numbers. My angel is making me feel seen and heard. They are trying to get my attention, and the numbers they send have meanings.

?Surrender before guidance can come. The universe isn’t going to interfere in my life. It will intervene for me when I ask it to come and when I’m open to receiving it.

?Have pure thoughts. Maintaining the purity of my thoughts, words, and deeds creates powerful positive angels.

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